A Dreamers Request

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(not meant literally as 1 city xD)

In this world as we know it, I have found a City.
A City of Kings and Queens, magical beasts and wondrous things.
You might wonder how such a tale can be real, but I assure you, it’s here.
Here in ACYK, with each dream lost, two new will rise.
From which either more will come, until one and all comes true.
I once had a dream too, it was to find a place like this.
Luckily my dream came true, in this world where it seems that none do.
Now it’s time for me to share it with you. But first, I must tell you how I got here.
Although, in my tale my name will be You.


You were born in a year, on a day in a month, seemingly as if the past You were taught was better then the now.
You were raised by humans, as humans do, sometimes good, sometimes bad. So you came to inhabit both.
In this world as we know it, You didn’t have to look long before coming across the first few monsters.
But with a little luck You found a few friends You thought You could trust. But time is a cruel friend, and You found it would do what time does, as You trusted it to. Friends to foes, lovers to friends.
You came to learn that monsters were men. And women. And genders associated with them.
But You also found that passed each monster waited the reward that comes from defeating them.
Yet You were not blind, and saw that they were also raised by humans, like humans are, so what did You do then?
You asked their names and got to know them, their hopes and dreams and what else came to mind.
And You learned that we all hoped and dreamt the same.


To be better then we are, for what that meant.

To have more then we do, for what that was.

To be accepted as we are, for who that is.


But You also learned, that no one seemed willing to give up on their seemingly hopeless dream, so that an others could come true. And You lost hope.
You saw into the darkness and saw nothing but it. Or so it seemed.
You looked so long, in fact You went a little insane.
In which madness you learned.
You learned that the insane would claim the sane to be more insane.
You learned that with all You knew even the greatest fool knew something You did not.
And You learned what it meant to be human.
And You learned that You had been so all along, because above all things, humans hope and dream.

And in dreams You decide the story of; Who You are. What You are, and Where You are.
So in the darkness You chose to be light, so that You could see. And here You found it.

You might wonder who You are, but You are as much You as You are Me.
Come with
Me to ACYK, it is A City You Know, where You are You, all You have to do is see. You know how to.
There is no other time then now.
Living in a past told by others to have been better, it will not become tomorrow.
Because time does what friends does.
It lets You forget the bad to make room for a new tomorrow.
And it happens in our dreams.
We are all good and we are all bad, but above all, we choose who to be.
And who ever that is, let it be You, and if You cannot be You... I’ll forgive You.

As You are Me.

You might tell Yourself, You could never be them.
Have You been living their lives? Or is able to read their minds? To be so sure in Your case.
My Friend I tell You this. You see only what Your life has let You see.
So I ask You this, do You wish to be them, or will You forgive them.
For not being You, or able to fit Your shoe.
Or do You pray to a God I do not know? One who preach Hate above Love.
Tells You not to forgive. Says You should side with the villain of Your faith, as surely that is Your true Friend.
If so, let me know, as this one I do not know.
But my dear Friend, You are more beautiful then I will ever be, as I can never look or be like You.

So now I paint this City's sky with every shade of color that hides in Your eyes.
Although it is not a rainbow to my eye, I look upon it and see the light in Your smile.
I also see the strength in Your hide when You are angry. This is why I painted the sky with Your eyes.
You are beautiful just the way You are. And I cannot let You feel less, as You are more.
But tell me Friend, why are You angry?
Why do You come here with anger too. Did I wrong You?
Because I fear what You are about to do.
I fear You like a lightning on my sky, should You strike me I’ll be dead,
But this is beautiful too. Still I forgive You, because You are more beautiful then I will ever be.
And I forgive myself, for loving You, with all that You do. You are the world, and so am I, please forgive me too.
And while You are at it, forgive Yourself as I do. If not me… then just You.
My City here I give it to You, and all of You.
Build a life for Yourself and those You Love.
But my dear Friend. If You strike another here with anger in Your eye... please look out for the lightning in the sky.
It’s impossible to say where the next ones will strike.
I trust You now to take my dream, and should it be lost, two new will follow.

Submitted: May 25, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Vox Semper. All rights reserved.

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unmasked delusions

An interesting piece with unexpected imagery, very poetic and deep. I like it

Fri, October 18th, 2019 5:26am

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