Berry Basalt

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Berry Basalt had lived a very long life and a great life. He had some many memories. And now, he was going to get to share them all with his family and the fourth grade class that his granddaughter was in. Plus, he was going to get to go to see Victor Volcano's presentation once more and Berry could not wait.

Authors Note:

This book is intended to educate children about Basalt and is part of a group of four books (Oliver Obsidian, Penny Pumice, Berry Basalt, and Victor Volcano). I hope you enjoy reading them all.

Reference for information used to help write the facts of this book is as follows...

Author of Research Article: Hobart M. King, Ph.D., RPG
Website Title: Basalt. What Is Basalt, How Does It Form, and How Is It Used?
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Submitted: May 23, 2019

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Submitted: May 23, 2019



Berry looked around at Basalt Flats from the outside of the family estate.  It had been his home for almost eighty years now.  He lived there with his wife, Brandy Basalt.  But today the day had come.  His son, Ben Basalt, and his wife, Bethany Basalt, were coming to pick him up and take him to Basalt Layers Elementary School.

Berry couldn’t wait.  He eagerly waited outside on the porch watching for his son to arrive.  Today he was presenting to the fourth grade class that his granddaughter, Bella Basalt, was in about when he was in the fourth grade and got to go see Victor Volcano.  It was almost time for them to have their turn at meeting Victor Volcano.  In fact, the field trip was this coming Friday.

Finally, the car drove up and Berry eagerly headed for the car.  He said hi to Ben and Bethany as he joined them in the car. 

“You ready dad,” Ben asked his father calmly.

“I remember it as if it was yesterday.”  Berry replied.

“How are Penny Pumice and Oliver Obsidian doing?” Bethany asked curiously.  “Have you talked to them recently?”

“Penny about a week ago, she has moved in with her daughter and enjoys seeing her grandchildren every day and telling them stories. Oliver is still as stubborn as ever and enjoys spending his day as a volunteer at a local museum.  He tells stories and gives talks to visitors.” Berry replied.

“That’s great dad!” Ben said calmly.  “Do you three have a plan to see each other again this year?”

“We plan to meet this summer and catch up.  Probably around July sometime.”  Berry shrugged as the car pulled up to Basalt Layers Elementary School.

Berry exited the car and followed Ben and Bethany inside the school.  They checked in with the front office then walked to the classroom.  When they entered, Mrs. Mafic had her fourth grade class finishing up a writing assignment about Victor Volcano.

“Hello and welcome,” Mrs. Mafic said cheerfully.  “I am so glad that you are here today.  Class, you have two minutes, I will begin the timer.  Please finish up any writing that you are working on and clear your desks.  We have some special visitors today and a special presentation for you all today.”

Berry looked around the room as all of the Basalt children followed the directions of their teacher.  He could see Bella looked very excited.  Of course, Berry figured that this was a combination of him being there along with the field trip being tomorrow.  Berry had fond memories of that day on that field trip and the events that took place afterward.

“Berry, are you ready?” Mrs. Mafic asked quietly.

“Yes,” Berry replied as Ben and Bethany took seats in the back of the classroom. 

“Class, this is Berry Basalt.  As you all know, over the past couple of weeks, we have studied about Basalt, what we are, how we are made, and even learned a little about other types of rock such as Obsidian and Pumice.  And now, tomorrow is Friday and our field trip to meet Victor Volcano has finally arrived.  But today you are all going to get to meet Mr. Basalt and hear about his experiences.  Please listen quietly and let’s show our guest respect.”  Mrs. Mafic announced.

Berry came up to the front of the classroom and took a seat in the nice, soft chair that Mrs. Mafic had placed in the front of the room for him.  He looked around for a moment at the students who were silently waiting for him to begin.

“I remember it like it was yesterday.”  Berry began.  “It is an experience that none of you will ever forget.  I was as excited as you all were and I could not wait to get to school that Friday.  Victor Volcano was really nice and it was amazing to see Obsidian and Pumice.  We are all rocks that came out of the same Volcano but yet, were all different colors, shapes, and sizes.  We even had different textures.”  Berry began.  He paused to take a sip of the water that Mrs. Mafic had put on a small table next to him.

“I remember when our school bus arrived.  I eagerly left the bus with my fellow classmates.  We were all so eager and had hopes of meeting not only Victor Volcano but also the other Igneous rocks there.  I am sure all of you feel the same way.”  Berry said with a smile.

“Yes,” the class replied eagerly.

Berry smiled.  “I remember getting off the bus and seeing this large mound in front of me looking at all of the rocks and smiling.  Victor Volcano was very nice.  You could tell that he loved getting to see all of the igneous rocks that had come out of him gathering in one place.  Now, I will not go into detail about what Victor Volcano said as all of you will get to hear the presentation tomorrow but what I will tell you is that it was very fun and interactive.  Victor talked about himself, about Volcanos around the world, and about how there are many lands like our own on Earth.”  Berry explained. 

A student in the back of the room raised his hand. 

“Berry, would you like to take questions during your talk or afterwards?”  Mrs. Froth asked calmly.

“During is fine,” Berry shrugged.

“Alright Brody, what is your question?” Mrs. Froth asked.

“Did Victor Volcano just give a presentation or did you get to meet him personally?” Brody asked curiously.

“Both, in a way.”  Berry said with a smile.  “The presentation was the main part of the field trip but it was so interactive that we did get to spend some time talking one on one with Victor Volcano.  But that was back in the days when Victor Volcano was a young man.  I believe today you get a few more opportunities to meet not only Victor Volcano but also his volcano family.” 

Berry paused and looked around at the students.  “Victor Volcano is much older now.  I believe his son, Ventus Volcano will be taking over the presentation soon for his father.  If I am not mistaken, you will get to meet him as well.”  Berry replied calmly as he saw Bella raise her hand.

“Yes Bella,” Mrs. Froth said calmly.

“Grandpa, when Victor Volcano was your presenter, had he taken over for his father?”  Bella asked curiously.

“His mother actually was the presenter before Victor Volcano.  When my class got to go see Victor Volcano, he had only been doing the presentation for three years.”  Berry replied as he smiled at his granddaughter and the rest of the class. 

“Now, during the presentation, we had a lot of fun.  We moved around, talked, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company.  Unfortunately, at that time, Victor Volcano had us only reacting and completing activities with our own kind.  I believe he has perfected this approach and you now end up in groups with both Obsidian and Pumice.”  Berry explained. 

“Yes Brad,” Mrs. Froth commented.

“So you didn’t get to meet any Obsidian or Pumice that day?”  Brad questioned.

“I did not get to meet any Pumice that day but I did get to meet Oliver Obsidian briefly.”  Berry replied.  “I remember we were waiting our turn to board the busses.  The pumice side left fast.  It was like they were in a hurry but us Basalt and the Obsidian were much slower.  Pumice left first, Basalt left second, and Obsidian left third.  As my group was getting ready to head to our buses.  Oliver Obsidian said hi to me.  We only had time to introduce ourselves and get each other’s names but that was enough for us to forge a lifetime friendship.  Oliver later introduced me to Penny Pumice and the three of us are still friends to this day.  In fact, we get together every year to catch up in person.”  Berry explained. 

Berry paused for a moment and looked around at the group of students. 

“Both Obsidian and Pumice are very friendly and you all will get to forge wonderful relationships with them if you are willing.”  Berry added calmly.

“Now, as I am sure your teacher as taught you, Basalt is a rock that is mainly made up of Plagioclase and Pyroxene minerals.  We are mostly extrusive but can be intrusive at times.  But do you all know what is cool about Basalt?”  Berry asked excitedly.

“Yes, Banter,” Mrs. Froth commented.

“That we are found not only on Earth but in Outer Space.” Banter replied proudly.

“That’s right!  Basalt is found not only on Earth but also on the moon and on Mars.  Olympus Mons, the largest shield volcano known to exist in the entire solar system is on Mars, is mostly made up of Basalt.  In fact, Basaltic lava flows formed Olympus Mons.  And, most of the surface of the moon is made up of basaltic lava flows and of flood basalts.”  Berry explained.

“Yes Bethany,” Mrs. Froth said calmly.

“What are flood basalts?”  Bethany asked curiously.

“Well, when a volcano has a huge eruption or more than one eruption, it can cover a lot of land and even the ocean floor with lava which cools and becomes Basalt.”  Berry replied happily.

“Cool,” many classmates said in unison around the room.

“Yes, it is,” Berry said with a smile.  “Each one of us in unique from Basalt to Obsidian and Pumice.  We all have cool features about us and can learn from one another.  We are all used in different ways but the people of the world as well.”  He added calmly.

The class looked at him curiously.

“As you all know, people come and visit our lands and sometimes they use machines to collect Pumice, Basalt, and Obsidian.  Other times they come, see it, and leave.  And sometimes they take a few samples home with them.  Humans are a large part of our lives in a good way.”  Berry explained.

“Yes Brody,” Mrs. Froth commented.

“What happens to the Basalt that goes away?” Brody asked curiously. 

The Basalt that goes away with the machines becomes working basalt.  They help to make a solid foundation for roads, sidewalks, railroads, and are even used as a filter stone for draining water.  Other Basalt is used for things inside the houses that people live in from floor tiles to monuments and stone objects that people create.  And, of course, the people who just collect rocks.  These Basalts are kept inside and outside of their homes as decoration.”  Berry explained. 

Berry looked around the room at the class.  “Any other questions?” He added.

The class remained silent.

“Wonderful,” Mrs. Froth commented.  “Mr. Basalt, thank you so much for your wonderful presentation.  Class, let’s thank Mr. Basalt…”

“Thank You!” The entire class replied.

Mrs. Froth smiled.  “Mr. Basalt, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the field trip.”  She added calmly.

“As do I,” Berry replied.  “I am looking forward to seeing Victor Volcano again.”  He added calmly before leaving the classroom with Ben and Bethany. 

Ben and Bethany drove Berry back home and stayed for a moment to visit with Brandy Basalt.  They then left to go pick up Bella from school.  Berry smiled at his wonderful wife Brandy who had been with him for so many years.

“It sounds like you had a really fun day today.  Ben should be here early to pick you up tomorrow for the field trip.  But, for now, it’s late, and you have a busy day tomorrow.  You should relax and get a good night’s sleep tonight honey,” Brandy said calmly.

“I will,” Berry shrugged.  “Still, I can’t help but feel as excited now as I was back when we were in the fourth grade.”

Brandy smiled and looked lovingly at her husband.  “I understand.”  She said calmly.  “Oh and, on the ride, you might want to mention to him what we have been talking about with the estate.”

“You mean passing it onto them.” Berry questioned.

“Yes dear, we should see if they are interested.  It is getting a bit much for us to handle by ourselves.”  Brandy replied seriously.

Berry shrugged.  “But what will I do in my spare time if I am not maintaining the land?”  Berry questioned. 

“We will travel, have hobbies, play with Bella, and enjoy living with both Ben and Bethany.  We will have time to enjoy life.” Brandy replied calmly.  “Don’t worry Berry, you will find lots of things to do.” She added gently. 

“Alright, I will mention it to him.”  Berry shrugged. 

That evening Berry enjoyed relaxing and watching a little television before falling asleep.  He had set an alarm that night to wake him at seven in the morning so he could be ready when Ben arrived to pick him up.

The next morning, Berry was once again out on the porch as Ben drove up to the family estate.  He joined his son in the car and they began to drive off once again to Basalt Layers Elementary School. 

“Ben, your mother and I wanted to speak with you about the estate.  As you know, we are getting older and the seventy acres is getting harder and harder to maintain.  I simply can’t do it all myself anymore and your mother is ready to fully retire and enjoy the rest of our lives.  So, we want you to speak with Bethany and see if the two of you would like to come live here and inherit the property.  Your mother and I would still be living here and you all could move in.  The only difference is that you and Bethany would own the estate.”  Berry said calmly.

“Dad, I think that would be great.  I will talk to Bethany and we will come over this weekend to talk to you and mom about that.” Ben replied as he parked the car in the school parking lot. 

Berry and Ben checked in once more at the school office then joined Mrs. Froth’s class.  They boarded the bus and rode to the place where Victor Volcano was presenting that day.  Once off of the bus, Berry looked at Victor Volcano who was smiling at all of the rocks just like always. 

Berry smiled and made his way through the crowd of basalt, pumice, and obsidian that were all interacting with one another and talking.  He walked straight up to Victor Volcano and smiled.

Victor Volcano smiled back.  “Berry, you look great!  Look around, isn’t this wonderful!”  Victor Volcano said in a booming voice.

“It is,” Berry agreed.  “And it is good to see you again too.  I like how you have improved the presentation over the years.”

“Thank you,” Victor Volcano replied.  “I will admit that I will miss it when I retire.  This will be my final year presenting.”  He added calmly with a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Your daughter, Violet, isn’t she taking over?”  Berry questioned.

“She is and I have taught her all that I know.  I am glad that she wanted to do this at her location.  Still, I will miss it.”  Victor Volcano replied.

“I can understand.”  Berry shrugged. 

“Oh, you should look around.  I talked to Oliver Obsidian earlier here today.”  Victor added happily. 

“Hey Berry,” Oliver commented as he walked toward Berry.

“Oliver, I didn’t know you would be here,” Berry said happily.  “It is good to see you old friend.”

“It is good to see you too my friend,” Oliver replied calmly.  “I came with my grandson, Oden.”

“I am here with my son Ben and granddaughter Bella and I am so glad we both came.  Victor says that this is going to be his last year presenting.  It is good to be here at the beginning and the end for his presentations.”  Berry added happily.

“Yes, it is.”  Oliver said with a smile.  “But I am happy that Violet is taking over for Victor.  I believe that she will do a great job!”

“As do I,” Berry replied as he and Oliver took their seats next to each other and their families to watch the presentation.

Victor Volcano began by talking a bit about himself and how he makes each type of rock.  He went over the differences and similarities between all of them.  Once that was over, Berry observed activities where all of the rocks interacted and everyone had lots of fun.  In the end, everyone had made new friends and was promising to keep in touch. 

Berry and Oliver said goodbye to Victor Volcano and told him that they would come visit him from time to time.  They said bye to each other and separated onto the busses to go back to their schools and homes.

That evening Berry was very happy.  He told Brandy everything about what Ben had told him regarding the family estate, the presentation today, and how great it was to see Oliver there.  He talked about the friends that Bella had made and how he hoped that, like he did, Bella would forge lifetime friendships with them.  Brandy listened to him go on and on about how happy he was with it all.  

Berry went to bed that night with a huge grin on his face.  Tomorrow was another day and he was looking forward to hearing from Ben and Bethany about the estate. 

© Copyright 2020 Kelly Franson. All rights reserved.

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