Politics versus sports

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Submitted: May 25, 2019

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Submitted: May 25, 2019



I feel like the ice hockey championship finals are cursed, because they always end up being the same time there are some elections, and this is unfortunately the case tomorrow. I so got the inspiration to write this from the Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, who tweeted that Same as a month ago: elections or the finale tomorrow on TV?

By this he's referring to the Finnish elections on April 14th, when everyone was both watching at the votes being counted and how each party reacted, and at the same time watching the women's hockey USA-Finland final game, which we totally should've won, by the way. Same thing actually happened five years ago, when the EU election night ended up being the same night Finland faced Russia in the hockey final.

Honestly, I don't care much about sports, as the only sports I personally watch are Formula One, also a task for tomorrow, and the world hockey games, because it's just something Finns do, as Niinistö just proved. I don't care for the national hockey here, nor do I ever watch NHL although there are quite a few Finns there as well. But when it comes to these games in the spring, most people watch them, especially if we do well. We've only won two times, in 1995 and 2011, but if we do win, the reaction will be hilarious, as you will see all of Finland get to the "tori", which is market square, a certain one in Helsinki, and everyone will just celebrate the win by getting drunk, obviously, and singing crappy songs together. That's the most partiotic thing a Finn can do, as there really is nothing more heartwarming than seeing dozens and dozens of drunk people trying to rememeber the lyrics of the national anthem (most people don't know the lyrics even sober). 

One person actually responded to the tweet well, saying that he will watch the game, as sports unite people, while politics only divide people. That's well said, and with the political climate in Finland being not very united right now, he hit the nail on that one. Another funny comment was by a woman who asked the president to prepare the market sqaure in case everyone will go there, and he actually responded that yes he will. 

This is completely not the point of this, but things like these are exactly why most people here love the current president. He's in his 70s, which is adorable, because he tries so hard to sound like a "cool kid", failing miserably. It's almost like having your parents trying to talk like teenagers, but in a cute kind of way. He's also very popular for being the kind of president who doesn't really act like one. He once called to a radio show to ask about a type of plant or mushroom he saw in the woods and couldn't recognize, and the radio guys just laughed because where else would a president call to a radio show to ask something like that? He's often seen in sports events among the crowd, in his rubber boots with an umbrella just like everyone else. He plays hockey with the kids on the ice rink in the center of Helsinki when there is an event, and last summer when Trump and Putin left Helsinki, he went out for a beer with his buddies. he was at a book fair last year and there were no seats available, so he sat on the stairs. Of course people offered, but he decided to just sit on the ground because hey, he got there late, it's his own fault. Plus, he has the most adorable dog. 

Honestly, I find politics something that's a necessary evil. We need politics, but it's not often they make people want to come together and be as one. Sports often do that, to a nation, at least here. It's adorable, because Finland is the place where you can sit on a local train and instead of the next stop, there is a screen that says RUS 0 FIN 1 and that will make everone cheer for the team. If that's put to political perspective, you're seen as an overly nationalist racist who thinks Russians are shitbags. That's not true, but that is exactly why politics are the necessary evil, and sports the unnecessary good thing that makes people feel good. At least when it comes to beating Sweden and Russia, because that's always the most important thing.

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