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Alexis had been running blindly into the night after the officer freed her and arrested her kidnapper. Will she be found and able to get help before anything worse happens?

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Rescue (pt 2)

Submitted: September 04, 2019

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Submitted: September 04, 2019



Downtown Detroit,2:50 AM...

I was scared as I’d stop to catch my breath,taking a large swig from the cold water bottle i had taken before escaping. I was still on the verge of passing out as i was exhausted and desperately needed sleep. “Negative unit 930,No signs of the missing Female. All units in the area keep a lookout for her. “ The sounds of a nearby police radio crackled. “Well,atleast she escaped,but the problem is finding her. She’s still at risk of being hurt if she’s found by someone other than us.” Hank spoke. “I know ,Sir. Why don’t we canvas the downtown area? Another officer said she could be in the area.” Connor suggested as Hank shrugged. “Fine. “ he spoke,starting the car and driving away from the rundown apartment building. “F-fuck.. I’m free.. but i don’t know where to go..” i mumbled as I’d slowly start walking down the sidewalk,trying to prevent from passing out. I covered my face with the hoodie i wore as best as i could, i continued on walking until I came upon a Denny’s and made my way inside and sat down at a table closest to the door. 


“How can i help Ya Sweetheart?” The waitress asked as she smiled a bit. “I’ll take 1 burger and a strawberry shake. Could i get fries as a side?” I’d ask as the girl nodded,staring at me with an odd look before smiling and nodding happily. “Right away Hun, i’ll Get that order in for you.” The girl spoke ,turning to leave. “Thank you ,Miss.” i silently spoke,before resting my head on the table,attempting to get some sleep in. Unknown to me the Waitress recognized me from the News broadcast about the missing girl the police were searching for. Eventually  i noticed the waitress coming back to my table with the order as I’d sit up and smile. “Thank you. You wouldn’t believe how hungry I’m at the moment.” I’d reply,paying the waitress in advance for the food. “No problem Hun.” She spoke. Not even moments into me eating, i noticed a police car pulling up outside as i looked out,then felt a slight panic take over me as I’d move to go hide in the bathroom ,right as an officer noticed when walking in. “It’s her Hank.” Connor Spoke,before he looked back at his partner. “ Yeah right.” He said as they’d walk in,searching around. “It was Hank. She’s the Blonde girl we’re looking for.” He said. “You called us about the missing girl?’ He spoke as the waitress nodded. 

Eventually i came out of the bathroom but froze when i noticed the other officer staring at me ,i wasn’t able to say anything before being approached,while he stared at me briefly. “Help me.” I mouthed out as he turned away for a moment. “Sir.” He said,hank sighing. “What n-“ Hank immediately froze before staring at the girl,immeadiately making the call to notify anyone searching they found her. “Miss,Are you alright?” He asked me as i stood there,before silently turning my hands over to reveal the wounds and finally looking up. “We’re here to help.” Connor spoke as i’d Nod,before immediately moving to hug the officer,slightly crying. “She was going to kill me.” She replied. “You’re safe now. but right now you need medical help. Hank spoke,before taking his jacket off and putting it around her. 

Unit 319 here, we need medical assisstance outside of the Denny’s on 34th and Sanford. We’ve got the missing female.” Hank spoke as the crackle of the radio faded. “Help’s on the way. How old are ya?” He asked,as Connor was trying to dress the wounds i had as best as possible. “I just turned 21. What a shitty way to spend a birthday.” I mumbled,looking up when i heard sirens, probably from the ambulance coming to the site. After seeing the familiar car pulling up, two paramedics exited with a stretcher to approach her as a third emerged,going to talk to Hank and Connor as the other two dealt with her. “Miss,are you okay? How do you feel?” Both asked me as i was slowly helped onto the stretcher,laying back as I’d remain silent for a brief moment. “I feel like crap. I’m sore from walking.” I’d mumble. “I’m the kidnap victim.” I spoke,while being loaded into the back. “I’ll assume you two will want to follow to talk to her later?” One asked as Hank nodded. “Yeah, its important we do.” He said as the medics soon nodded,one climbing into the back as the others got back into the van,that soon drove off to the nearby hospital,sirens blaring. “With my saying here,its a miracle she’s alive.” Hank spoke. “It is. “ Connor mentioned,the two getting back into their car, to follow the ambulance.

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