Your an Android??

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Alexis at this point had been missing for atleast a year. She didnt know if she could get help or would find a way to escape. But maybe luck would prevail and someone would become a saving grace
for her. (l made up some city names, dont get pissed off at me for it.)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rescue

Submitted: June 03, 2019

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Submitted: June 03, 2019



Detroit Police Station, 12:30 AM  

“WELL DON’T STOP LOOKING DAMMIT! WE AREN’T GIVING UP ON FINDING THAT GIRL!” An angry Captain Fowler spoke as several officers scrambled out of the office in fright as some immediately turned away and returned to watching the news on tv, that was talking about Alexis’s disappearance,along with the photo of showing up on tv. “If anyone has seen this girl or knows anything about her whereabouts , please don’t hesitate to call in to the Detroit police department.”. 

“Any News on her disappearance?” Heather, one of the Department’s android officers  asked as several shook their heads,before one approached her with a file in their hands. “We only have these photos that could resemble this missing girl  but we cant confirm unless we go and check the areas she was spotted in.”. “Good work. Ill run this by Connor to see if we can go looking for her again. “ she mentioned before the officer nodded and then returned to the cubicle spot next to her. Afterwards when Heather left the area, she walked down the hall and to the right where there was another office. Knocking on the door she walked in, apporaching another officer,who's jacket had also revealed the words 'ANDROID' in bold lettering on the back. Dropping the file down on the desk,she sat when he looked up, then staring at the photos before looking at her with a smile. "Rookie took these didnt he?" he asked as she nodded. "Yeah. said the convience store was the last location she was spotted at supposedly. " Heather spoke as he smiled, just as hank walked in, Grumpy as ever when he took a sip from his drink and then stood there.

”So, What’ve we go so far on the disappearance? Any names?” He asked before coughing. “Not much, only some supposed photos another officer got when someone mentioned that this girl was possibly spotted with her kidnapper in the city. We sent other officers to look into it but nothing came up when we asked everyone in the surrounding area.” Connor replied as he angrily sighed. “She’s been gone for over a year. Fowler will be Pissed if we can’t find her.” Hank spoke,sighing once more. “Hank, If it pleases you, What if we went out looking for her after our patrolling? We can go back to the area and question whoever is there that day. “ Connor suggested as he smiled somewhat. “Good thinking kid. Hopefully we can get an idea of what roughly happened. “ he mentioned. 


2 Hours later, Abandoned Warehouse ,somewhere in downtown Detroit

I was utterly terrified but scrambled quickly to stand up when i noticed my abuser,her. She was the one who started it all,by taking me from my loving job within the police department itself after claiming to be the companion i was originally staying with. Days,months,that now stretched to just over a year I had to put up with this woman mentally and physically abusing me,because she revealed an absolute hate towards androids. “P-Please.. Let me go.. I won’t tell anyone. “ i mumbled, the LED in the Ring turning to  a swirling yellow as the other female walked in ,chuckling before tossing a bottle of water to the ground. “Yeah princess,that isnt happening. You see, you’d be too much of a risk to just ‘let go.’. You’d just run off to the police station and you’d Rat me out. Its not possible for me to let you go. You’ll make for some lovely prosthetics for a girl in need out in Kansas. “ the other femal spoke as I’d sit there,tied to the post shaking from fear,while struggling to get free, hoping the rope around my wrists would break from moving around. Eventually when the other turned her back to me ,i wasnt aware someone was behind me,having cut me free seconds later. “Run. This is your only chance. “ an unknown male voice whispered to me before i had immediately scrambled to my feet,Despite my systems warning me of an overheating issue. I decided to say Fuck it and i took off running the second she had noticed me running for the open door. 

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!? GET HER DARREN!” The now angry female shouted before the male looked at her and shrugged. “I told you i wasn’t getting involved. So i set her free. “ he spoke before rushing her and tackling her before she could get a chance to go after me. “Get off me!” The girl shouted as he chuckled and proceeded to place handcuffs on her while she continued to struggle. "that's not gonna happen. Your under arrest for kidnapping and abusing an android" He said as the girl on the ground struggled. “Fuck you pig” she snarled. “Get up. Now. Your’re going to the police station with my partner.” He said,pulling her up and bringing her outside to a police car just now arriving. 

“where’s the missing girl?” The female officer asked as he pointed down the road behind him. “Hell if i know. I cut her loose and told her to run. Go take this one to the station and i’ll Put out a notice for them to find her. “ he said as the other officer nodded and then closed the door with the girl sitting in the back,trying to hide her face from the media crew cameras that were surrounding the area as the squad car left. “I need an immediate search of the entire Easton neighborhood for a blonde female,age is around early 20’s.” He spoke into his radio before jumping into the car,ignoring a reporter.

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