Running with JS and Stephanie

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Submitted: May 28, 2019

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Submitted: May 28, 2019



Running with JS and Stephanie:


Two bestest of friends

Who occasionally ran with me

Were Jordan Lynne Stanick and Stephanie Ann Mendyk,

Creating productive, suave, and firm blends

To be as sturdy and quick as bees

With me on any of our after school hikes


Running for several miles a day

With them, plus Mr. Martyn Hollenbeck,

In City Forest after riding in his Darth Vader-looking car

Added to the diamond nature

Of Midland High as I prayed

For more cherished times and memorize countries of Czech

Or anything for school to continually be a shining star

For all to enjoy my sweetness and eligible writings on paper


Though both did not match the T-Rex strength

And soaring Chemic Pride of Dr. Courtney Rouse,

They made it to varsity with smooth arm length,

Polite competitive Chemic vows,

And ranking in at least the place of tenth

With triumphant sweat making them like candles all doused


Coming to them for friendly concerns,

Such as girl crushes that year,

Sharing beautiful writing of free time,

And other fond memories

Earned them open, warm arms

As seen by all Chemics and woodland deer

While bravely running on trails and doing climbs

On steep hills with abundant, bullish energies


Stephanie Tenbusch and Schaaf

Continue to be radiant panjandrums

With a stopwatch on or off

And glory as long lasting as alum!!

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