3 incidents changed the life !!!!!!!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance


Hey any one please helps me! Help me please! Anyone can you hear me

Help me! Help me please!

While travelling to school my friend heard a sound help me!!! She turned around while walking towards the sound she saw a handsome man who was hanging around a branch of a tree for asking a help. When she turned around to see what made him to hang that tree

She laughed out loudly

Ha ha ha haa ha ha

As she saw first time a person was afraid of a cat and asking for help to get rid of the cat. She took a stick and throws it towards the cat.

The cat ran away and at that time the branch which was he hanging was not very strong because of that the branch broke and he fell onto my friend and their eyes met each other with an unexpected kiss was taken place between them with a big shock my friend ran away to the school. It was the first incident which took the first direction towards their love story.

After that incident their life was going normal. As both of them did not have any contact of each other. The man was working in the company as an intern and she was just studying after a month a day when she was returning from the school she saw that the clouds are forming and definitely there would be rain so she checked her bag for umbrella but did not get any.

Oh my god! It’s raining how will I go to home she was thinking and then decided to get wet and reach while she came outside with an unexpected way the handsome man helped her he asked her

Do you remember me?

With a look in her eyes she nod that he was that person who took away her first kiss from her.

Then he dropped her till the bus stop as she went with other friends of her and he waved her it was their second meeting.

Then after three years –

She graduated her school and got into a company working as intern as she forget about the person as the time passed they did not kept any contact with each other. But the company which she was working was the company of him. He was the manager of the company. While she was working she did not knew that he was the manager of other department. In a fresher’s party was held for the new joining interns and she went with her best friend as the party started the managers and other members came to the party while dancing they both saw each other at that time without any hesitation he went near her and proposed her


As she did not gave any chance to lose him so she accepted him and they kissed each other after a 3 months dating they decided to get marry. Now by these 3 mysterious coincidences we all call these couple as “Made For Each Other” couple….

Submitted: May 24, 2019

© Copyright 2021 darkrose03. All rights reserved.

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