The One and Only Part 2

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Good Vaklif

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Chapter 109: Good Vaklif
 When I benched myself and had Dorothy step in to take on a former first-class investigator, they didn’t bother exchange words and got to threw it down right away. Cindo aimed his Bellian and fired shots infused with his withered power. Dorothy cast a barrier that decayed instantly and she kept emitting barriers over and over that kept getting decayed until she was forced to move out of the way from the shots by jumping up. With a swift wave of her staff, Dorothy floated in the air and continued to dodge and block those withered shots Cindo fired. Dorothy threw a counter-attack summoning a giant meteor from the sky and she swung her staff like a sword strike causing that meteor to suddenly land on the ground instantly like it was struck from behind like a nail being hammered.
“Dayum! That’s quite the power!” I shouted as lots of heavy debris and dirt came our way and I shrouded me and Estalia in my Nermuen armor.
“Unfortunately, it did nothing.” Estalia said who wasn’t fazed a bit since she knew I would cover her from the debris with my Nermuen armor. She knew I had her back.
 The impact was supposed to be much stronger but Cindo had decayed around sixty percent of Dorothy’s attack. The remaining of it wasn’t enough to damage Cindo since the gray aura decayed the rest of it. Dorothy didn’t stop and kept the pressure by pointing her staff towards Cindo and shot an instant burst of green lightning but Cindo was quick to react and decayed it as well.
 No matter how many attacks Dorothy threw at Cindo, he decayed them all and shit was like that for nearly an entire hour rinse and repeat. However, Cindo’s aura got slimmer and even he was starting to take some big breaths.
“Huh? Was her plan to tire him out?” I asked Estalia since at that moment I had just realized Dorothy never committed to an all-in and only played it safe from a distance.
“Wow, you noticed that just now?” Estalia got surprised how slow I was to notice Dorothy’s plan.
“Should I have noticed sooner?” I wondered since I was more focused on stepping in if Dorothy fucked up.
“Cindo’s ability is too difficult to deal with head-on since once you get caught, you’re pretty much fucked. However, such a powerful ability that can decay other powerful abilities and having a protective aura that does the same must surely take a big toll.” Estalia explained.
“But Dorothy is also tired?” I said since Dorothy was also taking big deep breaths after throwing lots of big spells.
“Hm? That’s right, we never told you about Dorothy’s staff.” Estalia said who forgot to explain about it since it wasn’t just any normal staff.
 The staff was known as the Giunga staff, it was given to Dorothy by her mother, Celestia. The staff was owned by a former most wanted long ago but died by the hands of Celestia. The Giunga is an extremely rare weapon that has been around the universe for countless years. It empowers any wielder's powers or abilities by around twenty percent and can also store an unlimited amount of power that lasts forever. Since so many beings have wielded and stored power, naturally, the shit has so much stored inside that it reached a point were getting all that power out is impossible since it would instantly kill you just trying to take five percent out.
 Naturally, many have tried taking out everything but it’s proven to kill both the wielder and anyone or anything within a three-planet radius. The staff was never meant to store so much to the point where it’s just… well… stuck there forever. Not completely though, you can still draw power from it but from what Estalia told me it’s very difficult. Since one percent is already a shit load of power and the wielder would need to focus only on drawing like zero point zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero and one percent…. You get the idea. Anyways, one single percent is enough to fuck you up or even kill ya and I saw that power happen when Dorothy used that beam when we were inside the Great Mashala.
“What the fuck? So, you’re telling me that laser Dorothy shot back when we were inside that creature was only a mere tiny fraction?” I couldn’t believe it after Estalia finished explaining.
“Yup, too bad the full power can never be released… like… ever.” Estalia said.
“Bruh…. Imagine if it did get released though? Like damn, I bet that shit is enough to annihilate like an entire sky’s worth of galaxies and stars.” I said as I looked up the sky trying to imagine how it would look if all those dots disappeared at once.
“What are you doing?” Dorothy suddenly appeared to us and startled me.
“Wha? You finished him?” I asked as Dorothy looked very tired and laid down on the ground.
“He’s over there… do what you need to do… I’m going to take a short rest if you don’t mind.” Dorothy told me as I could hear it in her voice how tired she was since Cindo pushed Dorothy to her utmost limits.
 I glanced over at the battlefield which was full of craters and whatnot, seeing Cindo still alive struggling to move even a muscle.
“Stay here with Dorothy and keep your guard up. We still don’t know for sure if he truly came here alone.” I told Estalia and went off to see Cindo.
 Cindo was still conscious but heavily wounded and burned, still trying to move. I walked up not sensing any power but was still ready to react upon the slightest hints of hostility.
“Yo, what happened? I thought you were going to deal with us all by yourself yet you couldn’t even get past one of us.” I taunted Cindo.
“Unfortunately, my loss was assured when that girl interfered and challenged me. My power… is only effective against brawlers like yourself. When I came here, I was already aware that my biggest obstacle would be her.” Cindo explained as he tried his hardest just to get those words out.
“Then why straight-up challenge us? You could have just run away and join someone else or do your own thing after getting banished by the Zimex?” I asked not understanding his motive appear before us.
“…. Because I’ve given up…. Ever since our plans were exposed there wasn’t much left for me. I went along with the plans of Bihlaw and Vincel because I grew tired of my life and wished for something greater. Now I’m just reduced to a high-class criminal forever wanted by Divine.” Cindo told me sounding like he was ready for death. “If I had managed to defeat the notorious Damnation then perhaps such glory would have awaited me in the Dark Realm, but even then… having glory in the Dark Realm is nothing amazing since even the most wanted are constantly hiding from Divine’s gaze.” He said and tried moving his head to look up at me. “Now, get on with it. Finish me!” He demanded.
“That’s it? You’re just going to call it quits?” I got pissed off that the dude didn’t even bother to fight till the end. “You ruined lots of innocent lives just because you wanted to gain something bigger than a first-class investigator of Vaklif and yet now that it’s all over you just want to head on out? Like there’s no other road to take?” I yelled away.
“You speak… as if everyone in the universe… has a chance at greatness. If that was the case… then there would be multiple Zair’s and Orelia’s. Please, if all it took was hard work then I would have never bothered to follow Bihlaw or Vincel. Just like your kind, humans, was it? Do you really think if you stayed a normal human being would you have made it this far? Laughable! It’s only because of the Uruk and Elisa that your pathetic existence has any meaning-“
 Before Cindo said anything else I rushed up and shoved my foot right inside that snake-like mouth. I stomped on the tongue hard enough to completely crush it so he could no longer talk shit.
“That’s enough out of your dumbass, I did plan to kill your ass. But since that’s exactly what you want, I don’t want to give you that satisfaction. You’re going to keep living in misery while you watch as I get all that fucking glory your stupid ass will never get!” I then kicked his head hard enough to just knock him out and not kill him.
 After that I had Estalia bring Sealers and tied Cindo up. Dude constantly spewed nonsense since his tongue was fucked but from his expression dude was pissed the fuck off cussing us out. Anyways, I had Estalia call up someone from Roshforrn that we had Cindo captured. However, it wasn’t just Roshforn that showed up but also Vaklif. Three Roshforn spaceships and one Vaklif spaceship rolled up to our main base. They landed about eighty feet away from our main base and only a small amount of Roshforn and Vaklif soldiers came out of the spaceships.
“Great, here I thought it would be a smooth interaction,” I said as I stood right outside my base with Flur and Dorothy, while Cindo sat on his knees tied up still injured.
“You’re the one who wanted to see if you can get on their good side by doing this,” Flur said.
“Just be respectful and pay no mind to their insults,” Dorothy told me.
“What? So, you want me to just let them talk shit about me and not even say shit back?” I asked Dorothy for I wasn’t sure if I could handle that. Especially when it was Vaklif, the army that sentenced me to prison and made me suffer.
“Yes, don’t forget your words and actions here will tarnish Veidol’s reputation.” Dorothy reminded me.
 I had forgotten Veidol is the one having our backs constantly speaking to Divine on our behalf giving the good word and whatnot. I didn’t want to bring problems to Veidol so I restrained my resentment towards the Vaklif and would do my best to not start shit.
 One being that is from the Roshforn army who was a high-rank figure but wasn’t born in Varmelia named Gilliar walked with a first-class investigator known as Karth. Gilliar was a plain four-limb wearing a Roshforn uniform in the color of silver and white with a small Roshforn symbol on the left shoulder. Then there was Karth who was also a four-limb and had a bit similar features to Flur but being more in the black color. Dude was smoking some pipe wearing a long trench-like coat that was brown and was mostly looking at Cindo.
“How low have you fallen, Cindo. You went from being an outstanding investigator and now…. In this miserable state.” Karth said with a look of disappointment and glanced over at us. “Ethan, leader of Damnation. It’s quite an honor to meet you, my name is Karth.” He introduced himself and slightly tilted his head in some form of a bow.
“… Sup.” I didn’t know what else to say at that moment.
“I hate dragging pointless chatter so I’ll be upfront and ask, did you only go after Cindo because of your… ill will towards Vaklif?” Karth wondered since there wasn’t any special reason we went after the Zimex.
“Yeah, I fucking hate you guys.” I straight up told him and Dorothy gave a light elbow nudge on my arm. “Well, that’s how I felt a while back and I wouldn’t even be here right now handing this fucker to you,” I said and walked up to Cindo, picked his ass up, and tossed him right in front of Karth who didn’t even blink knowing I wasn’t going to toss his ass right at him. “But I’m willing to go through the bullshit hate I get and prove to you fuckers that I’m not so bad,” I explained.
 Karth looked underneath at Cindo and raised his hand doing a short wave, having a few Vaklif soldiers come around and take Cindo to their spaceship.
“It seems I underestimated you, I came here expecting aggressive vulgar words towards me. And even though I had nothing to do with your imprisonment, I was still going to seek your forgiveness by firing those who were involved.” Karth said and sighed in relief thinking he didn't need to go through such a troublesome thing.
“Huh?! Wait, no! Still, do that! Fuck those assholes!” I immediately said and didn’t think Karth would have that authority.
“Aren’t you trying to show them you’re not a bad person?” Dorothy said as she facepalmed when I still wanted those involved to get fired.
“What you mean? They can live with getting fired from their jobs compared to living in torment.” I told Dorothy.
“Some of those who were involved were corrupt and are currently locked away,” Karth said.
“Oh, nice. So, can you fire those fuckers?” I asked making sure he was serious.
“If it will make up for our… misunderstanding towards you then, certainly.” Karth replied.
“You sure about this? I know as a first-class investigator you have the authority but this will without a doubt bring lots of damage to your image. Veidol already receives lots of flak for helping us and she’s the queen of Roshforn.” Dorothy explained and wondered why Karth was willing to go through the trouble on behalf of Vaklif to not make me hate them.
“Well, I was somewhat familiar with the parents of Veidol. They were such kind rulers of Roshforn, loving their home galaxy and cherishing it. Naturally, Veidol is also a kind and loving girl who shows such promise to hold the pillar her mother and father left. Since Veidol thinks highly of Damnation, then I shall take her word that those from Damnation are not evil.” Karth explained and I could faintly sense some sadness when he mentioned Veidol’s parents.
 Karth had been a first-class investigator for a long time who had solved some special cases personally handed to him by Veidol’s parents. Those cases were about finding lost soldiers of Varmelia who went missing during a mission or figuring out who was the culprit of killing some. Because of that Karth naturally was viewed highly by Veidol’s parents and became somewhat close. However, since both were extremely busy especially Veidol’s parents, they did not meet each other as often.
“Well, I appreciate that you’re willing to make things right, but unfortunately. As long as there’s no real evidence that I wasn’t the evil human who sacrificed his kind for power. Then the hate will stick around for as long as I live.” I said not having my hopes up that I can change the minds of those who hate me, even though some will still hate regardless if there’s evidence or not.
“Even if that’s the case, I’ll do my best to change it,” Karth said and reached down a pocket taking out some glowing green card. “Here,” He flung the card at me. “If you ever need anything then do not hesitate to contact me.” He said and turned around. “I wish you the best of luck in your journey and thank you for capturing Cindo.” He gave his farewell and returned to his spaceship.
 Although the Vaklif spaceship left, that Gilliar dude was still sticking around along with the other Roshforn ships.
“I have a message from the queen,” Gilliar spoke up and walked a bit closer.
“From Veidol?” I wondered what she wanted since I already planned to fulfill the promise, I made to her when I last saw her.
“She says, I quote. Please visit Nilamia when you have the chance and as soon as possible. That is the message.” Gilliar told us the message.
“Nilamia? Why would she want us to go there?” I wondered since that was the main base of Oryslum and where Landice lived.
 I kind of didn’t want to go and deal with Sinkade, but it felt like something serious. So, I left Gilliar to send another message to Veidol letting her know that we were going to visit after stopping by Nilamia. I took off by myself and had the others buy a new spaceship that would hopefully be just as good as the last one and set it all up so we can continue questing.

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