Adolfo de Zarate-The Night Devil

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Adolfo is tricked by Pablo and Galvina into thinking Joaquin has come to see him in their estate

Chapter 40 (v.1) - Like A Game

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Submitted: June 12, 2019




Adolfo had spent much of what was left of his day just sitting in silence by the terraced pools and considering his options.  Although he wanted to escape this crazy home life, he knew that he wanted to be with Joaquin too.  He hated the way he'd acted earlier but he felt he had every reason to feel this way. Joaquin could be so exhasperating sometimes, taking too long to come to a decision.  

He had seen Pablo de Mondragon watching him from the distance but then saw him turn around and walk away and back into the fruit orchard.  Adolfo didn't trust this dark haired man that had apparently replaced his father as "man of the house".  Pablo had the look of a wolf hunting its prey, and his smile, even if genuine, was malevolent looking.  Adolfo had known Pablo for quite some time and he recalled that he looked different a few years ago.  His expression had been more...normal..back then, but now he always looked like he was on the hunt and hungry for prey.

When he thought everyone was in their respective rooms for the night, Adolfo began to get ready, having decided to visit Joaquin one more time before he made his actual decision to leave Tahuara.  Sometimes he really did feel that he was Joaquin's slave (and this was fitting, as he had once told Joaquin he was his prince and that he Adolfo was his captive) as he was the first thought he had in the morning and the last one he had at night.  There was no denying it to anybody- Adolfo was Joaquin's captive.

As he walked across the courtyard by the terraced pools he heard a sound similar to footsteps.  He turned around and saw a figure standing there, next to the pool.  Although obscured by darkness, the voice he heard coming from this person was quite clear.  It was Joaquin.

"Adolfo....I have come to you with my decision..."

Adolfo was confused.  Why was Joaquin here in his home at this time of night?  Ever since they had begun their relationship, it had been Adolfo who rode out at night to visit Joaquin in his room.  He took a couple of slow steps to him and asked-

"Joaquin?  What are you doing here?"

He heard him reply with- "I had to see you.  I....want to be with you...and I couldn't wait."

Adolfo saw Joaquin's face now, his eyes looked sad and had Adolfo not been a vampire with good vision, he might have not seen Joaquin at all, as he wore a dark cape that covered his clothes.  Adolfo reached him and touched his hands to his face, observing every detail of his friend.  He blinked, having felt something wasn't right when his eyes met Joaquin's.  

The friends had formed a deep bond even before their lives were interconnected after sharing the same blood.  Adolfo could always sense what Joaquin was feeling (if not necessarily thinking) but right now, things were a blank.  He couldn't read Joaquin at all from the inside.  But on the outside, that was a different story.  Joaquin's eyes were lustful and his hands were caressing Adolfo's chest, fidgeting with the  clasp of the cape.  

"I never would have thought you'd want to come here, of all places..."- Adolfo murmured, confused as Joaquin's hands suddenly left Adolfo's chest and began to undo his own cape clasp.  He watched the dark haired boy undo his cape and fling it to the ground and then quickly undo his high necked jacket and rip it off and toss it alongside the cape.  

"I couldn't wait until later...I need you"- Joaquin breathed as he walked to Adolfo, who couldn't understand why Joaquin, who was so reserved, was suddenly so bold all of a sudden an very openly sexual.  He watched Joaquin grab him and began to kiss his neck before he twisted his head and kissed Adolfo wildly in the mouth, plunging his tongue inside and feeling Adolfo's brief resistance melt away once his hands moved up to caress his face and hair.  

Joaquin gradually slowed down the tempo and gazing down at his lover's lips whispered- "Taste me...."

Adolfo knew what his friend wanted and turned away briefly as they sat down by the pool.  He felt Joaquin's eyes on him and felt him stroke his thigh and murmur-

"Its alright, love.  Taste me....drink from me...."

Adolfo turned to his friend and saw as Joaquin leaned back and dipped his fingers into the pool.  As he did this Adolfo began to remember the way he and Joaquin had first met years ago back when he was fourteen and Joaquin was twelve.  Water had always been a major part of their lives, as they had meet by the lagoon.  And now as Joaquin played with the water, Adolfo felt his desire growing inside.  

His eyes began to change color and his fangs slowly began to sprout from within his mouth.  Joaquin stopped playing with the water and slid his wet hand all across his naked torso so that the water droplets slid down his chest down to his belly button.  He then tilted his head a little and looked at Adolfo with a smile.  He was waiting...

Adolfo leaned in and gripped Joaquin's shoulders as he titled his head and sank his fangs into his neck.  He licked the blood that began to ooze out and felt Joaquin tense up as Adolfo's lips went back down to suck the blood that came out.  He began to feel Joaquin begin to breathe faster and this made Adolfo release his hold on his body as his lips traveled to the underside of his throat to lick and kiss this area before he worked on another area of his lover's body.

Joaquin tho wasn't reacting the way he normally did when they did this act.  He was tense and unresponsive and began to gasp and go limp, which made Adolfo stop what he was doing and look up at him.  What he saw made him jump from shock.

In his hands was Leonardo, his brother.  Not Joaquin.  

Leonardo lay limp in his arms, clothed only in the dark breeches and boots.  Blood poured from his neck.  

"What?  No...this can't be!"- Adolfo cried as he laid his brother down on the slab next to the pool.  Behind him he heard the voice of his mother and her lover Pablo.

"What have you done, son?  My God...."- Galvina cried, clad in her robe.  Don Pablo wore a dark cape which he used to shield his body now.  He shook his head, as if disturbed by what he was seeing.

"Galvina...your son...lies at death's door!  Adolfo has bitten him!"

Adolfo looked at them and knew that this was all too convenient.  What were the chances these two would awake at precisely this moment and find the two brothers outside, in the terraced pools?  

"I don't know what is going on....but just  now..... Leonardo was not with me.  I swear it!"

Galvina gave him a disgusted look.  " are a maniac!  You have bitten my son to feed your hellish desires and now he is dying!  Oh god!  Do something!  Save him!"

He watched the two of them grabbing Leonardo and despair over how pale he was becoming.  Adolfo growled, knowing that somehow this whole incident had been planned.  And now his brother lay dying and would die unless he did something drastic.  He shook his head and clenched his fists as Galvina ripped at Adolfo's chest, yelling for him to save his brother.  

"Save him!  You fed off him, now bring him back to me!"- she cried, tears in her eyes.  

Adolfo gave his mother a hateful look and shoved her aside as he took his brother and lifted him up so that he could reach his lips.  Just as he had done with Joaquin, he began to give his brother his own blood to drink as Pablo and Galvina used their lanterns to light the scene.  

It was a long process and Adolfo did his best to help Leonardo, who had suffered significantly less blood loss than what Joaquin had suffered.  But there was still that slim chance of blood rejection from Leonardo's part, which Adolfo monitored.  Meanwhile, from a few feet away, Pablo de Mondragon observed everything and noted how long it took for the transformation to take hold in Leonardo, who slowly began to stir again after drinking several times from Adolfo's arm and neck.  

Galvina watched with wide eyed horror as Leonardo sucked his lips into Adolfo's neck as his hands gripped his brother tightly from the shoulder and face.  Adolfo began to growl and pull back when he sensed that Leonardo had had his fill.  He pulled roughly back and saw Leonardo hold out his hand and beg for just a little more.

"Oh Adolfo!  Let me taste you just a little more!  Your blood is like divine wine..."- he moaned.  

Galvina's horror changed into bizarre fascination as she saw Leonardo stand up to his full height, revitalized and rosy cheeked.  A small smile played on his lips as he watched Adolfo fasten his cape on his clasp again and back away from his brother.  

"Stay away from me, Leonardo.   This was all planned, wasn't it?  I can see it in your eyes, mother!  You wanted this to happen!  All of you wanted this to happen!  Why??"- Adolfo growled angrily.  

Galvina stared at her youngest son as Leonardo walked over to Pablo and stood by his side before looking back coyly at his mother and brother.  

"Why would you think that, honey?"- she asked.  She never called Adolfo "honey".  Never.  She seemed to be toying with him now.  This made Adolfo both angry and fearful for what else they had planned.  

"Don't call me honey.  You somehow tricked me into turning Leonardo into a vampire....but you'll regret it!  Do you think this is a game?  Do you think I enjoy being this...this THING? people know nothing except your own desires and lust! "- Adolfo shouted as he turned to leave.  His mother stopped him with a stinger.

"What about you, hijo mio?  Are you telling me you have no desires or lust of your own?  Then what is Joaquin de Altamira to you?  Why did you make him?  Why do you desire him so much to the point that you couldn't leave Tahuara Valley on your own? "

Adolfo didn't answer his mother.  He knew that she was correct.  He too had desire and lust-and he had paid a dear price for giving in to this lust.  And he had made Joaquin suffer because of this incapacity of controlling himself.  

Adolfo growled and spun away, heading off into the night to ride off to see Joaquin.  He had to see him-before it was too late.

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