Chapter 1: me and jazzy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Me and jazzy had always been the best of friends since we were little, We did sometimes get into fights, like over what sodas the best or what to wear or not. She was the outgoing one, the confident one, and "cool" I was more of the shy one. the one that let her do most of the talking when it came to strangers.We never really had a huge fight until last year, When we were going into high school, we've always been so close, but then something happened, and this is how it all started.


It was the first day of school, and I was so pumped Jazzy and I had lockers next to each other, I hoped that we had classes with each other, and even if we didn't, we would still have lunch together! I went up to my locker and was trying to open it When Jaz came over.
"You never could manage to get it open without some sort of help," she said smiling rolling her eyes.

Just then my locker popped open.

"You were saying?" I said joking back, 

"I'll give you that one," she said laughing " This is the best, we get to have our lockers, and we have some of the same classes!

"Wait, SOME?" I said,

"Yes, some, We don't have English or Home ec together, Remember I took drama?" She said with a flip of her blonde hair. 

"Oh yea," I said, Fidgeting with my hair, which my mother had just highlighted the night before. 

"I'll see you next period!" She said waving and walking off,

"Bye.." I said, but she had walked off, just as another girl, Another blonde, wearing a tight skirt, and a black jacket, came and started chatting with Jaz. Could she be Jaz's friend? If so, would she steal her away? Or would we all just become a group?

I started walking off to my first-period class, --Which was English-- I looked in and got nervous. I knew not one single soul. I choose to sit in the middle, Not to close to the front to be a "nerd", but not too far in the back to be called one of the "bad kids" 

A girl came and sat next to me, she had a black jacket with a red plaid flannel underneath, black pants, and brown hair, with red streaks in it. She looked completely badass.


"Names Regan," she said looking at me, expectantly. I realized she wanted my name. 

"Harley" I replied 

"Like the fricken Harley Quinn? The sociopath?" She said  

"Yea... Uh my parents like DC a lot, But I don't have a preference." I replied, Just then a cute guy with blonde floppy hair, swooped back, also in plaid, but green and with jeans on, sat down behind her, across from me. 

"Oh Marvel and DC huh? DC is darker in my opinion, and Marvel just has a lot more action, Harley is a good character tho, she's strong and independent, to bad the joker keeps holding her back."  The mysterious boy said. 

"Yea, but isn't she supposed to be madly in love with the joker?" I pointed out, " And maybe that's just like part of her origin story, something that helps her grow, and become strong and independent." 

"I guess your right," He said smiling," I'm cole

"Harley, but I think you know that..." I said, blushing. 

"Jesus its like love city in here," Regan said, nodding at us.
"Don't hate sis, congratulate," Cole said poking her. 

"Settle down! Settle down class, I am Mr. Fisher, And I am your cool, your amazing, English teacher!!" he said crossing his Feet then spinning around doing jazz hands. "Today, we are going to introduce ourselves, I want each of you to stand up and say something about your selves... starting with.." he looked around at every one of us, When he looked at me I tried not to make eye contact, "You, miss, with the pretty highlights." This is the world saying it hates me. ? I thought as I stood up and stood in front of my chair.

"I'm Harley," I said.

"Hello Harley, what do you like to do for fun?" Mr, Fisher asked. 

"I like to sew, and take photos, and edit them," I said, keeping it basic. I actually do really enjoy editing photos, I used to make backgrounds for my classmates. The thing I left out is that I like to write songs, I knew that he would ask me to sing, or show one of them. And there's no way that I could do that! 

"That's groovy!" He said as I sat back down, the rest of the class went around, then it came to cole,

"I like to skateboard, listen to music, and read comic books." He said, Then as he sat back down, "The suicide squad is my favorite." He whispered to me.

I blushed and smiled at him. I think I'm developing a crush :) 

Just then the bell rang, and I got up gathering my stuff, as I walked out Cole and Regan came behind me, 

"Look for us during lunch," Regan said, Not asking, Telling. Which was fine by me, I liked them both. 

"Ok," I said, and she nodded, she and Cole walked off. 

Just then Jaz came up,

"Were you just talking to her?" She asked narrowing her eyes at Regan. 

" Uhm I-" I tried to say before Jaz cut me off. 

"Don't, I hear she has like a mass drug problem and is like a total jerk to everyone. Like shes soo mean. Did she say anything to you? Omg did she try and get you to do drugs?" Jaz said acting as she knew her. 

"Uhm No, actually, And who told you that? She's actually really cool. I like her, I think were friends.  She said I could sit with her and Cole at lunch."  I replied.

"Uh ok, well I'm sitting with Courtney, and if you don't sit with us, then she's not gonna think you're cool," Jaz said looking at me in a new way like I was scum at the bottom of her shoe. 

"Well then, that sucks for her. Who cares what she thinks anyway right?" I said.

"Um, everyone?! Shes so fricken cool!!" She said, just as 'Courtney' walked up,

"Hey, peeps! What's up?? Omg, are you, Harley?! I like love your hair, it's so cute!"  She said, smiling, 

"Uhm thanks my-" I started 

"But that shirt is total trash, Like Where did you find it? I think my brother has that..."  She said frowning at my shirt, which was a red baseball t-shirt which I thought was cute.

"Anyway cmon let's go to class," Jaz said, Linking arms with Courtney and walked away to class. I trailed behind. Feeling as If I wasn't even there. Jaz never acted like this... Did I do something? Was I just not cool enough? 

uh oh.



Submitted: May 24, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Hz. All rights reserved.


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I liked reading your first chapter. Harley and Jaz seem to have a strong friendship so it will be interesting to see how this fight eventuates between them. The tension is already building a little and it's obvious they're being pulled in different directions so there could be a dramatic build up to that which would be interesting to read.
One thing I would say is that parts of it has the feel of a stereotypical teenage story; with the rebellious group and the obnoxious preppy girl. It has the trap of falling into being a bit too predictable. What's going to make this different from other stories and make it stand out?
Though perhaps a little stereotypical, your characters are really well defined. You've described them really well and clearly. Harley is really good, especially because she hasn't really got a stereotype but she's still got a distinctive defined character.
Your start definitely a lot of potential in this. It's only the first chapter and it could go in practically in any direction so it will be interesting to see what happens. Your descriptions are really good too and that will help the story to have a strong foundation.

Sun, May 31st, 2020 1:34pm

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