Colette Alvis

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Oh well sorry, I haven't really been doing a lot on this book lately, I've been working on me other book, but sorry! please enjoy the chapter I did kinda leave it on a cliff hanger last time, but
thanks for reading! comment suggestions and thoughts! -E

Chapter 6 (v.6) - Decisions

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"Here we are" Said the prefect she knocked lightly on the door a few times. Professor McGonagall came down, who seemed to be in her studies, "Yes Jane?- what who are you three?" "We have a lot to explain Professor." said Colette "A lot." said Oliver "What? at this time?" said Professor McGonagall "It can't wait!" said Kimberly pleadingly, McGonagall sighed "Well if you must, come in." she led them up the stairs.

Charlotte Thomas and Alleta looked confused at first. "Professor- what happened to Professor Dippet?" asked Alleta "Dippet? what do you mean? he hasn't been been, well alive for years."  the color seemed to drain from the three of their faces. "Dead? what- but" said Thomas then a voice rang out in the office "Beauchene?" said the portrait of Professor Dippet "Cavelcante! but-but you went missing!" "Professor Dippet!" Said Thomas "Sit" said Professor McGonagall stiffly.

"Tell me everything, your time at Hogwarts, how you got here fifty years later without aging one bit!" said Professor McGonagall sternly "Well me and Thomas got our letters, we went to King's Cross and met Charlotte" "I'm muggle-born you see, I didn't really know how to get onto the train" said Charlotte "Yes, so we showed her how, and we boarded the train having a compartment together and with some of Thomas's friends, we were sorted into Gryffindor but Charlotte was sorted into Ravenclaw." "I mean I was really happy, but I spent less time with them."well, I had this really fancy journal I had gotten for our birthday, and I wrote everything in it, I loved it so much, that one day I decided to keep it forever and well, I did something wrong to make it so accurate that I was sucked in, Charlotte and Thomas, being so much like me were sucked in too...we didn't know where we were, it was very painful too, we were in this, blackness, almost like a never ending ocean but it was ink, it was freezing cold, no one ever found my journal until now, about two weeks ago Colette found it the only thing we said was there was no way out, she was really freaked out about that, because I made a charm that the writing is invisible to the eye, until I make reveal it, since we were 

were basically the heart of the book, she ripped the page out and a deep gash," she showed McGonagall the deep slash on her arm "appeared on my arm, and it hurt too..." said Alleta. "Well, my friend Brian, found it, and we could say something in our heads in the book, and our handwriting of what we thought would appear in the book, he wouldn't believe it was us, the dumb git, he thought we were like demons or something, so he hid the book behind one of the bricks in the fireplace, that's how Colette found us." "that's kind of the story..." said Charlotte. McGonagall thought for a moment then "Well, where are your parents?" 

the color drained from their faces. they hadn't thought about that "W-we don't know." said Charlotte. "we didn't have time to see them, before...we were gone." McGonagall sighed "Well, the daily prophet is going to have a field day, your story is a well known myth as most saw it, but now that it is confirmed true..." she trailed off you could tell she was having some serious thinking. then she seemed decided. "okay, Alvis, I will ask your parents if the Beauchenes and Cavelcante can stay at your home for the rest of term, if you three wish, you may come back to Hogwarts to be resorted and learn here, I will send word to the ministry that we need to find your parents." said McGonagall, they nodded. "Expecto Patronum!" and sent her cat patronus away. "Follow me." she said and she went to Gryffindor tower.

Everyone had gone back to their dormitories "I will Transfigure some new beds for you three." said McGongall, they followed her to the girl's dormitory and made two more beds near Colette's. then she went to the boys' dormitory and made one there for Thomas. "I will talk to the head of your house tomorrow morning, and we will discuss what we shall do." said McGongall they all went to bed silently thinking everything over.


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