Who Am I?, 2

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Submitted: May 26, 2019

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Submitted: May 26, 2019



Earlier this month (May, 2019) I began this autobiographical effort by saying my health history is what I think most sets me apart.

My personality is almost as important, in making me unlike the average 65-year-old American man in 2019.

What makes it different is a broad characteristic I think I will call "earth focus".

This is the umbrella that is the reason for all the tendencies under it... an orientation to the outdoors, simplicity and austerity, a love of maps and geography, and places, both wild and man-made.

My earth focus personality is probably due to my original health history already discussed. I say this because my original problems were severe pollen allergies, and seasonal depression. Both of these made me focused on the importance, to whether I felt good or horrible, of my natural environment, from the beginning of my life.

The second tendency of my earth focus I mentioned above is simplicity and austerity, and it flows from the first, my outdoor orientation. Since I am almost always outdoors by choice, and the outdoors is a commons rather than a place anyone can own, I never became attracted to owning things and having stuff. I live, and always have lived, like an urban European, in the tiniest residence possible. I have always been the opposite of a hoarder. I have virtually no furniture, no TV, and just sleep on things I roll up each morning. I value experiences, not possessions. Possessions just complicate my life, taking time and attention from experiences. My home is where I sleep and get shelter from rough weather, that's about it.

My love of maps and geography just shows my attraction to the outdoors goes beyond emotional love, to a fascination with the technical and intellectual aspects of outdoor places.

Much of my politics is rooted in my strong earth focus. I am socialistic, because I value the commons, like I said, and I favor strong environmental regulations.

(I am also liberal, but I doubt that is related. I think conservatism comes from emotional reactions to other people that liberals don't feel. Could I have been born earth focused and also conservative? It seems possible. I don't know what kind of personality I would have now if that were true.)

It is interesting that I like cities and architecture so much even though I am an environmentalist. I enjoy them as much as remote wild places. I know quite a few other environmentalists, and none of them are interested in cities and architecture. I don't know why I am different.


I think this second essay can conclude my autobiograpical summary for here and now. But, let me ask myself, have I left some things out?


...I am atheist.

...Before I retired, I was a technical illustrator, a job I loved. I knew I wanted to be an artist who drew vehicles and machines and technical things since I was 10. I got a two-year degree in mechanical design, took further college classes after that, and worked as a draftsman before I found the job I wanted as an illustrator. I love computer programming too, so I automated many of the boring illustration tasks for my company, allowing me and the other illustrators to enjoy the creative part of the job.

...I have never married. This was because of my depression for most of my life, which severely stunted me socially. I am still somewhat introverted because I learned to be that way. But if I had my present amount of extroversion before I was old, I probably would have had a normal social life and fell in love and got married.

...I love cats.

...I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and went to Catholic schools for 12 years. I lived in many places in the western part of Ohio since I was 19. I have been in Dayton continuously for over 20 years, and I live downtown in a small condo and love it there. My cat is named Golden.

I have gone to Deland, Florida for the winter since 2010. It is a wonderful town in the central part of the state and just about 20 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. In 2014 I bought a bungalow on 1/2 acre in town there. I spend November through April there every year now. I swim a few times a week at the springs in the state parks, or at the ocean when it is still warm enough.

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