Your an Android??

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Alexis was found safe and taken to the hospital for treatment, but will she be able to explain what happened without revealing the fact she’s an android?

(Some locations are either real or entirely made up for the sake of this story.)

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Hospital visit (Pt 1)

Submitted: September 05, 2019

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Submitted: September 05, 2019



4:00 AM, Sinai Grace hospital, Downtown Detroit.

I was just exhausted after reaching the hospital and being treated i was already asleep in the room they had set up for me as a recovery room for the next week. the last nurse just left my room,quietly closing the door making sure not to wake me up. Hank and Connor came in moments after, Both approaching the Desk as hank took a sip from a flask he took out of his pocket before quickly hiding it. “We’re looking for a specifc patient. “ Connor spoke as the Receptionist looked up. “Name?” She asked before looking back to the screen of the computer, typing away. “Alexis. We need to talk to her about what happened to her.” Hank spoke. “Ah,Alexis Hartley. Shes in room 213,second floor, take a right when going down the hall and its the first door there.” Her reply was as Hank nodded. “Thank you miss. “ Connor spoke as she nodded. “Lets go. “ He said,making his way over to the elevator,pressing the button as they’d now wait for one of the three available elevators to open. “Lets just hope we can get to the bottom of what happened atleast.” Connor mentioned as Hank nodded. 

As the doors to the second elevator opened, both stepped in, as hank pressed the button to go to the second floor. “We should have someone posted outside this kid’s room to make sure after what the girl did to her, doesnt send someone to finish the job.” Hank spoke. “I could stay to make sure she stays safe.” Connor offered. “You sure?” He asked as his android partner nodded. “I’m sure of it,Hank. She’s scared and doesn’t really know what to do. We don’t know what she faced.”

He replied,the elevator eventually stopping and opening as they stepped out ,soon walking down the hall just as the doors closed seconds later. “The receptionist said its on the right.” He spoke as Connor nodded. “Right.” He replied. “You two are here about the girl right?” A nurse asked as Hank and Connor immediately stopped in their tracks. “Yes. Is she okay?” Connor asked, his voice revealing a hint of concern. 


“She’s in rough shape, cuts on her hands,right leg broken, few fractured ribs.. she’ll need a week to recover. She’s asleep right now, but i cant grant she’ll be coherent. She’s under some strong pain medication. “The nurse replied before leading the two officers to the room i was resting in. Being i was still out of it from the medicine they had given me,i didn’t even know anyone was in the room. All i knew now was that i was safe,but still scared of what could happen to me. 7:30 AM,Sinai Grace Hospital recovery.. That very morning i was slowly starting to wake up,stretching and shifting some before sitting up and staring at the two officers who were sleeping,just before I’d yawn,leaning back. “W-What the hell..Where am i?” I’d silently ask myself just before Connor had woken up from his sleep,staring at me with a worried look. “Your in the hospital. You were rescued from your kidnapper and got taken here from the shape you had been in.  You’re safe though.

“ He said as I’d barely smile. “God... I happen to have a birthday today,that’s already ruined. “ I’d sigh and then reach to my right and grab the glass of water before taking a sip and setting the glass back on the nightstand. “Well, you’re awake now.” Hank spoke, having started to slowly come out of his slumber. “We’d love to ask you a few questions if you have time to spare for us Miss.” he asked as I’d nod. “Could we talk in private though?” I’d ask,Connor looking confused for a moment before hank looked at him. “It shouldn’t be long, dont worry. “ he said as he left the room. 

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