The Message

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Submitted: May 28, 2019

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Submitted: May 28, 2019



The Message


The old man said to the little boy,

“I have a message for you” The boy replied,

“what is it Sir” The old man said,

First you must answer 3 questions.

#1. What does it take for a boy to grow into a man?

The boy pondered for a moment, then said,

“It takes courage Sir”

The old man looked into the boys eyes and said,

#2. “What else does it take for a boy to grow into a man”

The boy seemed stumped by being asked the same question again.

The boy put his head down into his hands and thought.

After a short time he raised his head and answered,

It takes honor Sir,

“A boy must be honorable to grow into a good man”

The old man sat and thought for over 5 minutes before he spoke again,

Then, the old man looked up with tears in his eyes, and said,

#3. “What more does it take for a boy to grow into a man”

The boy thought to himself, what kind of message

Must this old man have for him to ask the same question 3 times,

But the boy took his time to try to answer the old man as best he could.

Over 10 minutes passed, as the boy and the old man sat in silence.

Suddenly the boy jumped up and shouted,

I’ve got it, I’ve got it Sir,

“It takes time for a boy to grow into a man”

The old man with a look of admiration in his face, said,

“Yes little boy, all that you say is true, so the message is yours”

The old man then stood up and laid his hand on the boys head for a moment,

As the old man began to walk away he handed the boy a piece of paper,

As the boy looked down at the paper in his hands, He glanced back at the old man to bid him goodbye,

But the old man was nowhere to be seen.  

The boy opened the paper in his hand, and it said.

Young man, you are correct, it takes,

Courage, Honor & Time, to grow a boy into a man.

“For the next 100 years these things will be yours,

Your mind is strong and your heart is full of wisdom.

Go forth and teach. This is your duty, This is your purpose.

The note was signed, Your Father.

The boy sat quietly and thought to himself,

Maybe all boys have many fathers,

And all fathers have many sons,

Then the boy sat up and said with a renewed spirit,

I shall do as I've been told, I shall treat every boy like my son,

And teach them to do the same.

The sun shined brighter, and Heaven smiled...


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