Fake climate change

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Submitted: May 28, 2019

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Submitted: May 28, 2019



Ah, how much I love the Fox News and how biased they are. It's honestly fun to watch, you get a good laugh out of it. I find it hilarious how they see climate change as well, because they are rather sceptic about it. Today I read an article, which states five things about climate change that aren't true, written by Maxim Lott.

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First of all, the kids. People don't want kids because the globe is warming, and that's fake news. Okay, maybe that's not the only reason people don't want kids, but if I had to say why I don't want kids, climate change would be on that list. First reason is, I hate kids. If I ended up wanting kids, the second reason would be climate. If there is something people can do to reduce their carbon footprint, it's not have kids. Besides, I don't want to have kids in a world like this. I am scared for what climate change will do to our future, it would be worse for the generation after me. I don't want that. 

In the article Roy Spencer, a scientist from Alabama, says that scaring kids by saying that climate change will destroy their future is wrong, because the climate is warming slowly. Actually, that's not true. You can't say that the last hundred years are like the future hundred years. The warming is exponential, rather than linear. 

The second "fact" is that in 12 years the world will end, claimed by AOC. She said it rather harshly, as she meant that we have that much time until we are at the point we can't do anything to save ourselves anymore, according to the reports. It's pathetic this was put on the list, as she is right, technically. It's apparently about making the Democrats look stupid. 

Let me phrase it like this, as Greta Thundberg said. Our house is on fire. That's well said, and I like to think it like this. When the house is just ash, that's when we are at the complete end of the world. But do you think like that when the house is collapsed, or when you know it's at the point where it can't be saved anymore? That point where the house can't be saved anymore, is that 12 years. The fire started deades ago, we have known of the fire for decades, but we've ignored it and still continue to throw gas to the flames.

I personally don't know much about tornadoes, nor do I really care, because they don't affect me much. They are rather dependent on the weather which idependent on the climate. Tornadoes tend to be common if the ground is hot, there is thunder and the winds on the ground are slower than higher in the atmosphere. These conditions being more common can be linked to climate change quite easily. Heat waves, meaning warm weather, are a risk to both thunder and tornados, and climate change increases the length, warmth and incidence of heat waves all across the world. The overall climate changing causes the winds to change, and this can also make local winds different from what they are right now.

The probably weirdest thing on this list is man-eating tigers, and the fact that there is more of them. I want to criticize Lott for not being very in depth with his research, as he states that the article he got it from (https://theconversation.com/tragic-tale-of-a-man-eating-tigress-tells-us-so-much-about-the-climate-crisis-116701) says that climate change and more tigers eating men are something we can't not link together. Lott says this is ridiculous, which it is, unless you read the whole tiger article. As an individual sentence it might not make more sense, but climate change is causing more people to be killed by tigers. Climate change doesn't make tigers kill humans, it just causes the tigers to be closer to humans than before, meaning the two species must share their space, which causes tigers to attack humans. It is normal, and it is caused by climate change, because the ecological niche that tigers usually live in, is limited and they must live closer to human settlements. 

The fifth and last claim is hard to tackle, and it is about climate change and mass extinction, and how those two are linked together too lightly. I agree, as it's obvious the mass extinction started before our species of humans even left Africa, and therefore the current climate change isn't the main reason. But it will be a reason, especially in the future. Climate change causes the ecological relations of animals, plants, fungi, archea and bacteria to change, but it differs a lot, and it's not obvious to the regular person.

A good example of a species that is endangered and the climate change affects, is the saimaa ringed seal. It's a subspecies of seal that only lives in one lake in Finland, Lake Saimaa. There are less than 400 in the wole world, making it quite endangered. This has caused the animal to be the symbol of Finnish reservation of wildlife. Its main threats were fishing before, but climate change is causing one issue above others: less snow. The seal requires snow to make a nest and to have offspring. If there is no snow, there won't be any offsprings that year. The other problem is that there is snow, but it falls too late or melts too early. Melting snow is especially dangerous, as it makes the snow nests collapse and kill the new generation of seals. There are other factors as well, but about 70% of the small seals die before turning one. 



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