The Bike Ride

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Short story about a summer field day.

Submitted: May 29, 2019

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Submitted: May 29, 2019




It’s early in the morning and the sun barely bothers the skin and eyes. In the face I feel the soft resistance of air while I strongly pedal the bike that runs swiftly through the streets of Santo Domingo. I am so happy to share with my friends this cool day of early summer.

Pedaling, singing, moving wildly the arms, sorting the cars whose drivers shout us to be careful. Breaks being pushed, angrier words.  A terrorized lady’s face looking us to approach her moving vehicle. More breaks sound.  We almost feel piety for her.

I approach one of the many steep streets of the city. I have a moment of doubt. Do I continue or do I go down the bike? I hear the voices of my friends, but I can’t distinguish their meaning.  Then the panic floods me. With horror I see myself falling into the hard, burning pavement.

Two hours later and a good piece of skin of one knee less; I am at home, with a leg over a chair, telling anyone who wants to hear, the details of my big day of ride on a bicycle.


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