The One and Only Part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hello, so I found out that Booksie only allows a published work to have 99 chapters max. So, I had to make a part 2 in order to continue this story. Hopefully, in the future they change it because I have some people who are enjoying my work and they might be waiting for an update on the original published work and don't realize it has been updated but on a different work. It's confusing lol.

Table of Contents

Elisa and Ferial

Submitted: May 30, 2019

Hey guys, unfortunately, Booksie only allows one published work to have 99 chapters max. So, I had to make a second work(part two) and hopefully, they will change it to have more than 99 chapters.
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Elisa's Weakness

Submitted: June 04, 2019

Chapter 101: Elisa’s Weakness  When I was given a chance to save Wyvar and the rest of my crew by handing Ferial the kid Wy... Read Chapter

Paying Debts

Submitted: June 14, 2019

Hey, check out my new recent work HellMaiden, give it a shot :)
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Good and Evil

Submitted: June 27, 2019

Chapter 103: Good and Evil  After having a small chat, Elisa wanted us to go to an open planet called Bulvard. However, she s... Read Chapter

Ready for Action

Submitted: July 09, 2019

Chapter 104: Ready for Action  After taking a good long nap I woke up more refreshed and with a clearer mindset, however, tha... Read Chapter

Taking the Bait

Submitted: August 07, 2019

Chapter 105: Taking the Bait      After Elisa gave back my crew and had them heal up, we right away returned where w... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 21, 2019

Chapter 106: Slindel      After stepping into the net-like trap I was getting pulled away from my crew very fast f... Read Chapter

Great Mashala

Submitted: August 28, 2019

Chapter 107: Great Mashala      When the ground titled upwards, we slowly began falling along with the green-acidi... Read Chapter

Cindo The Withered

Submitted: September 23, 2019

Chapter 108: Cindo The Withered      When I was in my room having a typical troubled moment thinking about life, it ... Read Chapter

Good Vaklif

Submitted: October 09, 2019

Chapter 109: Good Vaklif      When I benched myself and had Dorothy step in to take on a former first-class invest... Read Chapter

Long Lost Mistress

Submitted: October 27, 2019

Chapter 110: Long Lost Mistress      I never expected that Landice would seek my dumbass out but I assumed it was so... Read Chapter

Possible Future Plans

Submitted: November 16, 2019

Chapter 111: Possible Future Plans      When I had returned after seeing what Landice wanted, we looked over the con... Read Chapter

Failed Lie

Submitted: December 09, 2019

Chapter 112: Failed Lie  When Estalia teleported me to the main control room of my spaceship, Flur and Reysa were leisurely s... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 03, 2020

Hope yall had a nice Christmas and new years. Also, sorry for late posts, was working on this chapter when I was sick so hopefully you would bare with it :).
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Queen of Oryslum vs King of Haldred

Submitted: January 11, 2020

Chapter 114: Queen of Oryslum vs King of Haldred  Tamela walked me through a giant spaceship half the size of a planet and vi... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 26, 2020

Check out my completed work HellMaiden :).
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