Your an Android??

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After being asked by the officers present ,one stepped out of the room after she asked to talk to the other in private. Will the other officer keep her secret or tell his partner?

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Hospital visit (pt 2)

Submitted: September 06, 2019

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Submitted: September 06, 2019



Sinai grace hospital, room 32A 8:50 AM..

”So,Alexis can you explain exactly what happened up to the point of the kidnapping?” Hank asked as I’d sigh. “Well,I was working at the police station like it was a normal day at the call center. I was leaving and waiting for a taxi to come get me and take me home. Some girl outside said she was my companion and insisted taking me home. Next thing I knew happened was I was pulled into the car,drugged and wake up only to find my self tied to a bed. I’m the missing android. “ I spoke,starting to become nervous as the monitor started to pick up on it. 

“I.. I never knew. What were her plans with you? What was she going to do?” He asked. “She kept me as a slave for the longest time. Then after a year went by,she said she was going to kill me and turn me into prosthetics for a little girl in Kansas. She said she did it to others before me” I’d tell him as he looked at me mortified. “Jesus Christ. I’m glad we got to you in time though. You’ll have to find somewhere safe to stay after leaving here though.” He said as I’d look at him blankly. “Where? She probably sent her goon of a friend to hunt me down if I go home.”


He sighed and thought for a moment,before getting up and going to get his partner. “What is it Hank?” He asked,LED ring swirling yellow as mine did the same. “She can’t stay at home,needed to know if you minded her staying with us until this is all cleared up.” He asked as he’d stare at me along with Connor for a few moments. “I don’t mind. If she is in danger,she can stay with us to feel safe.” He said,smiling.

“Thank you guys. Thank you.” I’d reply,shifting to slowly sit up and attempt to stand just as Connor quickly moved to approach my side,putting my arm over his shoulder. “You shouldn’t try standing on your own. If you fall,you can get hurt.” He replied as I’d nod slowly. “I just want to sit outside for a bit before eating.” I’d speak as he’d nod,right as Hank brought a wheelchair over over for me,with Connor helping me to slowly sit down in it. “I’ll bring you outside.” He replied,slowly pushing the chair out the room and down the hall. 


“So..What’s the weirdest you’ve seen responding to a police call?” I’d ask as Connor hesitated. “I’d love to answer that question but due to legal reasons I can’t say.” He replied. “I understand. “ I’d mention. “I’m glad you guys helped me. I would’ve been dead if I didn’t escape from the help of another officer.”  Finally getting outside,he stopped the chair next to a wooden bench and sitting down. “I’m glad we did. Someone as kind as you would’ve been probably hurt worse if we didn’t find your captor.” He replied. “I know. You and your partner saved my life.” I spoke,as he lightly squeezed my hand. “We did all we had to in order to ensure safety.” He replied.

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