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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a thank you letter and update made nessessary by ancient agreement. The reader will learn of thier part in an amazing investment only now allowed to come to light. A tail of ancient powerful forces in our day to day lives and their subtle influence upon seemingly random luck and chance.

Submitted: May 30, 2019

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Submitted: May 30, 2019




Written By:

Dear Investors,
Our Union in the state is strong, who we are specifically is unimportant but for legal purposes we will call ourselves “Our Union.” We would like to take this opportunity to thank you the investors for all you have done for the greater good. We know that your enthusiasm and hard work makes all the difference for this most bountiful harvest cycle.
You the Investor have toiled for your daily bread and long wonder why so much suffering was necessary for seemingly no good reason? Well it's our pleasure to announce that you have been investing in the future and all our hard work has paid off. We know most of you have no recollection of ever investing in anything let alone something of great success. Rest assured you all have given and so much potential has been sacrificed for our greater good. This has been quite an achievement considering projected goals were wishful and at any moment if our will were denied all would be lost, so luck is indeed on our side.

The belief that luck and coincidence are merely natural events that can not be manipulated is a belief we have instilled within the general population for functional convenience. We are however the masters of luck, both good and bad. Chance is quite simple to manipulate when done with slight of hand and not actual undisturbed natural luck. Utilizing meta data, creative interactive design, science and available resources, we can create any miracle in the modern day and we have done this slight of hand for a very long time. Now we use quantum computation directed by artificial intelligence to work out the plans with our directives and synergistic instructions, calculations blossom as processors sing in a numeric languages we don't even understand. The languages were devised by the AI for handling multidimensional calculations far beyond our understanding, all we can do is track the processor skipping in and out to and from where we don't know, complete the calculation beyond our known dimension and blink back again seemingly defying time and space laws and spits out the answer. The numbers always work like a charm and that's what matters, not where we get the spell or from what demon, so to speak.

With luck and engineering we have streamlined the investors life, in public school new friends and peer groups pressure one to learn how to become part of our team, large populations require a herd and flock approach, everyone can't just follow their own interests or there would be chaos, nobody wants to work in a coal mine, they would all just be hanging out on our beaches. Look at how populous golfing has become, it sounds like hockey match now with yells and horns.

We educate you in the benefit of memorization of information and to have a myopic focus so as to be a cog of progress and not a clog to the greater good. Stop thinking about things you don't have degrees for or stray from our guidance, wasting your time on individual tasks like thinking and trying to redo others work is pointless and a very selfish way to spend your energy. Search for the answer don't try to solve it. How far can one see a light house? Who cares look it up. Seeing a lighthouse has been important for a very long time. Accuracy is of the up most importance when a sailor is in the storm, so no guessing allowed. So you don't need to know if its possible based on earth curvature to see a particular lighthouse, we already know so stop double checking facts and confusing everybody, just believe the approved literature and look for the information, simple.

Same goes for reporting the news, don't give credence to strangers with time on their hands able to hit a send button, grass roots reporting with facts and discoveries doesn't make one a journalist or expert of some kind, having a press pass and following the “wire”, staying on the official narrative of the important global sponsors and owners we all trust is what makes one a good reporter with the trusted mainstream stations.

These alternative media are constantly scaring the common person with aggressive facts in bad taste. So for your protection, we will tell you how to find the trusted information. Our sponsors are the big trusted name brand products, the alternative media are lucky to get any sponsors and when they do get a sponsor it's for some safety tool or survival rations. This should be your first clue to change the channel, if big name brands we all trust don't like these people then why should you? If anyone is talking crazy and prepping for the end of the world, they're crazy, the world isn't going anywhere. They must be trying to garnish attention or ready for a rubber room.

We are aware that crazy stories and accusations are being reported by elected mouthpieces backed by competitive organizations, along with these alternative media people calling for “a good house cleaning”, rest assured you have invested your entire lives and earnings in something great so don't let these nay Sayers dissuade you from continuing the cause. If someone says conspiracy or deep state, they might as well be saying all the other crazy things; secret government projects in area 51, men in black, UFOs, Aliens, Sasquatch, Planet X, portals, clone labs, holographic projections, set demolition charges, false flags operations, dragons in the sky, church and political assassins ruled by reptile overlords or even your good old fashion cannibal leadership and stars sacrificing others to spiritual entities for success, heck throw in slavery and pedovors for good measure. If it's not on the evening news it can't be real, unless it were deliberately miss reported by the news stations and reporters, however that would mean they were traitors, we know that's not true or they would be charged for treason and in a military tribunal. Yet that crazy wheel on the alternative stations keeps spinning round and round where it stops nobody knows.

Our trusted news stations give you a nice clean narrative by the experts. These experts are so good they can predict future events with no warning and set up equipment the night before for the best camera angles. Even the spectacular events like the moon landing, a mission impossible today sense the needed telemetry and other technologies were lost by mistake while cleaning house one year. This loss was a shame, never the less that does not take away the great accomplishment at the time and this spectacular event we brought you live. Imagine being able to push through the 7-200 mega watts of energy (equal to the core of a nuclear reactor) within the Van Allen Belt. Along with the extreme temperatures we still don't know how to penetrate, there are particles moving within the magnetic plasma stream at near the speed of light, these cleanly slice through any man made material and emit microwaves upon striking metal that will cook every organic thing in a capsule, yet in the sixties when we still used tube TVs our patriotism and ingenuity was incredible enough to have carried us across this great divide of twenty to sixty thousand miles, every mile, every square inch a molten hot giant super collider of immense power. Never the less we made it through without a scratch, amazing what good old luck can do along with some ingenuity. If that amazing feat was not enough, our experts got the lighting perfect on the landing and first step picture prefect. As true professionals, they even took the extra care and effort to set up a camera with some type of tracking capability, in the sixties no less, they had some cleaver think out of the box sixties approach that was also a loss along with the rest of all that other technology, a shame, we will hope to be there again someday soon. Never the less the camera placed on the moon at the time tracked those astronauts capsule live as they fly away and boosters to take them home. Our attention to detail and extra steps are the sacrifices needed to get the viewer the finality of a truly great mission and production of the highest quality for the history books.

The alternative news asks you the viewer to wake up, think and to research for understanding. This is nonsense, that's what we pay the experts for, you don't need to understand anything. Knowledge is not your salvation but a bog to burden your happiness and will surely lead to bad luck. Instead watch normal news, talk shows and mega hit movies, play video games and release your worries, live, love and be happy. We will tell you anything you need to know, so no worries.

We encourage all to move to our new pod city complexes near you where its fun and self contained. We keep an eye on everything with 24/7 security cameras and drone patrol so you don't have to worry about crimes or what others do on their private time, we'll be watching for you so no worries. Enjoy the most powerful online experience ever, all pod city spaces are fully mapped to within three millimeters, including linked transportation, updated without lag on our proprietary Super G. This not only allows complete surveillance but also immersive virtual reality in a real place. Live any fantasy as you live your life all day, every day.  We call this new frontier of gaming and life, Massively Multiplayer Metropolis Online or MMMO.

If you want to be a Dragon, Ballerina or just a more beautiful mate full time, be our guest and let your fantasies become true life in Pod City. If you are competitive there is live competition and battle for coupons and discount deals for big brand name items in the shopping arenas, so have fun! No need to drive, our moving sidewalks will take you anywhere. All access to accounts, city resources and public transportation elsewhere available and convenient with your implanted easy pass next to your stylish pod identification tattoo on your forearm, don't worry there are many popular designs to choose from. All this for your safety, we care enough to go the extra step.

The new Super G transmitters can cut through any walls, concrete or even steel, so walk easy knowing that your streaming experience in Super G HD will be seamless be it for games, passion or bit mining. Don't worry about the crazy stories Super G transmitters are unhealthy, at first it may tingle a little but the millimeter microwaves are mostly harmless. It really has not been tested for long term exposure as of yet, however we do know it is powerful enough to boil water. We also know this is great for short burst military applications and missile guidance systems, so we know it will be fantastic for action games and simulations, finally a Massive Multiplayer game that looks better than life with no hiccups, and you live in this amazing place of your own personal interests, design and color scheme preferences. We have no reason to use technologies unhealthy to our players and population, so enjoy... to set your mind at ease we also run the research clinics and hospitals so we'll always look out for the greater good.

You can of course choose to live in the wilderness, jumping at every shadow, starving in a snow storm if you prefer? It's up to you, I would rather live easy in one of the efficient pod units always near coffee shops, shopping and entertainment, join a group of like minded friends and have fun dressing alike. Offices are virtual, in Pod City people can spend more time hanging out with friends and following trends if they need to work.

Soon to be announced is the Lottery of Eden, with a good social credit score and acceptable screening you have the chance to win a position as subject to the royal court of Eden down under and live with the select few. The great superstars will preform as the winners take the Eden Express, watch the elaborate golden steampunk hover train on electromagnetic rail chug chug as it goes through the giant chrome blast doors of perdition and on down to Eden Central, “whoosh” as doors of many tuns perfectly balanced pivot shut with a gust of fresh floral air. Fireworks erupt to call the beginning to the weekend festivals in honor of the Eden bound. Who will be the next Adam, Eve, Steve or Jessica to win a Golden Ticket and tend to the garden, tune in live every Saturday for the show.

Sunday is the FOY youth festival, a free event where we supply movies and all your favorite name brand snacks loaded with natural ingredients for children under the age of ten. After a fun cartoon movie, FOY Fun Hostess will lead the children away to play with the cute spooky FOY friends who will evoke a natural healthy vitamin and chemical increase for the children's blood donation while their caretakers watch the next movie, an action thriller to muffle any screams from the fun house. After the donation the friendly mad scientists and vampire nurses will hand out prizes and submit the children's screening results for a chance at a Golden Ticket! The child's caretaker will receive a substantial cash prize gift card reward based on the screening results. After donations everyone will enjoy hot dogs and pizza while watching the next matinee. Your patriotic donations with the Fountain of Youth Foundation will be fun and you will have a great time. FOY is dedicated to providing adrinochrome care products for altimeters, Kuru, rejuvenation, reanimation, activity, ritual and or other chronic conditions.

Remember you don't need to know all that complicated stuff, we are the experts. We still can't succeed in the plan without your continued support, we trust you will stay on course and not walk through unfamiliar doors or all could be lost.
Your trust is our pleasure.
Our Union, parliament for the greater good.
Address: Five palms bunker resort, Portal 3, New Atlantis.  

P.S. Due to ancient accord Freewill can only willingly and knowingly choose domination. To honor this edict made long ago details will be provided in the Post Scriptum's.

You curious few might have noticed the coastal areas are significantly different on the map, do not worry, this is of no concern for Our Union, with expanded facilities below as well as elsewhere we have more than enough space. Thanks to the investors, we are prepared from Antarctica to Alaska, though we have things like space stations, the majority will remain within vast spaces in terra firma or cities under water. We sail luxury submarine in underground oceans and passageway cut through bedrock, all our deep water ports lead to bullet trains and are connected into the beautiful matrix where we host the most incredible raves hidden from the world in transition above. The only hint there's a party going on down there is the rhythmic beats up from our sub woofers that echo down from the firmamental resistance to trigger the occasional avalanche.

The specific event that causes the adjustments to everything is unimportant, a cyclical event is all you need know. We understand disaster preparation is mostly geared toward global warming, rest assured we of Our Union were not surprised that the temperatures would suddenly drop to a sustained freeze. We know because we were the ones that spread the mass misinformation campaign for our strategic investment and planning purposes. It's our aim to always spend you the investors funds wisely, not having competition for investments is unquestionably the most reliable way to invest.

Additional expectations are for a sizable magnetic pole reposition, near complete loss of property and life in exposed population areas, coastal regions are unsafe for hundreds of miles inland. Two hundred mile an hour winds expected on a regular basis, radiation will splash through gaps in the containing magnetosphere while things are in transition, so wear your sun blockers if you are going out.

Other things of interest not having to do with weather may include oddities that have multidimensional properties and may be large or small, able to manipulate time and matter. Other terrors from your worst nightmares and or fairy tails may roam the lands. Some things might emerge from next door, driving black sedans, drop from the skies or materialize before your very eyes. Do not consider anything safe no matter how harmless it may seem. Permits are not necessary during transition periods and all long pig varieties are considered a delicacy, so avoid wearing bright colors as these may attract unwanted attention and avoid creating good smells as some have a refined pallet.

If you have not been assigned a white courtesy phone and Eden password to access the network, your internet, phone and all communication devices will no longer be functional when the energy grid falls. We will be shifting over to using atmospheric energy sources and no longer supporting land lines and grids. We recommend meeting new friends and work together, this can help as long as you are discrete from hungry eyes. Keep a lookout for the white caravans with our big red eye news logos. The clones are bred for toxic conditions and sometimes will be looking for well adapted volunteers for the games or may be passing out your favorite brand name snacks and apple juice, so be sure to say hi. Unless you are working near access points stay away without a proper implant pass, all entrances are fortified with auto response systems. For any questions please send an email to customer support.
When the transition settles on the surface, the magnetic frequency will stabilize and the weather pattern normalize. When the toxic poisons absorb to become inert we will know when its safe when within our Eden's outer walls we see the enormous roots upon the ceiling turn green and sprout shoots of life, this is our sign to emerge and start the great race once again.

We were reckless once and suffered the loss of our great civilization over night. Loosing our friends and family was painful, over many cycles we have learned that a purge is necessary. When we select those few to survive, they feel less entitled and more lucky, even if under our domination. Those who don't make the cut can be harvested as free range or used for reality TV and gambling. This is a great opportunity if one is lucky and they have an iconic presence, dare to become a champion, we will reward you with an apartment in champion village and a role on the reality show. Honestly the games are what we most enjoy, ratings are always astronomical.

Over the eons we remember the lessons of our trials in those days of rebirth after our near complete destruction. We retreated below through tight passageways to stave off the radiation with dirt and stone. We were surprised to meet new friends we never knew existed, they helped us regain our composure, we gathered ourselves up and waited for our opportunity to once again emerge. When we did breach once more, we first lived in caves and mud huts, all the old familiar places were simply gone or any suitable shelters of old stone occupied by other tribes of transition.

With some assistance at first by the helpers we learned the struggle and how to fight dangerous tribes from the waters and land for our resources to survive. As we learn to read sign and work together our aptitude for diplomacy and slight of hand gave us advantage and strength against the others. Why fight directly, when instead we can be a friend to everyone. We can be helpful and support friends with similar interests, lend them an ear and point out their enemies differences. These enemies eventually fight after hearing so many terrible things from us, we have nothing to gain we were just kind enough to act as negotiators sense each party are our friends.

After their great battle when most all of their hero have been killed, again we will extend our hand and help the survivors as they are our friends. We will throw a celebration with strong drink and shady mushroom pie as a final dessert. We will then talk to the people who trust us, trust our level headed approach to stopping war and do the right thing. They beg, “Please help us take care of the lands that now need tending.” and so they vote for our leadership. As our territories expand our reputation naturally grows as being helpful in disputes. Everyone knows us as a friend and a little gossip, a merchant to supply hard to find items or help in hard times and financier to wealthy, not their conquer but a savior and we prefer it this way.

In the new beginning our future was held secure as our children play in safety, happy with the tops we shaped with our own dirty hands from clay. As the forests eventually grow beyond grass and bush to tall lumber, we master the science of wood, clear the land for farming and enjoy the finer things in life. We keep livestock and build mines with the new slaves of expansion, develop the lost arts of alchemy and as new lords of the land our finest tops we lath of fine cherry wood or whittle with the sharpest knife, our children play on grassy fields safe from wild predator or enemy. When we master glass, our skilled glass blowers make the most divine tops for the children with vibrant spiral colors n sparkle, the children play in the courtyard as their parents grow industry, culture, the new sciences cut eyes of glass to see both near and far and lay fiber optic frequency. Finally here we are, our preparations are complete, as masters of water, metal, mineral and frequency the world is our oyster. As butterfly from our cocoons below we will emerge to live in castles in the sky and our astral alchemists will transform base elements into miraculous properties to create golden tops that will carry us to the great beyond.

We have so many wonderful plans, still would you believe some want a stop this incredible future and call our beloved and servants,“Deep-State, Cabal, Illuminati, traitors and other things.” in public no less. They act as if they know us yet obviously they are completely oblivious to what we have done for humanity from the beginning. After many requests for mutual respect have gone ignored these persistent pest now make accusations. Our Union assures you, the investor, these are merely blatant truths that show a lack of sophistication and understanding only. These usurper declare dominion over our hunting grounds and file indictments upon our servants with military tribunal. Imagine scheming to bypass our hold on the civil courts, quite unfair and sneaky when we have worked so long to acquire friends in the courts.

The fact that our global organization support our friends, does not make our friends traitors. Sure we use the same bank accounts and want to help each other make a difference in the same way. How is that different from any other social club? We can't help it if we are more clever and clandestine than the boy scouts.

Those calling themselves nations can't just go around and re-brand livestock, nor can any hold claim to something already purchased by our blood and privilege. We the masters of luck are well suited in the task of managing populations. Is it not easier to blame bad luck instead of other's good contacts and popularity. How does one claim bad luck is engineered without looking a little crazy?, they can't. As for good luck we like everyone to know we are part of good luck so we liberally supply our name brand sponsorship, corporate identities and symbols as we shower them with treasure and accolade.

Tasteful indiscretion with like minded friends is reserved for our political, religious and recreational activities, this avoids overreactions on delicate matters. When good luck is applied to sway votes for our political friends either through software or other methods, we do not display our clever ideas. Our cultured ways and matured attitudes are beyond most pedestrian experiences or historical understanding, so a need to know basis only is applied to our personal matters.

Our guidance and leadership would not be possible if not for the courage of our fearless agents of destiny and luck. Our Karma Army is easily identified by their wearing our obvious icons and logos, religious, cool casual sports and music designs, superhero, movies, anime, cartoon, space discovery and much more displayed upon tee shirts, jewelry and fine name brand sports and casual wear adorning their bodies, along with the new tech toys. Our mark is a sign of group domination and trending, peer pressure is a preferable form of influence over individuality using the kind level headed guidance of friends and loved ones.

As we say “It's not what you know but who you know that counts.” also “If there is any group more than three, we need to join.” These principals have served us well allowing us to occupy positions of influence from the bread line to the space station. Our special friends receive considerations hidden from the majority. They have adopted our rituals, customs and recreational practices so we have rewarded these friends with successful careers and leadership of the masses. With the few of you, less than ten thousand control the vast populations, all the world governments and organizations of worth. Our friends keep old wounds bleeding so divisions will not heal as we greatly prosper from the many wars. Our enemies know negotiation with us is futile, any small victory is not worth the constant bad luck that will surely follow.

Our workplace gargoyles in human resources, secretarial, middle and upper management all follow our orders or they will be replaced, as well we own the web and cyberspace so anything to do with technology is within our realm, including finding a Job with job opportunity sites. We control if someone is receiving email or an important phone calls in a timely fashion and we track their every move through back doors on social apps. If we don't want one to get a job or be successful we lock them in a cybercage where no one gets out without help.

A persons career is what we say it is, we say who gets what and only supernatural influence or unexpected adaptability may cause an AI calculation shift. If a target does get a job somehow they will still have to move, they would have to sense we poisoned all the companies around their current location. Don't worry we will have their apartment waiting for them and new neighbors ready to move in to start making their life a living hell. Bets are always partly based on ones ability to adapt and we love to gamble and play games with others destiny. If a target is interesting and adaptive, fortunes can be made and lost on their actions and so they may gain unexpected allies for some good luck to fight another day.

Our unquestioning warriors are the corner stone of the organization. Those who crave our programming to free cluttered and painful thoughts or regrets. We wash that guilt away especially from those who feel weak, insecure and fearful, those that don't like to think or even ones we breed for specific application. Individual traits you see as your weakness are in fact those things that make you our powerful superhero to use in very unexpected ways.

Those that were conditioned by previous government training are always welcome and will get a good wage as long as they follow orders and leave their morality at the door. Others however if they can not be bought off, have to be broken and to do this we collect their meta data “personal information”, then in conjunction with technology, interactive design and our trusted street performers with perfect timing everywhere, we create a new reality to orchestrate life's ups and downs. When we have persecuted a person to suicidal levels and mental breakdown we then kindly provide support and community groups. If they are grateful we will reach into their darkness to save and rebuild them to be a loyal member of the swarm.

Rest assured your behavior or actions do not matter to Our Union, just your dedication. We are not here to judge, just profit, so we prefer those with vices in order to feed that carnal desire as a true reward and weaponize your secrets so we all stay friends. Be it odd religious order, sexual perversion, identity confusion, hobby, addiction, blind patriotism, cannibalism, illness, deformity, substance abuse, assault, murder, self pity, poverty, the weak of character who like to gossip are all the same to us. Your reasons to feel misunderstood or self aware are your own, never the less they make you stronger when working under our direction.

We print money that has no collateral gold or other precious commodity so we print as much as we like, for our Karma Army of our loyal to buy happiness. With enumerable perks brings many eager to get ahead other ways, families have given generation after generation of service to Our Union desires and they have benefited greatly with the finest schools whether they deserve them or not, secret societies, heads of state and leaders of envy.

We always watch our own no matter what, a loyal follower can place a contract on any person not affiliated. There is no right or wrong just what is and what is not. If someone is part of our group and the target is not part of our group the outsider will be destroyed, usually in a way we all can wager. In the end we have very loyal friends to Our Union and few outwardly vocal dissidents.

The belief in independence is quite alright, however if cooperation, compromise, and common good interfere with our greater good, this requires domination and control to correct any confusion. No investor will ever know how our great vision allows them to live fulfilled lives and be productive as long as they accept our narrative. A rabbit locked in a dirty cage becomes unhappy and numb, but when the cage is cleaned and the door is left open, good food and water, entertainment, the rabbits get to socializing and the cage becomes their safe place, locked safe in their house. The rabbit is content looking out the window. A person is the same; good life, safe home and a window on TV, safe as a rabbit.

These elected mouthpieces of the common backed by opposing forces question the current state of affairs. They seem to play “lets make a deal” with all previous agreements in an egotistical display of chest pounding. These agreements are quite lucrative for us and this wastes investor funds required to arrange these mega deals in trade. Now these same elected are stopping our entrepreneurial border operations, this only puts people out of work and deprives our internationally minded friends their right for pleasure or whatever, we never judge.

At least our insiders deep in the state are doing a good job whenever they get the chance. They of course have no choice as we are friends from way back, however they are eager to wield power and snide attitude, we like that enthusiasm. Blockade and minefield rolled into one used to stop any army with gridlock no matter the electorate until their champion runs out steam. Our grip tightens even more now knowing who their strong followers and patriots in the front line and beyond are through their flagged meta data. Our government flesh weapons are deadly when working hand in hand with our media outlets and entertainment. One would never know what is real or false unless they learn to read our signs.

Life long bureaucrats and civilian contractors that can not be fired, replaced or removed as they are our titanium terminators unstoppable, unless they were recruited into the military and subject to military tribunals for treason and high crimes. Don't let this happen, fight against others using our recruitment laws we created to use against them, resist these underhanded actions that would render our civil servants powerless.

The investors not involved in “the plans”, you might wonder from time to time why some days the streets are seemingly empty, yet the next day crowded as usual? Our people often practice drills with homeland security and private specialist in car and urban warfare on our private estates and compounds. Par core for the young right through back yards peeking in windows and placing bugs as they learn how to be spies with all the other tools of espionage under the tutelage of trained professional spy. Sometimes we have evacuation vacations. While others are working on some irrelevant task we were sipping from crystal goblets in palace bunker resorts far below.

When last call comes those who remain topside will notice the streets are pleasantly less busy much like training days so it will not be so odd, however all banks are closed, many offices have executive staff on holiday or extended leave. Some towns are completely empty with no trace. In a few days the stores empty, utilities stop and curfews begin. Be you loved ones, friends, family, neighbors, work mates... You will never see the departed again, they were ordered to not say good bye, so don't worry about the missing, they are having the time of their lives.

Justice only exists within natural selection, just as a whale eats the shrimp, that's natural not a mean whale picking on shrimp. Whenever vulnerable prey are consumed by more capable organisms nobody is surprised. We know our actions are an evolution of the fittest, nothing personal or dishonest, it's just who we are and quite natural for how we do things. So having said that, we are disappointed with all these personal attacks and allegations that of course require a response as soon as obstacles are silenced. We the masters of luck will curse all who we do not favor, so choose sides wisely, we keep the lists and always know who to target when the champions have fallen.

You can run but you will never hide, AI manages all aspects of mission programming. Target coverage is basket ball and hunting, one on one as well as zone, targets have no where to go but to another zone unable to get away. In the beginning long ago we would place a hunter at each water hole and shady rest spot when there were still little shade. We would hide and pop out to scare the prey whenever they come close, this will stampede over a cliff or cause a heart attack from overheating on the run, either way it works the same with people.

Some can learn to see the sign and know how to recognize the hive mind's face. When we know a person can see us, it's as easy as one two three: “One”, we collect as much meta data as possible, gain access to all personal places and electronic devices, passwords and open all backdoor to social media accounts. Then we have many options, a common example is an accident; when driving to work we have a friend rear-end them in a car accident while they sit quietly at a stop light not paying attention. This is practiced many times and done often to cause total car damage and injury to the driver, not to kill just damage the drivers spine, neck and head but not break a bone. This will require pain management, therapy and increased debt.

Our Doctor will suggest to the patient to make a false claim for more money, “Everyone does it for a larger payment from the insurance company it's worked into the system, know body cares.” in the doctor words. If the patient were to take our doctor up on the offer, the doctor will turn them in to the authorities. If the patient does not take the money based on principal, the doctor will angrily suggest the patient might be dumb and recommend a dangerous procedure to the spine for pain management and mentions this will also increase the insurance payment with additional procedures. If the patient takes the doctor up on the spinal tap, the patient may have bad luck if we choose and be crippled or hospitalized for life. If the person refuses this doctor recommended procedure as being too dangerous, the doctor will get even more irritated and proscribe the most powerful medication available, outside the hospital, and say its harmless except for the positive side effect of weight lose. The doctor will also omit telling the patient if this drug is found by police while driving the person will be arrested for DUI, or that the drug can cause blindness, confusion and many other terrible effects. The Target is now forced to go into deep debt and get a new car to get to work, we will of course provide them a deal on that car to cover all our needs from breakdowns to tracking them.

“Two” We attack with in their face harassment by our Karma Army vehicles in organized formations of two rows of six, eight, or vehicles. Vehicles often the same color or type. When one stops for water or help they will be intimidated by thugs for hire and aggressive unfriendly people, officials and store owners. In fear and for personal concern they run, as all do because of our overwhelming strength in numbers and seemingly complete coverage. Our authorities are near and will soon catch them with the speed gun, they arrested them on DUI or shot them for reason of concern if they act too excited while on drugs explaining a paranoid fantasy. If the person were to call the police, our authorities and ambulance are waiting only blocks away and will intercept. The police officer will arrest for DUI and order an evaluation for paranoia as he must by law. The medical personal will sedate and strap the prisoner down, and as the prisoner starts to go under the influence of sedation, they watch their new car, just bought get hauled away on a flatbed truck never to be seen again. Now the target is delivered to our doctor for evaluation while still under sedation, the doctor prescribes paranoia and additional recommendations for the judge as well as more powerful medication.
“Three,” The justice of the peace orders the prisoner to stay under our care for the public safety. Before the person even wakes up from their sedation they are shipped to our top notch hospital for the criminally insane that just so happens to be only a half mile away and surpasses the largest high walled super max prison one has ever seen. Most likely the prisoner raced around the enormous white structure while being chased by our Karma Army and never even noticed it because it was so very large, as if to be a giant waterworks facility on a hill. Naturally the patient is excited and confused as they always are upon waking up in such a magnificently terrifying facility in shackles, so we will calm them down so they don't have to worry about hurting themselves again.

Over time they will hand over all of their assets to the greater good. Not even a famous billionaire playboy is safe from the good old hunt. One day they might be test flying an experimental air plane they designed, then the next we raise the holly wood wand and cast the spell “crazy and unfit.” and with a muffle the waters are calm once again. The playboy now labeled recluse is locked away never to be seen from again. Periodically they do purchase properties, casino or new top research facilities in their name through proxy, never the less they never visit except maybe as a patient.

The truth is not really the truth in our opinion, truth is more presentation and perspective, and blatant truth never supports the vision of the greater good the way our talented personalities do, special thanks go to our trusted authorities in all topics. The news as well as late-night and daytime talk shows, the writing is impeccable as always, how you professional take our narrative and on the fly redefine the truth is incredible. Comedians dispatch fact with every punchline as being a crazy conspiracy theory, it's truly amazing how you all have supported our vision. If we only had an Oscar we would give one to each of you talented servants, actually we do own the Oscar's, however better yet as promised, a Golden Ticket, to live as free lords to devour every desire in your very own kingdom, we don't judge have fun. We appreciate all your conviction for entertaining your flocks, pushing our trends and all the while drubbing independent curiosity and Freewill.

We do have plenty of space for everyone, even other places people can go, never the less the vast majority of the investors will not be joining us or relocated due to the purge policies established for our greater good long ago. We will continue to provide regular updates when possible so we may satisfy ancient decree. Everyone's hard work and continued sacrifices will save the beloved board of directors, ruling families, our executive staff, essential and non essential government personnel, civilian contractors, informants, religious leaders, successful business men, legal professionals, adult and other service workers, executive pets, livestock, servants and slaves. These wonderful people and things will carry on the torch as surrogates for all and own the burden to stay relevant by shining with the brightest light of excellence and culture.

The investors heart felt belief in Our Union's causes has allowed us to remain as humble as possible, not having to account for our actions has always been necessary for our plans to be successful and we are eternally grateful.

Your trusted surrogates.

The End

© Copyright 2020 M.J. Wallin. All rights reserved.

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