Ai - Home Alone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Anything

Two brothers stay home alone for a day and their brotherly relationship deepens from before.


Anthony Brown Audrey (9) - A energetic and mischievous little boy, who loves his family dearly

William Albert Audrey (14) - Older brother of Anthony, who is mature and caring towards his loved ones

Alicia Carolina Audrey - Mother of Anthony and William, who’s living in Scotland


12 years ago

[Raining heavily outside of the Audrey mansion somewhere in Lakewood, Michigan]

Anthony: [Sitting on the couch while gazing the scenery from the window of the living room]


William: [Sitting next to Anthony as he flips the next page of his novel] Why the long face, An?


Anthony: [Turns to Anthony with a moody look and crosses his legs and arms around his chest] Of

all the days, why does it have to rain today, Will?


William: It can’t be helped when nature calls, besides we aren’t the ones controlling it if we did;

  we could have stop it.


Anthony: [Lays on William’s lap and sighs with frustration] Argh!


William: [Continues reading] Don’t be such a baby and wait until it stops.


Anthony: [Turns to the other side moodily]


William: [Closes his novel; lean towards Anthony’s ear] Want to do something together?


Anthony: Like what? I don’t want to if it’s chess cause you always win.


William: Fine, have it your way then. I’ll do whatever you want.


Anthony: [Turns back to William with excitement] For real? Are you absolutely sure because you

  never want do anything I’ve asked?


William: Absolutely, I’m not lying.


Anthony: [Gets up and leans closer to William with a serious expression] Swear to god?


William: [Sighs and pushes Anthony to the side as he gets up from the couch] Yes you rascal, now

  get off me.


Anthony: [Gets down from the couch] Great! So what are we going to do together?


William: That’s what you have to decide, An. Not me this time.


Anthony: [Thinks deeply]


William: Hmm…it’s great that Aunt Elroy is out with the other elders and the servants are all off

  today since a Sunday and it’s only the two of us at home.


Anthony: [Smiled brightly] I’ve got it! Let’s play tag, Will!


William: Tag, you say?


Anthony: Yes, Will! You promised to do as I say right? A man never takes back his promise that

  has been made.


William: I got it, rascal and I know tag has always been your favourite of all the others.


Anthony: And we used to play it all the time together when I was little and then I even dragged

  mom and dad to join us.


William: [Smirks] Good old days huh?


Anthony: [Nodded and quickly pokes William’s left arm; runs out of the living room] You’re it, Will!


William: [Chases after little Anthony] What! You really did it huh!


Anthony: [Running in the hallways] You’re slow as ever, Will! Come and get me if you can,

slow poke!


William: [Speeds up] We’ll see about that! And have you forgotten that I belong in a Track and

  Field club in school?


Anthony: Duh but you still can’t overtake me!


William: Then I will!


Anthony: But you haven’t been going to practice for quite some time ever since your finals were

  over! You’ve becoming lazier!


William: [Catches up] You finally made me serious!


Anthony: [Speeds up] Yikes!


William: [Runs closer to Anthony and grabs his shoulders] Caught you!


Anthony: [Stops and turns to William, who is ahead of him] No way!


William: [Stops and pecks his chest] I still have plenty for stamina in here.


Anthony: [Starts running]  I’ll get you now!


William: [Runs faster ahead] Hahaha, come on then!


2 hours later


[In the west tea room]


Anthony and William: [Both of them pants while lying tiredly on the carpet next ]


Anthony: I can’t believe we’ve been running around the entire house for two hours. This is



William: [Gasp] This is nothing to me; I’ve run the entire academy once.


Anthony: That’s insane. Why did you have to do something like that?


William: [Takes a deep breath] It’s part of my self training besides I’m used to it now.


Anthony: [Tummy rumbles]


William: [Giggles and gets up] Looks like all of this running makes our stomachs growl. I’ll make

  some snacks in kitchen.


Anthony: [Gets up] What are you going to make?


William: I’ve recently browsed some easy recipes online. What do you want for snack?

Anthony: [Excited] I want chocolate chip cookies and banana bread and then chocolate ice



William: That’s a lot of chocolate but you can only pick one.


Anthony: Hmm…then…I will have brownies for snack with full cream milk.


William: [Walks out of the room and marches to the kitchen] Yes your highness.


Anthony: [Walks after William and grabs his hand] Wait I’m coming too!


William: You can help me gather the ingredients while I find the equipments and pre-heat the

oven, do you understand?



45 minutes later


[After William finishes baking in the kitchen, he and Anthony sat on the chair by the oven and eats their brownies]


William: [Takes another brownie from the baking pan] These are really good! What do you think of 

it, An?


Anthony: [Eats another brownie] Scrumptious! I’ve never tasted anything like this before!


William: We better get this place cleaned up before Aunt Elroy gets home.


Anthony: [Nodded sadly]


William: [Made a slight smile and pats Anthony’s head] We’ll do this again next time.


Anthony: Really?


William: [Nodded happily] Of course.


Anthony: Let’s make chocolate cookies and also M&N cookies together! I want to bring some to

  school if that’s okay?


William: Of course you can and you can also share some of these brownies to Stair and Archie

and some other friends too since we can’t possibly finish all of this.


Anthony: [Answers cheerfully] Okay!


William: [Drinks up the glass of cold milk and starts cleaning the kitchen table] Time to get this

  place spotless.


Anthony: [Quickly drinks up his milk and helps William with the cleaning]


William: An, you wipe the tables and I wash the equipments.


Anthony: [Salutes and wipes the kitchen with the damp cloth]


William: [Gathers the dirty equipment and washes them at the sink]


Anthony: [Looks at the wall clock on top of the fridge] Will, it’s almost half past 5. What time will Aunt Elroy be home?


William: Crap, she mentioned that she’ll be home at 6pm sharp. We better hurry and also get

ourselves cleaned up; before she finds out all about this.


Anthony: Got it!


Another 20 minutes later


[After finished cleaning and taking a quick shower in William’s bedroom]


William: [Changes to a plain white t-shirt and sweat pants; and then dries his golden blonde hair

with a towel]


Anthony: [Stares at William while drying his own hair with a towel]


William: [Takes off the towel and turns to Anthony] Why are you staring at me like that?


Anthony: I don’t know.


William: [Touches some of Anthony’s golden blonde hair] We really are brothers.


Anthony: Of course we are, don’t be stupid.


William: [Pinches Anthony’s left cheek] You’re so adorable when you’re moody or mad.


Anthony: [Lets go off William’s hand from his cheek] That hurts, Will!


William: [Laughs] Hahaha I just love teasing you, An. Because you are too adorable to tease.


Anthony: [Pushes William]


William: But today was sure a blast, when will we ever get a chance like this again?


Anthony: [Saddened] Our spring breaks are almost over, you’ll be flying back to London next

  Saturday and I’ll be with mom again in Scotland.


William: I’ll definitely come home often during the weekends.


Anthony: But even if you do, you’ll be busy with your boring private lessons with George again.


William: That’s true, we’ll see how it goes then.


Anthony: Okay


William: Cheer up, An. You still have mom with you while dad is away.


Anthony: Well mom has been really sick and she goes out of the house but I never stop taking care of the roses.


William: You love them too right? So do I.


Anthony: Of course I do… mom even planted them all by herself when she was healthy.


William: That’s true and we all used to lend her a hand.


Anthony: I want to see mom. I miss her so much, I wonder what she’s up to right now.


William: Probably knitting or reading another romance novel.


Anthony: I wonder if she’s keeping in touch with dad.


William: Of course, I mean they’re a married couple.


Anthony: When is dad coming home?


William: George said he’s in New York settling some business right now then tomorrow he’ll be

flying to Chicago for another one. He’ll probably be back here 3 days later or until his

work is done.


Anthony: [Disappointed]


William: Want me to call mom?


Anthony: [Nodded excitedly] Yeah! yeah! Do it!


William: [Picks up his laptop from his laptop case on the study table and turns it on] It’s almost

going to be 6pm here and Scotland should be 2am now. I think mom should be asleep.


Anthony: Let’s give it try, see if she’s awake.


William: [Accesses FaceTime and dials “Mom” on the favourites contact list] Okay.



[Both of them patiently waits for their mother to pick up]


Alicia: [Picks up the call] Hello?


Anthony and William: [Excited] Mom!!


Alicia: [Giggles and made a gentle smile] An! Will! My darlings, how are you all doing?


William: Why aren’t you asleep yet? Do you know what time is it? It’s 2 in the morning.


Alicia: [Shows off her novel] Oh yes I know, Will. I had to finish up this novel I’ve bought at the market 2 days ago.


William: For god sakes, mom. You shouldn’t stay up so late; the doctor said you need plenty of

sleep. Please go to bed after we end this call.


Alicia: Oh my look who’s the mother here. Okay darling, I promise I’ll do it.


William: [Sighs] Oh god.


Alicia: [Made a guilty smile] “I’m surprised my little Will has grown up so much. I bet someday my

little darling An will too. Then it’s the time for me to let him go”


Anthony: So how are you doing? Is everything all right?


Alicia: Everything is fine, An. The weather was clear and sunny. Marie and I went shopping at the

market with Marie 2 days ago. It was fantastic! I also bought you boys some new stuff; just

waiting for you both to come home.


William: It’s good to know that you’re going outside again, mom. But remember to take your

medications while you’re at it.


Alicia: I will, darling.


Anthony: How are the roses at our backyard? Are they doing okay?


Alicia: Yes darling, I’ve been looking after them while you’re away. Do you miss them? There are

also plenty of roses in Lakewood as well where your father and I used to plant them

together when we were young.


Anthony: You and dad did?


Alicia: That’s right, your father loved roses so much, he influenced me so much and never stops

talking about them. Now I’m doing the same to you two.


Anthony: I thought dad dislike them as he never bothers looking at them back at home.


Alicia: [Shook] Oh no, An. He’s just too busy at work, sometimes he called and asked about how we and the roses were doing. The roses are also part of our family.


Anthony: [Nodded as he agreed]


William: Did dad called today?


Alicia: Yes that was about 5 hours ago before dinner.


Anthony: What did you do today?


Alicia: I took stroll around the garden and did some gardening. Don’t worry I wasn’t pushing

myself, my health has improved tremendously even when An was around.


William: Just don’t push yourself too hard. Tell Marie and the others when you need anything or

when you aren’t feeling well.


Alicia: [Giggles] You’re such a worry-wart, Will. I’ll take every advice you gave.


Anthony: Mom, guess what! Will and I played tag and baked brownies together this afternoon.


Alicia: [Surprised and delighted] My! That’s wonderful to hear that. What a wonderful brother

relationship you both have. Was Aunt Elroy okay about it?


Anthony: Of course she doesn’t!


Alicia: What about the servants? Aren’t they all home?


William: They all are off from work today and Aunt Elroy went out with the other elders since this

morning. She should be home by now.


Alicia: I see, I’m so happy to hear that you both had a splendid day together.


William: We both really did, mom.


Anthony: Will and I miss you so much, mom.


Alicia: I miss you both and your father more. [Yawns]


William: Looks like time’s up, now it’s off to bed, mom.


Alicia: Yes Will as you command.


William: Good night mom. See you in 2 weeks.


Anthony: Bye mom.


Alicia: Bye my darlings, have heaps fun and don’t bully your brother, Will and don’t push yourself

too hard in your studies. Don’t skip your meals…


William: Yes mom.


Alicia: My little An, don’t cause Aunt Elroy and other elders trouble. Honestly sometimes it’s okay

to be a little naughty but don’t be too much. Most importantly do as your brother and Aunt

Elroy says, okay?


Anthony: Yes mom…


William: [Grabs Anthony’s shoulder] I’ll look after him for life, mom.


Alicia: I’m counting on you, Will. Good night. [Ends the call]


Anthony: [Gets down from the couch and rushes to the window] Will! Come see this!


William: [Gets up and walks to Anthony’s side] What is it?


Anthony: The rain has stopped and there’s a rainbow too. You really have to see this!


William: [Looks out of the window and finally sees the rainbow] You’re right, it looks beautiful.


[A steel gates open, a black shiny Porsche drives through and stops at the main entrance]


Anthony: [Sees the black Porsche from the window] Aunt Elroy is home.


William: Let’s go greet her.


Anthony: Ok! [Rushes out of William’s room]


William: [Takes his phone from the night stand and quickly takes a good picture of the rainbow]


Anthony: [Peers by the door] Will, let’s go!


William: [Puts down his phone on the bed and walks out of the door] I’m coming, An.




Submitted: May 25, 2019

© Copyright 2021 YuukoK . All rights reserved.

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