Dragons in the Sky Part 1

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Erin was led to a new world by the most unlikely of guides

Submitted: May 26, 2019

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Submitted: May 26, 2019



Dragons in the Sky


Part 1


Rubbish came running into the room, his tail straight up, jumped onto the bed and onto his human. Erin woke up with a start. “What the hell?” the cat just looked at her and then put his paw out and touched her lips. Erin could not help to smile, the big ginger cat can be so naughty sometimes, but she loved him to bits, and the not so little bugger knew it. It was Easter Friday, and Erin planned to sleep in, but the cat seemed to have a different idea. He then climbed off her chest and buried himself under the covers alongside her. She rubbed him on his head, and he turned his head around and bit her, an old ploy of his, “If you bite me, I will stop rubbing you so your choice,” he bit her again and then licked her hand. Erin smiled. The cat knew who the hand was that fed him. Erin drifted off to sleep again. Rubbish’s breathing also became slow, and he did what all cats do fall asleep for another nap.


It was much later in the morning when Erin woke up again. As she woke up, she realised the warmth alongside her one side, and when she put her hand on it, she could feel the rise and fall of the cat’s chest, knowing that Rubbish was fast asleep. She could not help to feel a naughty streak and started to poke the cat until she got rewarded with a bite to her hand, a perturbed sound and a cat that launched himself off the bed, pissed off with his human.


Erin got up, made herself some breakfast, and got comfortable on the couch. She put the television on and started to watch some of her favourite television shows. Rubbish came padded back into the room and jumped on her lap, and almost knocked the porridge bowl from her hand, “Rubbish!” she scolded the cat who did not care about what he did. He plonked himself down on her lap and started to clean himself. The two of them spend most of the morning like that.


Rubbish woke with a start and jumped off her lap. The cat started towards the back door in a way that made Erin worried. She got up and looked out into her backyard. A strange cat sat outside and stared at the house, for a moment his eyes looked a bright yellow, but when Erin looked again, it was only a normal cat, albeit a strange one that sat outside. Rubbish jumped up onto the windowsill and down to land close to the strange cat. The other cat licked him in the face and sat back. That was not what Erin expected as there was usually a fight when two strange cats met up, which made her think the two cats knew each other.


She watched them for a while, as they sat and looked at each other. It was almost as if they were conversing. Erin left them and went back to her couch and ignored the two cats. Time flew by, and Erin realised that Rubbish has not returned yet to his usual spot on her lap, which was strange for him. She got up to look for him, but he was nowhere to be found in the house and outside. The strange cat that visited earlier was gone. Erin went back to the couch as she thought he must have gotten a hiding place somewhere in the house to continue his nap.


By that evening, Rubbish was still missing, and Erin started to get worried as he was not a cat that went missing or stayed outside for any length of time. She took a walk through the neighbourhood while calling his name, hoping he had gotten stuck somewhere. After an hour, there was still not any sign of him. Erin went home to see if he got home in the meantime, but he was not there. There was not much Erin could do, so she went to sleep, and every time during the night when she woke up, she called out for him.


Five days passed, and Rubbish was still missing. By now, Erin was beside herself with worry. She has posted photos of Rubbish all over the neighbourhood and also on the community social network. Erin started to realised that the chances that Rubbish was dead were growing day by day.


Erin woke up that night with a soft paw on her lips. She sat upright and shine the light from her cellphone on the cat that woke her up, and to her astonishment and happiness, it was Rubbish. She grabbed the cat and pulled him in for a tight hug, which he tolerated. “Never do that to me again. Where were you?”


The cat snuggled closer to her and started to purr. Erin was glad he was safe and lay down, still keeping him in her arms. It was Friday night, and her last thought before she fell asleep was that she would spoil him all weekend. She got woke up again by Rubbish. This time she got up and put on the bedroom light and looked at the cat who sat on the bed and looked at her. He jumped off and ran out the door, but stood still outside of the door and turned around and looked at her. Erin’s curiosity got the better of her, and she walked after him. He ran for short distances and came to a standstill as if he wanted to make sure she was following him. At the front door, he clawed at the door. Erin shook her head. “Sorry Rubbish, it is 2am in the morning. There is no way I am going out into the night to follow you.”


She turned around and went back to bed, but for the following three hours, she did not get much sleep as the cat kept waking her up and jumping off the bed. It was past five in the morning when Erin could not stand it anymore. She got up and got dressed. It was the beginning of summer. Therefore, it would get light soon. Erin switched off the alarm and followed the cat to the front door, “I hope for your part this is worth it, as I am grumpy from lack of sleep and as glad as I was to see you earlier I am not too happy with you at the moment.”


He sat back and waited until she opened the door and then walked outside. Erin locked the door and followed the cat, who would run a few steps as if to wait for Erin to catch up. Erin followed Rubbish for about four blocks to the gate of a small public garden.


“Rubbish, I will not go in there. It is still dark, and it is not safe.”


The cat looked at her, ran through the iron bar gate and looked back at her from the inside. Erin was afraid, dawn has lit the sky, but it was still dark, and in this day and age it does not matter where you live it is not safe for a woman to be out alone in a secluded area. There was something in the cat’s eyes that made Erin open the gate and go through it. She brought her flashlight with her and shined the light on the cat to make sure she does not lose him. They walked towards one corner of the garden, and Rubbish stopped in front of a big tree. Erin stopped about five steps from the tree and looked at the cat that sat back as if he was waiting.


The strange cat from a week earlier came walking around the trunk of the tree and sat down alongside Rubbish. Something seemed to pass between the cats, and then the strange cat also looked at Erin. Both cats walked up close to the trunk and put their paws on the tree.


Erin thought her eyes played tricks with her as there was a small wave of light, but when both cats paws disappear into the trunk, Erin knew her eyes did not play tricks on her. She walked closer and saw that a human-sized opening has formed in the tree's trunk. The two cats at her feet looked up at her expectantly.


“There is no way I am climbing through an opening in a tree trunk. To be honest, I think this is a dream because it is way too weird.”


Erin stood back a few steps, with both two cats looking at her. If a cat could look annoyed, the strange cat had a very annoyed expression on his face. He looked at Rubbish as if to say this is on you and then disappeared into the tree trunk through the door they made. There was a pleading look in her ginger cat’s eyes, and he stepped closer to the door.


Erin never knew what made her step through that door. It might have been her boring life as an accountant or her thirst for adventure or if she was truthful with herself that there was no one here that would miss her.


She stepped after Rubbish through the doorway and almost stumbled on the other end as she stepped into a jungle. Erin looked around and turned around to go back through the doorway, but it had disappeared. There was jungle all around her and two cats. A whooshing sound overhead, made Erin looked up. Her mouth fell open as there were two massive things in the sky with widespread wings. She looked down at the two cats and incredulously asked, “Dragons? Where the hell did you bring me?”

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