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She was given a place to live and she couldn’t be anymore thankful. Would she find a way to tell Connor what she told hank or would she be too nervous to?

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Home

Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



 2 Weeks later,11 PM ,Sinai Grace hospital Lobby

Lets help you into the Car Alexis.” Hank mentioned,while he helped me out of the wheelchair slowly,then out the doors,towards the waiting car and into the back ,where His Partner was already sitting. “I’m glad You are willing to help me and let me stay with you guys.”  I replied,yawning as the car door closed,just before hank got into the driver side,door closing. I struggled to stay awake as it was since it wasn’t until midnight hit. As we started to leave, i was already struggling to stay awake as Connor chuckled a bit,watching me.


“I can wake you up when we arrive. Dont worry about it.” He said as i had fallen asleep,seconds later. “Thank god we have some time off from work, we can swap taking care. “ he said as the other nodded. “Good idea.” He said. As the car ride continued on throughout the night,i was in a peaceful sleep,shifting some,having leaned,unaware i had been resting my head on Connor’s shoulder,him looking over with a smile,before picking up a blanket from the car floor and placing it over me. 


“We’ll be at home soon.” Hank Quietly spoke. “Thats great news” Connor replied,before looking over to me,smiling before staring out the window. “Do you think its a good idea she lives with us? I mean where she lives is in a bad part of town,she’s prone to being hurt again” he said as Hank thought for a moment. “We’ll wait until she’s awake and find out what she thinks.”  He said. Eventually they reached their place,the car already parked next to the sidewalk. “Hey,Alexis,wake up. We’re here.” Connor spoke, “i think she’s too tired at this point to wake up Hank.” He said. “Try carrying her in.” Hank suggested as he then nodded. After he struggled a bit to carry me in,he sighed “the bedroom in the back is the only available one she can rest for now in.” He said as Connor would nod and slowly move down the hall to the room,pushing the door open and making his way towards the bed,setting me down gently,pulling the sheets over me before closing the door.


”she’s going to be asleep for sometime. “ he replied as hank nodded,Just as Sumo got up with a yawn and walked down the hall,nudging the door open with his nose before jumping onto the bed Alexis was resting in,laying down next to her before falling asleep. “Sumo,No. leave her alone.” Hank spoke,getting up and walking into the bedroom,moving to get sumo off the bed before Connor stopped him. “I think he’s worried for her. Dogs tend to stick around people who are hurt.” He added as Sumo whimpered and scooted to rest his head on her. 


“What happened?” I’d ask,before turning to notice the dog that stared up at him “Well hello my fluffy friend.” I’d say as I sat up to start petting the dog gently. “Sumo is a bit of a cuddle bug. “ Hank spoke as I’d nod. “He’s a lovely dog.” I’d reply as Sumo then moved to attempt to sit in my lap “I can tell” I’d reply,gesturing with one hand to the now sleeping dog in between my legs. “I’ll let you get back to sleep kid.” Hank spoke as He and Connor nodded,closing the door.

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