I Fear Death

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A trail of thoughts.

Submitted: May 30, 2019

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Submitted: May 30, 2019



I Fear Death


Desiring something to be unending is like begging for things to stay the same, and I can unflinchingly say that that isn't the future I want, but why do I fear death then? If death is change, then people should want it ... right?

Change is not an ending, its something different, it may be a beginning, and it may be an alternative future, but never an end.

But we do desire closure, for whatever it is worth a book can have a satisfying end, but can a human also reside in a "satisfying end"? It all comes back to our definition of "Death". I believe that our interpretation of the word is shrouded in a negative light. Death is final, you hear, but the end of one thing can be the birth of another. Death isn't conclusive in a lot of ways; only the essential existence of non-inventiveness and lack of rediscovering is it a "Death." It still lives on in a non-physical place, a place of future and thoughts, where the only thing vanishing is oblivion. 

So the reason why I fear death is maybe that I can't accept the fact that my definition of the word is multiple. In my book, it means an end, and it means a beginning, but the beginning part is left to people that isn't me, so it just boils down to a question of control, do you dare to put your future into somebody else's hands?

I fear losing control.

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