Your an Android??

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She finally was able to gain the courage to slowly find a way to tell Connor who she was,but would she be able to stay calm long enough to be able to tell him?

Chapter 6 (v.1) - The truth

Submitted: September 12, 2019

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Submitted: September 12, 2019



2 months later,abandoned apartment building,Downtown Detroit. 

It was 2 months since the incident,i was still scared to reveal to Connor alone that i was an android, i was amazed myself that i was able to keep the secret from him and hank from telling him. Going back to work was another thing. I was terrified of being alone after everything. “Hey,are you alright?” Connor asked as I’d hear knocking on the door. I hadn’t really talked much since the incident, only on rare occasions but it was freaking me out because it was hard to get used to normal human interaction. “I know your still scared from what happened to you, but hiding away wont help. Please open the door.” He pleaded. I sighed,before slowly getting up and opening the door,stepping aside as I’d turn to adjust the robe i had been wearing,then watching as he entered and closed the door behind him. 

“It’s hard getting used to interaction. I mean you saw what happened during the Christmas party you invited me to last week. I freaked out when someone tried to hug me. I felt terrible about that. “ I’d admit,before he sighed and moved to attempt to hug me before i had flinched when he did,and pulled me in for a hug. I froze for a couple of seconds before hugging him back ,almost tempted to cry as it was surprising me to actually accept this and not get scared. “Thank you. “ I’d silently speak,before staring at him. “I’m always here.” He replied,smiling. “Ive also been keeping something a secret.. i’ve Been afraid to say anything about it,Hank knew about it and i told him not to say anything.” I’d reply as he let go of me. “What do you mean?” He asked. “I-I’m not a Human Connor. I’m an android. An android like you are.” I’d admit,before pulling my hair back to reveal the small light ring on the side of my head.

He looked at me silently ,as if he was shocked for a moment, then turned away. “I cant believe you didnt tell me. I thought you were a human Alexis. I actually started to fall for you. I hated wanting to admit this to you now though.” He said,soon walking out of the room,leaving me there silent and drained of any emotions. I couldn’t help but to react with slamming the door shut and locking it. “What the hell happeend with her?” Hank asked as Connor passed by,not saying a word. “How long did you know..” he asked ,slowly becoming angry. “HOW LONG DID YOU KNOW!” He shouted,before punching a hole into the wall. “Calm the fuck down.”

Hank spoke. “I don’t think we need Sonia to stop you again like last time” he said as he sighed. “She told me back at the hospital. Honest” he said. After sometime,i could hear footsteps traveling near my bedroom door,then Knocking. “Go the hell away.” I’d mumble in between the sobs as I’d bury myself in between the sheets. “Please open the door, Alexis. “ Connor and hank spoke. “No. I’m not opening the door. Go the hell away” I’d snap, sighing as i’d Lay there crying. “Well you upset her and she wont talk Connor. I dont know what else to try.” He said,soon sighing as Sumo soon pushed by,pawing at the door and whining a bit. “Well,lets see what happens from this then” he said, gesturing at sumo begging to be let in. “Hey fluffy buddy.” I’d mumble,opening the door enough for the dog itself to walk in and close the door quickly. “You are too cute Sumo” I’d speak,soon sitting on the ground against the door as the dog soon wedged itself into my lap and tried to lay down,before softly barking. “You managed to cheer me up Sumo.” 

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