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This essay is a clear understanding of the existence of God and his son, it is also educative in aspect of a prayer life of a christain, this essay explain every question you have been asking about God and also teaches how to pray to God, this book will be inspiring as the Lord God will to anyone who reads of it and if you find the truth about God from this little essay please share it with others tell them to read it. because reading this essay i am not trying to present to you a religion but i am telling you about the existence of God and also as the spirit lead giving you answer by the understanding from the Holy ghost on the word of God and how prayers should be and some answer to all the lityle questions that comes into your mind about God. and about christain and about churches and more. make sure you share it with others they need to hear it too.

Submitted: May 22, 2019

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Submitted: May 22, 2019



I am not a preacher, so do not mistake me for a preacher, but I am writing this eassy to you, in particular, because there is need to know why you should believe in God and his son, please I am asking the reader of this not to stop reading untill you finish the eassy, because it will help you radically, both in acquring of wealth, building your faith, living the best of your life and accepting jesus christ as your personal lord and saviour,  I know we all have different believe, I  do not say what you believe in, is not true, however it will be true to you but not to me, but do not judge me, first read this eassy before saying anything.
However we all know Jesus christ that he was on earth and the bible, stated clearly the geanology of jesus christ, but I will say, that  geanology is correct but it is of the earthly nature, but the fact and truth about it, is that Jesus christ emanate from God, we all have what we believe in and all of us are trying to present our believe to others, and also there are many reason why many people do not want to accept Jesus christ as their personal lord and saviour, and this things include the following. First many people are afriad of accepting christ as their saviour,because they have seen other who are in christ poor, secondly many do not know the truth because, they have never been told of the truth. thirdly many people disbelieve God because, so many has prayed but their prayers were not answers,  fourthly many people Ask God for wealth and found out they do not get the wealth and the last is, many see the race for God as nothing but very hertic and some see many children of God fall and see many christain marriages fall and also see dispute among churches because of members and so this make them disbelieve in God.  but  let me tell you something all this are not true because , you have not heard the word, and because of this, many fall off. But today I will explain the purpose driven for and why you should believe God and his son.
However I want to ask this question, can a tree grow, when not planted?, can boat exist without been built?, can a house be put in a particular place, without, someone building it? , can a food cook itself?, have you ever love someone without a reason?, all this  have answer which are all in your heart, how then will you tell me that , human beings existed  by itself?, for as of the same way the above mention had creators, so human beings does too have a creator,  we all know man and woman was made from dust, and air, life came forth, so the question is who build us from the dust and who breath the air into us?. The answer is God is the creator of human and humans are the creators of the above mentions.
We all have one life the question is how are we going to live it, I know many of us are so timid that we have come to the understanding, not to believe in God and his son and so go on with life, taken forth what life gives, without even defining what we need, before I will start to explain  why you should believe God and his son, please if you do not have a bible, please do not read this eassy, go get a bible then come read the eassy, to comfirm if what I am saying is in the word, which is the bible.
I  stand witness that God is not dead and I bear witness that the holy spirit is alive.
Now explaining about the first issue that make people, do not want to give their lifes to christ, if you are in this category, then  know this today and , [you are afriad that if you go give your life to christ you will be poor, because many people who call their self christains are poor.
Looking at the  word of Godhe said in Roman 8 vs 1  there is therefore now,no comdemnation to those who are in christ jesus,who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit. Now the flesh God is talking about is the lust, and the spirit are the  things he ought us to do, we need to understand that a fellower might be different from a believer,, because christainity is an organisation,but christains are those who accept christainity, and believing in christ is totally different from been a christain, many in this present civilized generation are fellower, not believers. Do you know you can be involved in something without believing in it, but you just act on eye service, like doing so that others will see you are there, but your focus and mind is not there, but for something else, or is it not in this generation that people get  to marry people they do not desire because they are acting to please someone or to gain something. Okay I have a story about my self I want you to know, back then in colleage, I got to meet, some bad crew of gang guys, which some were my friends, okay, they ask me to join them, I denial  and ask them to give me time, but my mind was not there, I never loved anything they did, but because of their persuasion and treats, I had to join them, but my heart was not there, and  I walk with them but I was not of them, I was not for evil but for good,  now to them I  have join them, but to me I was just a fellower, but not a believer of their stupid doctrine, so I went on my knees and prayed to God to save me from this,  people and Do you  know what God brought to me as the answer to my prayers, he said I should run and should withdraw from the school. And eventually after my first year in that colleage, I withdraw, in fact I ran away, you know why because I do not believe in  their doctrine, back then I was just a fellower, so what I my trying to say, it is not every person that you see, that goes to church is a child of God or a believer of jesus christ,  the truth is a fellower will follow, but will never  act on the doctrine he or she learn from, but a believer will act on what he or she learn from.  So what I am  saying is , not everybody is in christ, listen whosoever is in christ and claim that he or she is a child of God but is poor, noticed very well, that person is just a fellower and not a believer, and if that person says he or she is a believer of christ, then that means that person fail to put the word in practice. Because jesus christ say  this in john chapter 14 vs 12  I quote most assuredly, I say to you,he who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do also and greater works than these he will do, because I go to my father now when he said this he is talking about the gospel of God and healings and also there  is a reflection of what a believer of christ will be like, so if a believer is poor, then he is not acting with the word,because even  jesus christ said that whosoever believe in him like this I quote from mattew chapter 5 vs 14  he said  you are the light of the world, a city that is set on hill cannot be hidden and Jesus christ went futher to say that in mattew chaper 5 vs 16  I quote  let your light so shine before men , that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven. From this word you will know that christ is a supported of the children of God progress, because he knows when we live rightly , good and wealthy, he knows many people will believe God because of you,  now if you found a christain that is poor, it is because, that christain is  not acting on God words, but God also warn that we take heeds not to be slaves to our wealth, so friend, you can not say in your heart that the children of God are poor, because of one person that claims, he or she is a child of God or I want to ask  have you not seen a family, were, one of their child steals, so will you condem the family that all of them are theives because of one persons?. Now  Jesus christ admited that in mattew chapter 7 vs 21  I quote  not everyone who says to me lord, lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my father in heaven. Now you  will understand that not all christains are believers of the word of God, some are just bearing the titles christain, so that people might see them. But deep in between them they know they are not of God and that why you see many christain fall off or been poor,  listen as of God thought towards we humans, he desire that everyday of our life we lived it the best and prosper exceedingly, so my dear frined, it is every bad for you to say that when you come into God, you will be poor, it is a big lie, for as far you are in God , you will always be prosperous, do not allow one person failure make you think others too are failures, I myself bear witness that I have thought about that before, long before I accepted christ as my personal lord and saviour, I was afriad to accept him, because, I found, so many of the Christains, in the area we used to live were poor, I was afriad and I kept asking myself question that  is it that when you accept christ, you will become poor?, I lived with that fear for so long that,  I do not want to mingle or even go to church or taking up any activisties in church but, untill i meet the word, and I found out that, many christain are poor, because, they do not do God word, they do God thing their way, now let me explain, we all have heard of solomon, if you have not  I will explain, solomon was the son of David and David was a man after God own heart, now solomon, talk with God and God bless him with great wealth that  the  weight of Gold that come to solomon yearly was six hundren and sixty-six talents of Gold and beside that God added more to him and when I check how much those Gold will bring to him it was estimated that  the total Gold earn yearly is a wealth  of $222,000,000 million dollar, yearly, that solomon earn, because he was a child and  a doer of the word of God, but what I my try to explain is that, someone that is a christain can still fall off from God by that making he or herself poor, because from the word of God in  1king chapter 11 v 1-6 which state that  God warn solomon not to marry foreign women, but solomon for the love for foreign women, he forgot about God and did according to his own will this is a summary of those verse , you can read the chapter in the bible to see what I am saying and in verse six it was state clearly that  solomon did evil in the sight of the lord and did not fully follow the lord as his father david did, and you know what in that same chapter verse 11 said that God was angry and said because solomon did not follow him, he will tear  the kingdom and surely give it away to solomon servant., now if you were there at that time will you said God is a God of poverty, certainly not, it was solomon and his lust that cause poverty to him, so I am telling you today do not allow someone failure or poverty make you not to accept christ as your personal lord and saviour, because, believing in christ is personal and salvation is personal, like wise also obtaining riches is personal and been poor is personal, is all about chioce.

Secondly, many people do not know the truth that why they do not accept christ as their personal lord and saviour, today you have read the truth, Christ is not dead, God is not dead and the holy spirit is alive.
Now the question iswhat is the truth? and the anwers isthe truth is that, no matter you sin, whether you have cut someone head  off, whether, you have shot or stab someone to death, or whether you are a lier, or a drugdealer, or a harlot, or rapist, or  club banger, or  you are a thieve, or a fornicator, or you are practicing any act of sexual immorality, or you are involved in a gang shit or whatsoever sin you think you have committed, the  truth is that before you even committed that sin, you have already be forgiven by almighty God.  You are surprise,  see the holy spirit bear witness if I am lying or saying the truth and as the lord God lives and as far as jesus christ sit on the throne of Grace , God has already forgiven your sin, the one you sin  last year, or a day before yesterday, or last week, or last three years, or when and on when you were born  and also the sin you  sin today or about to sin today or the one you will sin in the future, your heavenly father God has  forgiving you, he do not blame you, why because Jesus christ his son  die on the cross, it was clearly written in the bible in mattew, luke and john, that at that very moment Jesus christ was  on the cross for our sake, it was stated that, from the words that came out of jesus christ mouth  My God, My God, why have you forsaken me. At that very moment, God forsake jesus christ, you know why, because, jesus christ accepted to bear the burden of your sins, all the punishment  on himself and make you a free man or woman, see do not be afriad when the world accused you that you did something, wrong, yes it is true you did something wrong but that is to human beings, but to your heaven father who creater that same human beings that accused you,  God is not blaming you for anything, he is just loving you at all times, he see no wrong in you. That why you see a great prophet  isaiah  says, in  the bible  that  all we like sheep have turned, every one to his own way and the lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all, what are our iniquity, he is talking about all our sins you can see this in isaiah chapter 53 vs 1-12.
 Now the only way for you to enjoy this blameless life we the believers of christ jesus enjoy is by first, praying to God to tell you a way, to leave that your sinful life and secondly, confessing your sin, now God is not asking you to go confess your sin to your pastor or fellow human, he said confess the sin to me[God] and agree that you sin. and aslo believe in your heart that he God raise jesus christ from the death and you will get that salvation, now the question how will you confess your sin?,  and the answer is through prayers, opening your mouth and talk it out to him, then the second one is how will you know that you  have gain salvation after confessing you sin?, and the answer is you will know, because the holy spirit will bear you witness, with your spirit and there will be this inner peace in you, but do not be afriad if you  remember sometimes the  sins you did, do  worry is not God that is remebering you, it is the chief blamer, the devil,  when that sin remember comes, just rememer that God said, not me that said,  that as far you confess you sin and believe in his son, you are save. And if you claim you are a believer of his son, then start acting on the word and the teachings of his son. You can see this in Romans chapter 10 vs 9 in the bible.
Now we all know the truth and we all know that, anything, that seek killing is evil and we all know that anything that promote bad things is evil, and we all know that even in this human life that we are in, anything that seek to help, assist, promote good thing and speak against evil is right and just. And so if then that means,  the teachings of God, we got from christ is just and right, because, I can still remember vivily that , God says  we should not be too happy when he make our enemies fall he said that in the bible, meaning that God do not take pleasure in destroying someone, he only destroyes someone who refused to repent and seek to destroyed his children. So I will say accept christ jesus as your personal lord and saviour because, the doctrine are right and just and it seek peace always.

However thirdly  many people has began to disbelieve God and some do not believe God because their prayers were not answer, well we need to understand  what the word of God says,  in mattew chapter 7 vs 7,  that you should ask, it will be given to us, and you should seek and you will find and knock and it will be open to you. But we should not forget that sometimes when we ask and do not have or knock and it is not open or seek but do not find, it is not because God is  dead,it is not because you do not have faith, it is because, you ask  , seek, or knock for things that have no definite aim, purpose and calling, that why you never get what you prayed for. Now for example, if you are a pilot  that owns a private plane and I come to you and said, pilot please, I want to travel abroad, will you not ask me were in abroad, you will ask me right,  and  when I go to get my visa will the people not ask me why I my traveling to that place which I told you, and what I my going to do there. So that is it with prayers, first the abroad , is  my definite aim and secondly the distination I choose is my purpose and then why I am going to do there is the calling. Now the question is if I never had a definite aim, or purpose or calling for my traveling , you the pilot would you have carry me in your plan and will the visa be giving to me?,  answer the question. If you have gotten the answer, so that is how prayer is,  now many of us we pray with no definite aim, no purpose and no calling. Now  I will explain  how to structure your prayers and get an answer but first  let me explain from the bible on prayers that have been answer by God . now look at the bible and read from john chapter 11 vs 1 -45 , it was about jesus raising lazarus from the death now the raising of lazarus from the death make people believe that jesus christ was the son of God, because jesus christ prayers had a definite aim, which is raising lazarus from the death, then the purpose can be seen in  verse 42, when christ said  and I know that you always hear me, but because of  the people who are standing by, I said this , that they may believe that you sent me. And then  suddenly jesus cried out with a loud voice lazarus come forward, and it was clearly written that he that was death for four days came back to life and then the calling is  seen in verse  45 which state  that many of the jews who had came to mary, seening what happen believe in him and who is that him?, it is  jesus christ and believing in christ was the calling, that was what God wanted, because God state in 1 corinthiana chapter 10 vs 31  that in every thing we should put him in it  and that why you see jesus christ was able to pray to God his father and our father and he answer him, now the faith jesus had that God will answer him is because, he ask something that will also be to the glory of God, also lets look at the miracle  if you check first king chapter 17 vs 1- 24 you will see that Elijah declared that  isreal will have no rain, and listen when he said that he said  as the lord God of isreal lives, before whom I stand, there shall, be no dew nor rain these year, except at my word, and if you read futher it is clear that there was no rain in isreal that year, until when he prayed to God for rain. You know why his prayer was heard and answer, it is because  his prayers had a definite aim, which is that he want to show the people of isreal that he is serving a living God and the purpose is, he want to destroy all those prophet of baal and the calling was that he wanted to make everyone in isreal  to worship only God, now that can be seen in 1 king chapter 18  vs 22 -45  now when Elijah did all this and prayed, he believe that God will hear his prayers, because the prayers had definite aim, purpose and calling.
Now another prayer answer is  when Elisha cast a salt on a water and the water had no death or barrenness because they was a definite aim, purpose, and calling, see  2kings chapter 2 vs 19-22, now the definite aim was that there was no water in that city , not even one good for drinking, but the city was beautiful, by word pleasant, and we all know water is essential in a human being life,  that make a definite aim, secondly the purpose it to make water to come out and be good for drinking  to the people and thirdly the calling is to make the people believe God more. Another prayer answer is when a certain woman , who cried out that her husband was death and her husband own some debt, now the people her husband is in debted to are coming to take her sons as slave, Elisha ask her what she got, she said she  had  nothing but a jar of oil, then elisha said, go borrow vessels from everywhere, and he instructed her to carry many empty vessel she could see, and he said whe she get it she should shut the door behind her and start pouring the oil into all the vessels, and the woman did, it was stated that she pour and pour and came to a point and that she ask her son to bring her a vessel,  but the son said there was no more vessels left, then the oil cease from coming out, now from this, Elisha had the faith in God to ask this woman to go do this because he knew it will work because, there was a definite aim, which is that her husband creditors want to carry her children into slavery, and if you read from the starting of that chapter, you will find out that , that woman was a wife to a prophet son, who is dead, and so God will not like his children to be treate less, so there was a definite aim, secondly there was a purpose and the purpose is to repay the debt  her husband had left for her to the creditors who wanted to take her sons, and finally the calling was that God want to show the woman that, he is till, with them and that Elisha is his prophet and to make the woman and her son believe more in him.  You can see that in 2kings chapter 4 vs 1-7 and aslo another prayer answer is when  some prophet son who follow  Elisha was cutting a tree and finally one of them the ax he borrow  because that place was not their land , so they  loan  the things they neaded to build tent for themselve but not all did, but this certain man  borrow his own ax, now as he was cutting the ax head fell into water, he cried out to Elisha and said  alas master, for it was borrowed, and Elisha ask him where the ax fell, he pointed at the waters and at the spot, Elisha cut off a stick and put in that direction and , the iron ax head came up and start floating, and Elisha told him pick it up for yourself, so he reach out his hand and took  it. You can see this in 2king chapter 6 vs 1-7 . now in that prayer answer, there was a definite aim, which is that, the ax was borrowed and there was a purpose was that God want the people to Believe in him more and the calling is that , he wanted to tell them there are not alone, that he is with them. Now all this story I just told you is for your benefit and why prayers are answer and some times not answers,, you will say Elisha never prayed, when doing those miracles, but I will tell you, Elisha prayed, they call it prayers in the spirit, or silence prayer is like an act of meditating and Elisha had faith that God will answer his prayers because,  he know he ask, things according to God will. The poblem is not that God do not hear our prayers, God hears our prayers,  God is not the problem, the problem is you ask aimlessly, purposeless, and callingless. For example  if you have a child and he or she run to you and said, daddy or mommy  I need money, will you not ask him or her how much, you will right, and some might go the extent to ask the child what do he want  to use the money for and if the child state the purpose, will you not go further to check whether what the child is buying  will benefit him in good or bad and if you find out the benefit will be bad,  will you still give your child  that which he ask, and you know that you are the one to protect the child, will you not suggest something else for the child?, yes you will but if the benefit of what the child will buy will  give him or her what  he or she needs?, you will right. So that is how our heavenly father is, he want the best for us and so when you pray for something from him , pray with aim, purpose and calling, and let the calling be to his will.
Now you will ask why the calling should be according to his will, it is because he is your creator, and his will is that, you always live your life with no harm or failure but success,  for example, if I need a car I will pray to God to give me a car bearing in mind that he will answer me, because am not asking for the car to use it for clubbing, am not asking for the car to use it to hit or run on people, or to show off, am not asking for the car to  carry girls and fornicate, I am asking for the car because I am no more comfortable with public transport which is my definite aim, and my purpose, it to own a car  and the calling is simple, when someone see me  with my car, he or she will say, God is great, see God just gave him a car, that only, God is pleased with it that why he said  let your light so shine before men, so that they  see you and give thanks to me,  and you know as you pray for that you will have it , that is the faith, because God is in it, now when you pray , you will not wait for God to send someone to give a car, because you never specified that you need it as a gift, you will not wait to walk by a place an see a car they wrote on it “is from God”, no you will not rather you will act, because when Elisha ask the woman if she had something , and she reply that she have only a jar of oil and Elisha told her to go get more empty vessels,  she did not doubt  she acted on it, and oil never came out unitil she start pouring into those vessels, so you want to buy a car,  you have prayed,God have heard it and open a way that bring forth money more to you or still , you act by first start saving for the car, God will not come down to save fo you, you are going to be the one to save money for yourself to purchase the car, now maybe God will not make you to open a new business or a new job that bring much money, but he will make a way that, you will save the money for your car and you will still have enough for yourself and others. recognize that, that is God.  So friend  if you want  your  prayers heard,  get a aim, a purpose and a calling in your prayer, and it will bring that faith ,that you will believe that it is answer, because God is in, the fact is whatsoever God is in, believe it will work, because it is also according to his will. So today make a redefinition in your prayers, always specified vividly what you desire in you prayers to God , for example do not pray , God grant me save journey,  but pray like this, heavenly father as am about to travel, to [you name your destination] guide and protect me and all who travel with me to our various destination. That prayer has a definite aim, a purpose  which you know and the calling is that, it is God will that you reach savely home, so that people will see and said he trust in God  that why he travel even when people had accident, their own  plane  or car or trian or ship, he or she enter nothing happen to them, thank God. That is the will and calling. That will make someone repent and believe in God if been preach to by someone else.  Or do you not know that life is a risk and vapour, it is by his grace we survive.

Fourthly, the issue that make some people disbelieve God or do not want to accept lord jesus christ as their personal lord and saviour, is because many of them ask for riches and wealth, but they do not get, so they disbelieve God and his son, but I have some good news for, it is not God who is at fault here it is you who is wrong, see you need to come to the understanding that God can not come down to give you riches or wealth, and God can not send money like manner from heaven, because the currency of heaven is different from that of earth, you want to know the heaven currency, it is called love. So do not expect since you have prayed  and your prayer had a definite aim, a purpose and a calling, God will just send money to you, or you will just be walking and find a bag of money, listen even God knows the word acting for success, the gospel of God will not have gone this far to me and you and everyone, if God never acted on his words,  the truth is God wanted to spread his gospel, so that many will be save,  that why you see he acted through christ to us. you can not say you want to travel to los Angeles and then you sit at you home without  working towards the achievement of that which you said.  Now look at the story of that widow who her children wanted to be taken as slave, because of her husband debt, but  When she told Elisha, what did Elisha ask her woman what do you have, now you that says, you want to be rich or wealthy  God is asking you what do you have, also the woman told Elisha that  she just had one jar of oil  now we should not forget that , the same jar of oil the woman had it was God who provide it for her, now also  you that God has ask what do you have, you reply  you have an idea do not  be in a hurry ,that same idea was from God, but note, whatsoever idea that is selfseeking and evil is not from God but from satan, God ideas are first peaceful, and ready to yield fruits and good, nowElisha ask the woman to go get empty vessels as many she can,  now you also go read the best book about that thing you want to start, get all necessary things you need to bring your idea into reality, then Elisha said to her, take your sons inside and shut the door behind you and start pouring into that vessels, now also, do all the starting of your business in silence, if is possible let no one hear of it untill , your business is realize, then it was written when, the woman went in , she started pouring, so if you want that business to move forward as ever, start acting for example anything you know will advance the business more or idea, do it but remember let God be in it, meaning, do only the ones good, then it was stated as the empty vessels were all fill the oil stop coming out, so act till the business stand strong, then Elisha said to her go sell and paid your debt, so now let the world know of your business and profit in it. Now this can be seen in 2kings chapter 4 vs 1-7. So do not blame God if you fail, because there are rules for success and rules that cause failure,  the most main rules that cause failure is, fornication and  and when you go against the royal law and the golden rule, now what is the royal law, it is  love your neirghbour as yourself, and the golden rule is  do unto other what you will want them to do to you.

The last one issue is that, many people disbelieve God because they see dispute in churches, but let me tell you this, a church should not make you disbelieve God  because of the dispute among them of which one is true , let me tell you, focus on God not the church,the church is not going to take you to heaven, the  reason why the church is established, is because it is to strengthen ourselves in God and wait till that day, not the fight for members,  or which one has a true religion most,  but I tell you, there is only one true and undeflied religion God knows,  which is  visiting the poor, widow, orphans  refugee, in the time of their need. See James chapter 1 vs 22 also paul made a statement about those fighting or disputing about who is right or more right or wrong in 1corinthians chapter 3 vs 3-8 it sate  for you are still canal for where there are envy,strife and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men?.  This was a question paul ask because of the disputed among men and churches and  paul said  for when one says, I am of paul and the another , I am of apollos are you not carnal? this is a question for all those that says come to church A  and leave church B, that church A is better than church B and church A is true and church B is not true, paul now ask, who then is paul, and who is apollos, but ministers through whom you believed as the lord gave to each one?. Now you that says Church A memebers should leave Church B to church A, are this church all not for the glory of God. they are right, so why the dispute, so friend do not be surprise when you see this among churches, just know that any church that do that ,lack spiritual growth,  do not be move by it or disbelieve that you will not accept christ as your personal lord and saviour, but believe and accept christ and choose the church you want to worship God in.  let me tell you a little story about my christ life, in the search for finding a true church that teaches the word and tell me who I am in christ, I got baptized two times, because all the former churches were trying to present their own religion and believe, now maybe , I was baptized two times, in different church, but the fact is I was baptized in the name of our lord jesus christ, not in the name of those churches, so my baptizm is comfirm, that  I was baptized into christ death and I also ressurected with him, putting sin to death, and so the holy spirit rested on me. Because I seek God not the Church, and finally, I found the right church and that were I will worship till after earth. So what I am trying to tell you, let no one make you disbelieveGod or his son.
Now also do not say that christain race is hertic it is not, because we have an assurance of a reward and enternal life, the christain race is smooth when God is it, in fact Christ death made it lest hertic.
 We all have one life, and the question is how are we going to live it,
Finally  many people see some christain marriages fall off, listen a marriage that God is not in it, will fall off, because God never knew of it, right now many people do not even get married, they just follow their lover and start leaving with them, now you that said you want to be married, listen do not allow , the failure of someone else marriage affect your own, because you are unique, do you know, the reason many people fail in christain marriage is not because  of God, it is because they allow people who are not involved in their marriage tell them thing , which seems as true but are lies about their loveers, so they act on what people tell them, see if you ever in your life want to have a successful marrital life, then you should not allow anyone tell you anything about your wife or husband, you should be able to diffrentiate between, mere gossip and information,  because it is not every thing you are being told is accurate, some are just gossip. Listen is just like someone that has wealth, wealth is easy to get, but how to manage it is the real wealth,  so today forget about anyone else, just focus on your marriage and God and yourself and whatever you do. Because the most intelligent people are not the people that read the best book, are not the people that  have the greatess certificate but the people who never allow people to tell them who they are.
  Do you know that God do not defined peoples life, do not be surprise, God  is a God of choice, I know many think God defined peoples lifes or structure what you will be, but I am sorry to tell you God do not defined peoples life and God can not defined your life, the holy spirit bear me witness, the  life you got  is the life you ever desire, then when you desire it and put God it , what God does is not to defined it again but he guide, protect, preserve and make sure you achieve that desire. So the reason why your life or someone else you know life is just some how is not because of God, it is because the person or you have not desire what you want. So today put desire and put God in it.
However I want to thank you for taken up your time to read this, and I know as the lord God live , you are bless, not because I said so, but because you were already bless before I said so, listen today , what is that thing you want to do start it, forget about anyone else , just focus, you and your God and your desire, and for those in marrital homes, follow the instruction about marrital life, see if you want a better marrital life or wife or husband, do not go to the club to look for he or she, do not go to the bar to look for he or she, the first place to go is first the church to look for the he or she or any humanitarian activities or  books group or whatever group that  has morals go there  that is where you can find a real woman not a girl and a real man not a boy, now you ask what is a real woman  and what is a girl, a real woman is one who can build a home, one who you can give a $100 dollars and found out the next year she make profit to a $ million dollar but a girl she never have focus, then the man is one who think of getting married not thinking of selping around with all the girls and the boy has no focus in life.
I just pray today that you accept Jesus christ as your personnal lord and saviour, please I plead with you for the safety of your life and your desire accept him, I am not forcing you but I am pleading, because there is nothing like a smooth mountain but you can a make a mountain become some by take a cab or cable cab up to the top and if there is any cable cab in this life that is God and you can only enter into that only if you confess your sin and accept jesus christ as your personal lord and saviour.
I also want to tell you all through this meduim as the lord God will I will be publishing a great relationship book and I think it will be very helpful to you all it will be title IF ALL MEN WERE WOMEN AND IF ALL WOMEN WERE MEN. This relationship book will be so unique so when I publish it I will annouce about it and make sure you get yours it will be very cheap. Thank you God bless you.

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