There Once Was A Flower...

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It matters not how we were bound together, but how it ends. But this flower is sturbbon, or perhaps it is smarter than me...

Submitted: May 26, 2019

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Submitted: May 26, 2019



There Once Was A Flower


… Which was admired for it’s beauty and color. It had no fragrance, but its petals felt like silk. An old soul only mistake was taking it from the soil. Not that he tore it’s petals one by one, nor that he plucked its leaves that were growing from the stem, or that it was constantly overwatered. The old soul’s love for it mattered not, for the only mistake which could not be forgiven was the very reason they were together.

 The old soul plucks its petals for a reason, and now again it blooms a different color. Overwatered and on the window sill of his room, the flower longs for the outside world. It knows that it will be cared for deeply if she remains, and that survival out there is uncertain, but it can not forgive him for bringing it to a room of undesired hospitatily and comfort.

 The flower blooms again, but now it has adapted a fragrance. It is not unpleasant, but reminds the old soul of his past. Now, too big for its pot, the old soul must make a choice. Heavy is his heart, for it is actually the flower’s choice, never was it close to being his. He opens the door and digs a small hole, then he places the flower within. It’s free now. It needs only nature, not attachments, even if it is within soil. The flower is free...

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