Letters Lied

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I actually had a lot of trouble thinking up the main character's name. I had no problem with the other characters. I know this is poorly written, but I love to think up stories... This is purely
for fun. I plan on writing a lot, though.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Awaken

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019



The sun began to shine through Julie’s window, but that still wasn’t enough to wake her. However, what was enough to wake her was her sister Cherise slamming her bedroom door wide open in mild agitation.


‘Julie, wake up already! Do you even know what time it is?!’ Cherise hollered. Cherise was a tall, skinny woman with cropped lavender hair. She had a temper and a no-nonsense way about her. Despite her abnormal hair color she was a quite serious person.


‘Wha…?’ Lynna mumbled, looking over at her window.  ‘Day…’


‘Yes, Julie. It’s daytime. Now, get your stuff together and let’s go! We’re supposed to be at the manor in 2 hours. Also, clean this damn room up for once. Just look at it! All these scraps of paper everywhere… what are you even doing to yourself?’ Cherise sighed. Julie just lied in her bed, still in a state of tiredness, not really caring about what her sister had to say about her room.


‘You know what, never mind. Just get your things and let’s bounce.’ Cherise said defeatedly before slamming Julie’s door shut.  


Julie shifted up and sat on the side of her bed. She stared at the ground momentarily in a slight daze. She then looked around her room slowly.


‘My letters… my…’ Julie mumbled. ‘I… should really organize them.’ Julie sighed. There were letters strewn across her entire room. Most of them were old letters, or copies of old letters she wrote with her penpals James and Nathan.


‘James.’ Julie thought out loud. She hadn’t heard from him in such a long time yet… she was supposed to go visit him today. She thought she should be more excited about it, but all she felt was a nervous dread. Nathan would be there too, at least. It had been some time since she saw either of them… She chuckled to herself in a way that showcased her silght mania. The situation was only funny in a way that she, herself could see.


Julie was obsessed with James. She kept every one of his letters since childhood. She analyzed every one of his letters for any inkling that he returned the same interest in her or may have moved on. She assumed he had moved on by the lack of recent letters. She only received letters from Nathan now. Nathan was nice, but he was not James.


Julie carefully started to pick up some of her letters off the floor and neatly stack them on one of her side tables. Her room was painted a light blue, with a light gray carpet. It was very bright with the sun shining in through her open blinds. Julie’s long sand-blond hair were somewhat illuminated in this bright room, along with her pale skin and blue eyes. Julie was a pretty, plain girl, with a timid personality. She attended a local community college, but didn’t have many friends, opting to spend most of her time with her sister or writing letters. It was an outdated way of communication with cell phones, and computers, but it was how she preferred to communicate. She was plain but peculiar, and admittingly had some social quirks about her.


James and Nathan never complained about the letters since they had been friends since they were children and writing letters back and forth with each other for years. James’ family was rich, yet old fashioned and that was his only form of communication anyway. Nathan’s family was not rich or old fashioned, but he followed suit.


‘I wonder how they’re both doing…’ Julie thought aloud.


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