Your an Android??

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Alexis finally came forward to Connor about being an android and he turned her away after what she told him. He wanted to now apologize,but she isnt having it.

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Silence

Submitted: September 13, 2019

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Submitted: September 13, 2019



Super Target 2:30 PM,Somewhere in Detroit. 

It had grown closer to Christmas and i still refused to come out of the room and talk to Connor, barely allowing Hank or Sumo in at times. I was already at the store ,Alone since I was shopping for Christmas gifts for them both and some treats for Sumo. “Im sure sumo will love these squeaky toys.” I’d tell myself as Sonia smiled. “I’m sure that loving dog will.” She replied. “Of course. The guys will love their gifts i hope. But its hard picking things for Connor. I mean he.. admitted he liked me. I havent told him how i felt yet” i told her as she seemed surprised. “He gave me this necklace,then he told me after I admitted i was an android.” I’d reply. “I’m sure he’ll love the hats and blankets you made, even the suit you tailored. Hank’s gonna love what i got.” She replied. “What did you get him?” I’d ask curiously. “I got the courage to get him a new car. His current one is about to give out any day “ she spoke. “Oh he’ll love it” I’d reply. After we finished the shopping and bagged everything, we started making out way back to her car,packing the stuff into the car. “I’m still not talking with him after he over reacted after questioning hank.” I’d reply as she started to drive me back to their place. 


30 Minutes later

after finally parking and making our way inside, both me and Sonia made our way back in,as I’d hang up my coat and slide out of my shoes. “Hey Hank.” I’d reply as he’d wave,Connor looking over as i stayed silent,just as Sumo rushed over,sliding when he tried sitting. “hey Boy,i missed ya” I’d reply,giving the dog a quick pat then heading into the bedroom. “Alex,wait.” He spoke,grabbing my wrist to stop me. “What is it?” I’d ask,still angry from two days ago at him. “I’m sorry about how i acted.” He replied, “I didnt know how to react when you told me. I understood why you didnt tell me right away,you were scared.” He replied,before bringing me into a hug. “Lets just talk in private.” I’d silently tell him as i’d Pull him along to the spare bedroom. “I’m sorry about i reacted as well.” I’d tell him, closing the door behind me. “I was really surprised when you gave me the necklace and when you admitted you liked me.  Because i feel the same way.” I’d tell him,before he smiled at me. “Well, i guess we can assume we feel the same about eachother”he replied.

”yeah. Lets just wait to tell Your friend  if it becomes serious.” I replied,right as he nodded.

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