Friendship of A Wolf and A Kangaroo

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Similic the humanoid wolf lives in a world where humans no longer exist. Only animal and human hybrids dominate the earth now. Humanity has long since made themselves extinct, and the planet is populated by a variety of these 'furry characters' that have used their skills and the leftover technology from the humans to rebuild and move on. In a world that will never stop evolving and exploding with innovation, Similic chooses to occupy his anxiety-ridden mind with one ""simple"" thing: Maintaining his closest relationship in the face of a mental breakdown.

Table of Contents

The wolf and his world

  PART ONE- The Wolf Who Let His Instincts Through    Chapter 1:     FURRY FRI... Read Chapter

the rest of it

This is the rest of the story. I wanted to get this published officially, but I decided to remake the whole novel. This is what I was going to go with originally.
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Recent Comments

Criss Sole

Ah so there was a WW3! Yikes.
The future sounds pretty interesting. Everyone has a "furry body". And a tail too! Hehehe i gotta say, that's kinda cute.
I really liked the protagonist, and i'm kinda hoping that maybe there might be more than friendship between him and Drift.
Great start!
I'll be honeset, you have a talent for writing. It is very easy to follow and picture everything you describe.
Well done!

Thu, July 14th, 2022 2:45pm


Aw, that’s so sweet! Thanks so much! This is the “prototype” of the story I’m writing that I’m the most attached to! Sadly, Similic and Drift can’t be physically in love, since they’re different species…. But that won’t stop their being close partners in many other ways! Thanks again :3.

Thu, July 14th, 2022 7:54am

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