Where Nobody Dares To Go

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

Lily of the Valley

She woke up alone, and when she opened her eyes, it did not make much difference. Everything was dark. It took some time for her to bec... Read Chapter

Black and White

Enraging everybody in the hotel hall, she walked slowly, vacuuming the red carpet full of golden dots. The vacuum cleaner sounded ... Read Chapter

The Fall of Rhye

Very confused, she woke up seeing dry-blooded stones on the pavement and hearing metallic creaks around her. Lily turned her face up an... Read Chapter


Entering the van, Keith dropped into the backseat, huffing. Then he punched the back of the front seat while shouting "shit" over and o... Read Chapter

The King is Dead

‘NO!’ cried the mother from the front of the crowd. Her face twisted in despair as she tried to pull away from two men holding her ... Read Chapter

The Ring

Since his head ached as if it was going to explode at any moment, Keith tossed and turned on the ground, trying to get somewhat comfort... Read Chapter

White Queen

Endlessly scared, they barely had time to hide behind a tree whose trunk was particularly wide; wide enough to accommodate the three of... Read Chapter

The Kingdom Fair

As the trees were shaken by the wind, Keith awoke, himself being shaken by Bryan. It was still dark. Again the boy had the feeling that... Read Chapter

The Palace

Seemingly always in a hurry, Lord Höst vehemently ignored Bryan’s protests along the way, pretending not to hear them. But the young... Read Chapter

Blue Eyes

One after another, little mounds of hair piled on the slime-covered worn gray stones that formed the floor of that strange room. Keith ... Read Chapter

Footsteps in the Dark

Feeling his hand hurt, Bryan grimaced as he pressed the quill against the paper over his table, hard enough to tear it apart. A little ... Read Chapter

The Mark

Red-faced as she tried to breathe, she paraded pompously among those present with a satisfied smile, although her walk was somewhat clu... Read Chapter

The Rose

Had he not gone into one of the dark corridors making little noise, he would have been found. Without going much further, Bryan just le... Read Chapter

Old Books

- Yurks! I mean, master! – Bryan shouted, from the end of the hall, as he scratched one of the fingers of the hand that held a very o... Read Chapter

The Hill

Earnestly stretching her nubile, naked body, Vinnia rose from the bed. Then she paced the room looking for pieces of clothing, while br... Read Chapter

On Early Risers

“Mia Black,” shouted Bryan, rising from the bed in his small room. It wasn’t exactly a shout, though: he was panting, and the wor... Read Chapter

The Forest

Keith Black got up with some difficulty and bolted towards Master Kotun brandishing his sword, its blunt blade reflected the orange sun... Read Chapter

The Fire

The willow fluttered against the cool breeze, making the hissing cascades of leaves on its branches move. Its shadow protected the two ... Read Chapter


Someone was licking his face. That was Keith Black’s first realization when he woke up, still without opening his eyes. He responded ... Read Chapter

On Reunions

‘Ouch!’ Bryan Clarke exclaimed, as he composed himself, hiding part of his face with one hand. The blow had knocked him back, and h... Read Chapter

Where Death Dwells

For a few moments there was only silence. Bryan stared at the queen, his eyebrows drawn together on his forehead. The queen was staring... Read Chapter

The Eagle

The little animal remained still in her arms with its eyes closed, breathing slowly. Lily caressed his small head carefully. She had fo... Read Chapter

The Pack

‘Can you stop that?’ Sir Bryan asked the knight on his left, who was whistling a song. The four horsemen trotted to the sound of me... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


I think that it's a very interesting story for me. I've written some poems about the sea and the wind. Good beginning and I want to know the story itself.

Mon, June 3rd, 2019 12:59pm


Thank you!

Mon, June 3rd, 2019 12:55pm


Great start! I'm sure as you go back over, you will see changes you need to make. It takes me at least 5 edits, however, this is a great story and you bring the reader into the story with you. I'm trying to do more on body language myself to tell my stories. Narration is good too. The best to you in your journey.

Wed, June 5th, 2019 12:09am


Thank you!

Tue, June 4th, 2019 8:34pm

Lettura Traverse

You are certainly a good writer. Your language is very precise and descriptive. Good job!! This was very enjoyable and I am intrigued to read chapter two =)

Fri, June 7th, 2019 6:57am


Thank you!

Sat, June 8th, 2019 4:38am

anonymous 1520

An excellent introduction to your main character, as she regains her memories we, the readers can also learn of the world. It's amazing how in one chapter you have so clearly described the main character's personality, her relations to the world she lives in, its environments, mythological aspects, foreign politics & fantasy. A very well written first chapter with a language that is both descriptive & poetic at the same time. I shall continue reading to see where the story is headed. Cheers!

Mon, July 15th, 2019 12:27am


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I'll work to keep it up! :)

Tue, July 16th, 2019 1:27pm

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