Dust that Breathes

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It's funny what inspires you when your watching anime. This bit of poetry flashed across my mind as I was beginning to watch an Episode of Detective Conan. Not sure if it's relevant to the case but dang if it didn't sound good and interesting. Thought I would share it.

Submitted: June 01, 2019

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Submitted: June 01, 2019



Slide into my heart the none-tipped blade

Stabbed the in-between spaces

And paralyze the rhythm of a beat.

Sorely, a lonesome soul cries

 as the howl of fear haunts the mind in its fleeting grasp of life.


Only one knows the measure of a spirit when it's left its coiled being.

Yet, we oft ponder the meaning of everything as we move through the fluidity of this realm.

Chaos isn't abundant but it's there just beyond our vision.

The smallest spectacle of quantum entanglement shows how everything is joined.

In the same flicker of a moment, we have witnessed the birth of two galaxies

As the twin holes of black emerged on the edges of reality and began their feast.


There is only amazement at the complexity of all that is. And within its simplicity, all have taken part in the universe and rejoiced in its splendor.

For each of us has become the dust that breathes.

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