Chapter 13: Chapter 13

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 95

First thing I do after I get to my locker, My class, and my seat, Is write a note to Hunter.

Meet me under the bleachers at lunch. We need to talk. 

I have to keep myself from whipping it at his head, But I manage to toss it in his direction, Thankfully, I dont have Regan or Cole in this class. I feel bad, but I didn't go back on the promise, I only promised not to make any rash decisions. This isn't rash, right?

Hunter passes a note back to me, which reads:

Agreed,I have to explain some things. Some being, I was drunk, And she practically jumped me. 

Right, and Courtney was born platnuim blonde.

I just nod and paid attention to class, But I knew that Hunter was looking at me out of the corner of his eyes the whole time. Its Unerving. 


  At lunch I made up an excuse of where I was going, and Met hunter under the bleachers, when I arrived there was no one there, I sighed. What am I even going to do to keep him from pressing charges? Coles my friend, Just a friend. Right? What if it was something more tho? What if there was secretly some feelings? 

"Hey there," 

I jumped about a foot into the air, "Holy!!" I was pushed up against the bleachers, and soon enough I saw Hunters two giant arms caging me in. 

"I get that a lot." He said with a smirk

"Shut up!" I scowled at him, trying to duck out from his arms, but with no luck of getting out.

"You wanted to talk?" He asked, clearly ignoring my attempts to break free.

"Yes, look, I know what Cole did was wrong, but please-" I broke off mid-sentence when I saw his face getting closer to mine, then it passing mine, and going to my neck, soon enough he was whispering in my ear, 

"Don't press charges?" 

"Y-Yes." I stammerd.

"You seem unerved," He said while kissing my neck gently,

"Stop that, your not my boyfriend! You lost that when you where locking lips with jazz! After everything shes done, you thought you would just get with her huh?" I said trying to keep my words steady, but truth be told, there may still be some feelings with Hunter, And I cant seem to focus with him standing so close to me.

"I was drunk, Besides, she came up to me, started talking, then someone came up behind her, whispered something, then she came and kissed me, Right as you walked in." 

"You were kissing her back." I accused 

"I. Was. Drunk. The only girl I ever want to kiss again is you." He said against my throat 

"Space, please." 

"Space is just a word people use when they are afraid, in fact, I think you may still have some feelings." this time he looked me in the eyes. 

Damn it.

"No, I just want space." I said softly.

"You dont want me to press charges, and I want you to kiss me." 

"No, something else."

"Thats my only offer." he said shrugging and pulling away

"Theres got to be something else." 

"Nope." He turned as if to leave, I started to panic, just as I remembered something

"Wait, dont you need help in English? I can tutor you." I said, praying he would take it.

He hesitated, then thought it over. "fine, My place after school, today." He said

Nice try buster,

"My place. after school." I said




Submitted: August 27, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Hz. All rights reserved.


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