The One and Only Part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hello, so I found out that Booksie only allows a published work to have 99 chapters max. So, I had to make a part 2 in order to continue this story. Hopefully, in the future they change it because I have some people who are enjoying my work and they might be waiting for an update on the original published work and don't realize it has been updated but on a different work. It's confusing lol.

Table of Contents

Elisa and Ferial

Hey guys, unfortunately, Booksie only allows one published work to have 99 chapters max. So, I had to make a second work(part two) and hopefully, they will change it to have more than 99 chapters.
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Elisa's Weakness

Chapter 101: Elisa’s Weakness  When I was given a chance to save Wyvar and the rest of my crew by handing Ferial the kid Wy... Read Chapter

Paying Debts

Hey, check out my new recent work HellMaiden, give it a shot :)
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Good and Evil

Chapter 103: Good and Evil  After having a small chat, Elisa wanted us to go to an open planet called Bulvard. However, she s... Read Chapter

Ready for Action

Chapter 104: Ready for Action  After taking a good long nap I woke up more refreshed and with a clearer mindset, however, tha... Read Chapter

Taking the Bait

Chapter 105: Taking the Bait      After Elisa gave back my crew and had them heal up, we right away returned where w... Read Chapter


Chapter 106: Slindel      After stepping into the net-like trap I was getting pulled away from my crew very fast f... Read Chapter

Great Mashala

Chapter 107: Great Mashala      When the ground titled upwards, we slowly began falling along with the green-acidi... Read Chapter

Cindo The Withered

Chapter 108: Cindo The Withered      When I was in my room having a typical troubled moment thinking about life, it ... Read Chapter

Good Vaklif

Chapter 109: Good Vaklif      When I benched myself and had Dorothy step in to take on a former first-class invest... Read Chapter

Long Lost Mistress

Chapter 110: Long Lost Mistress      I never expected that Landice would seek my dumbass out but I assumed it was so... Read Chapter

Possible Future Plans

Chapter 111: Possible Future Plans      When I had returned after seeing what Landice wanted, we looked over the con... Read Chapter

Failed Lie

Chapter 112: Failed Lie  When Estalia teleported me to the main control room of my spaceship, Flur and Reysa were leisurely s... Read Chapter


Hope yall had a nice Christmas and new years. Also, sorry for late posts, was working on this chapter when I was sick so hopefully you would bare with it :).
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Queen of Oryslum vs King of Haldred

Chapter 114: Queen of Oryslum vs King of Haldred  Tamela walked me through a giant spaceship half the size of a planet and vi... Read Chapter


Check out my completed work HellMaiden :).
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Can't Trick Dorothy

Chapter 116: Can’t Trick Dorothy  Since I was punished by Alice and couldn’t do much with her, we yet again had to go out... Read Chapter

Making More Enemies

Chapter 117: Making More Enemies  When Dorothy figured out the Hutak was spewing bullshit and intended to lead us into a trap... Read Chapter

After the Fourth Comes the Third

Chapter 118: After the Fourth Comes the Third  Damnation went into full war against Rygar with more reinforcements appearing ... Read Chapter

Damnation and Roshforn vs Evilionark's Army

Chapter 119: Damnation and Roshforn vs Evilionark’s Army  Things got chaotic right away and we weren’t able to protect ou... Read Chapter

Helping the Zeio

Chapter 120: Helping the Zeio  I took a long nap after forcing my body past its limits during my fight with Evilionark and I ... Read Chapter


Chapter 121: Dishuma  It took a long time to reach the destination where some Leoros were hiding out from the Zeio hunting th... Read Chapter

An Unexpected Reunion

Chapter 122: An Unexpected Reunion  Elisa, Jefral, and Altarla were on Dishuma because someone from the Leoros was staying in... Read Chapter

Evilionark Returns

Hope you all are surviving this quarantine life.
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Dishuma Royale

Sorry for not posting as much, this quarantine had got me lazy and since nothing much is going on in today's world there has also been quite a lack of inspiration on my part. I hope you're all
surviving this tough time and stay safe. :)
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Top Sixteen

Chapter 125: Top Sixteen      When I got half of my regeneration exhausted by that big ... Read Chapter

Altarla vs Jinov and Peij vs Nilshi

Chapter 126: Altarla vs Jinov and Peij vs Nilshi         The fourteen other contestants including... Read Chapter

Strog vs Redisious and Kember vs Lintho

Chapter 127: Strog vs Redisious and Kember vs Lintho         When Peij defeated Nilshi, a few sta... Read Chapter

Wudo vs Carl and Deither vs The Great Me

128: Wudo vs Carl and Deither vs The Great Me      The short break only took about half an hour and the tourna... Read Chapter

Human vs Human

Chapter 131: Human vs Human      My next fight was very important for me, I made sure to bring out my absolute... Read Chapter

Waking to my Next Match

132: Waking to my Next Match      Since I passed out with my fight against Carl, I had no idea what happened a... Read Chapter

First Fan

Chapter 134: First Fan      Alice and I spent about six weeks hidden in space till the enemies that waited for... Read Chapter

Small Body Big Pocket

Chapter 135: Small Body Big Pocket      Flur started the entrance exam by throwing ranged slash attacks and Un... Read Chapter

Meeting the Crew

We almost at the end of this unfortunate year! Hang in there!
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Trying Side Gigs

Sorry for the late posts, trying to work on both and upload two works at once and now aiming for three lol. Definitely check out Desia if you enjoy this one. Cheers :).
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Stolen Power

Please check out my other works Exiled West and Desia for more content :).
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Return of Enemies

Might be focused more on Desia and Exiled West from now on. I'll still work on this story but will be slower on the updates or perhaps if I'm on an inspiration frenzy. :)
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