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as the belief of god is masked by scientific advancements satan takes advantage.

Submitted: May 24, 2019

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Submitted: May 24, 2019






chapter 1 - the fading light
The year is 2066

With the absence of god 

Satan makes his presence known

collecting the light (or souls) of people 

by giving money and power for a persons light

the more light a person holds the more they can get

its a one time deal but you can take another's light

and bargain again with Satan for more

so naturally the greedy start stealing light

Satan never gives advice or guidance 

nor has Satan asked for anything more than light

but that didn't stop those who first traded their light 

and banded together from calling themselves satanists

which naturally made Satan the figurehead to blame 

for the crimes of the satanists who act of their own free will

it only took 24 hours for Satan to become known worldwide

and become the undisputed conqueror of the world 

with over 3 billion trading their light within that 24 hours

by the 25th hour a large group of satanists decide to 

invade the countries with large amounts of light left 

starting with the third most "lit" country America



chapter 2 - the power of darkness

hour 26 since the appearance of Satan and only

one hour after the satanists decide to attack america 

more than half the light was eradicated

the frontier of military police and militia where in 

for a rude awakening when their guns and bombs 

had no effect against the Satanists 

whom absorbed all the bullets, bombs and gases 

unfortunately the light barriers couldnt absorb the satanists similar arsenal and with the


news of one of the worlds largest armed forces taken out in less then an hour 

spreading across the world all hope seemed lost

hour 27 after learning Satan only took ones light 

and not their free will the 2nd line of Americas defense

decided to trade their light for power in order to combat

the satanists who consumed the first frontiers light and lives

hour 28 the satanists reach the second frontier of defense unarmed knowing their weapons


where now useless the 2 sides of darkness charged each other only to find out

darkness cant beat darkness and in a battle between darkness the greater more potent


darkness wins hence Americas second line of defense was absorbed by the satanists on


hour 29 (2+9=11 Master number 11 brings higher intuition and


spiritual insight, supernatural abilities, increased sensitivity, as well as empathy and natural


intelligence) Lucifer who always wanted to surpass god saw this as an opportunity to


become so so Lucifer spoke to the world saying "only light can beat darkness"


majority of the people puzzled due to what happened at the first frontier wondered either


how or why would an angel they deemed evil help them Gabriel spoke to us next explaining


Americas lack of faith in god and their own spiritual being

was the reason for the first frontiers swift defeat 

hour 30 the satanists make their way to central America where the women and children


where being kept the satanists were blinded and weakened being near their light and in fear


of Lucifers words decided it be best to circle the area


trapping the innocent bright light until reinforcements arrived and they had a plan of action


to guarantee victory hour 31


and 32 pass before a more potent darkness was ready to destroy Americas remaining light

chapter 3 - hour 33 inspiration many ways to be and use light!
while the war outside the central american walls where going on those
increasing the light and spread the word for everyone to
prayer in hopes that the growing light from prayer would keep
the darkness at bay monks and martial artists meditated which also increased
explained how the soldiers purity played a factor in why their
favorable news as it meant that those
that did not want to fight or be involved had to be involved the people pleaded with
Gabriel with what to do with those outside the light wall of central america and
and intuition and also in god which unfortunately did not please
sit here and pray forever?"
someone spoke out... Gabriel said no grow your light then fight the darkness becomes more
powerful if you fear it the darkness becomes more powerful the more you pay attention to it
powerful the more you doubt gods light Gabriel told them.
despite all the naysayers the monks and martial artists stood
focused on growing their inner-selves while those with intuition asked kids to be kids and
pay no mind to those outside
the lights barrier and those who didn't give up hope started practicing how to fight under
out from the evil outside shooting in that bullets cant hurt
one of strong light so this meant the battle would be strictly
kinda like mortal combat hand to hand with weapons which was an advantage to the inner
because the evil was still under the assumption guns and bombs
light hour 34 a commotion outside
the walls of fighting alerted everyone near that side of the lights bubble as death was
apparently happening at this moment.. a lone warrior named Kai walked right through the
covering most of himself at first the monks took fighting stance but
the intuition of the people said lets hear him out first,
his aura was dark but it was tinted with light Kai greeted himself to the others and said
am not evil but if you can see, i am darkness with those i
lost in my heart as my light.
chapter 4. hour 35 the good and the bad chaos 
the intuitive tell the people within the central wall of light 
that they should switch roles and have those praying meditate 
and those meditating to pray the clairvoyant agree because 
those praying are longer producing as much light as they were
and those meditating weren't either same with the people practicing their fighting 
so they empaths clairvoyants and intuitive try to get everyone to switch what 
they are doing but self doubt kicks in in the people of the light 
and many started speaking in fear of the darkness outside them 
the three things Gabriel told them not to do.... 
many hesitated listening to these no believers causing a chaos among them 
that dimmed their light while they should of been transitioning to keep up the light 
and to improve their own inner light.... next thing you know another breaks through the
without hesitation and this guy was not like kai with a tint of light in their darkness 
no this man was pure evil as soon as this happens the martial artists take stance ready to
but kai spoke and said, "no its only one ill handle him please everybody get back to
kai confidentially stands face to face with this evil man of pur
him to kindly leave... the man laughs evily and goes "Leave? hahahah
how about instead you leave this world and ill take all this light for my
kai responds "out of the question and asks who are you?" 
the man says smiling why you can call me Bolas! kai smirks almost laughing , " like fro
oh whatever how where you able to break through the barrier so
bolas answers . " it wasn't hard at all I've been feeding off the other weaklings around me
kinda like what you did" 
kai responds, " i did it to fight the evil our reasonings are not the same" 
bolas claims , " well that makes you soft you know the light cant win look how pathetic they
are compared to me and even you"
kai states " The darkness will bring back the light!" and before bolas can even respond kai
kicks him with an roundhouse 
bolas laughs it off and concentrates his darkness on kai and like it was gravity pulls kai to
the ground rendering him unable to move
bolas creates a piercing tentacle out of his dark aura and goes to stab kai in the head but in
GODs LIGHT WILL WIN" and kai shined so bright blinding bolas and
and kai with a single strike delivers an
uppercut to bolas and raises him 15-20 feet in the air and bolas lands hard breaking his
kai automatically absorbed the darkness of bolas but with the light kai shined after speaking
gods name his aura was still dark with an even 
lighter tint of light unfortunately the panic among the people weakened the barrier allowed
the darkness to move closer...
then 6 other strong beings of evil came inside the barrier
one of them spoke introducing themselves as the 6 demons... telling kai bolas was just a
pawn and that they could 
break into the barrier of such weak unrefined light beings anytime they wish but they wish to
spiritually, eventually this barrier will break and the evil outside
to fight the strongest most spiritually advanced after they become stronger so i suggest you
do everything you can because you, we wont just let live
without a fight we are not typical humans like yous we are true demons.. kai in awe asks , "
real demons like in the bible "
one of the demons responds like in the bible like in the book of Solomon also like in the
book of demonology full fledged demons 
kai asks , " why would demons want to participate in this war " another demon replies "it
our chance to finally get back at god for all of gods injustices" (this demon doesnt speak for
all the demons
the demons vanish like they teleported.... the people around almost start to panic but
simultaneously a group of people say we must remember what Gabriel said 
and keep working on advancing our inner light we cant afford to panic and freak out, every
second this barrier gets weaker the more we stay idle...
remember pay no mind to evil dont doubt the light and dont doubt god...
Chapter 5 - The angelic wall
coming soon >.>:



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