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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Free Verse

Freedom is a beautiful thing, freedom of place, well being, thought & time...

The sunrise was so beautiful this morning, golds, yellows and oranges, all bright and warm, as the most glorious site I've ever seen, peaked over the horizon. There, right in front of me was the most picturesque stretch of the Caribbean Sea.


My bedroom opens up right on the famous Grand Anse beach, I can practically feel the ocean spray on face as I sit on my bedroom balcony. Yeah, there ain't nothing like the Spice Island, Grenada, West Indies, laid out in all its glory, My home away from home...


It once was on the bucket list, and then somehow became the end game… So here I am, standing on the sand, staring at the sea, buck naked in all my glory, reaching my hands towards the sky, no one on the beach bu…..SHIT TOURIST!


I get my butt back inside quick, i’m totally pissed at myself. That’s the second time that’s happened, the locals don’t care, but the tourist treat ya like a sideshow, they’ll be roaming around for the next couple of days.


Got a little business to take care of today, otherwise it’ll be a pretty chill day. The business is going great, and I can’t compliant, I’ve been here about three years now, yeah, I got the hell out of LA in 21. Lived here back in the day, let’s see, umh, back in 2010 or 2012 something like that.


This place is like Manna from Heaven for me… Grenada is made up of three Island’s, the other two are Petite Martinique and Carriacou, only 100,000 people in the country and about 90% of those are black, the rest a mixture of Indian, Asian and European.


It’s the most glorious thing you’ve ever seen, just imagine looking out in the city of St. George’s main square and seeing a sea of black faces. Every shade of black you could possibly think of, from the lightest cafe ole to the darkest most beautiful Coal you’ve ever seen. Magnificent.


Growing up in LA I had never seen such a site, If we would have gathered in a small percentage of those people, police would have been called, patty wagons would have rolled. Over here, even all the cops are black, well what do you know about, wink wink. Loving life these days, need I say more.


Then I woke up...


Submitted: May 26, 2019

© Copyright 2021 CigarGuy1. All rights reserved.

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A fun read!
I sure would love to be on that beach with the lapping azure sea at my feet and the golden sun above my head and a nice ice cold cocktail in my hand. Ahh well one can only dream.

Sun, May 26th, 2019 9:21am

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