Rock Bottom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: House of Ghosts
I guess this is a short story, although I suppose an open letter to the world would be a more apt description. Maybe it's a monologue to a play some day? I'm not sure, I just know it came from the heart.

Submitted: May 30, 2019

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Submitted: May 30, 2019



Sometimes we hit rock bottom, and there's nothing left. There's seemingly no point to anything and soul-crushing nothingness destroys everything you love. Ambition, aspiration, hope, and love are left in the ashes. You know what we have to do then? We rebuild. We continue. We drag ourselves along the bottom of hell’s brimstone, searching for a hand or foothold. Maybe we’ll never find one, or maybe we’ll die trying. Despite the circumstances, we still go on and we still fight. And by God, if we don’t find a handhold, we’ll make one. We’ll work together, help one another give ourselves a leg up. Maybe nothing matters, and there’s no point to any of it at all, but we’re here. We’re alive. Hey, that’s half the battle. That numbness, that emptiness that weighs you down to the Earth’s core? It’s temporary. Just saying it’s temporary doesn’t change anything, though. Of course it doesn’t. But still, there’s something there. You have the shattered pieces of a life in your hands. It may take a copious amount of duct tape, glue, screws, and nails. Maybe when it’s rebuilt it won’t be quite the same, but you have the pieces. You can right past wrongs, and move forward. You can change, you can improve. Soon enough you will be full all the way to the top again. You’ll feel so incredibly, brilliantly alive. Maybe you won’t get there again by yourself. Most people can’t, after all. So what? You get help. Your friends, your family, they can help make a web of support. Get therapy, get medication if you need it. Find whatever works. You can survive. You can do it, with whatever help you need, you will live through this. This cannot defeat you. I don’t believe in many things, to be honest, but you know what? I believe in you. Whoever you are, whatever your life is like, I believe in you. You are strong enough to make it through this. Go out there, get help. You are in control of your life, not the other way around. Whatever life throws at you, you’ve got this. I. Believe. In. You. Good luck.

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