Rogue Vampire

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Fallen Soul

Book / Fantasy

Rough drafts were previously published under Rogue Vampire. Expected publication date is November 2020. Book blurb: Lane Marlow has been on the run for decades. Condemned for feeding off his own kind, he escaped Valentino, King of the Vampires. As rumors circulate about how such a young vampire escaped, Valentino orders him killed on sight. Lane manages to elude or kill all those who came after him before disappearing. But now, Lane longs for the home he had been forced to abandon. As he starts to make his way back to Ireland, he is discovered in Rome. Realizing that his quarry is still very much alive, Valentino sends two of his Council members to lead the hunt. As Lane battles those sent after him, he stumbles across a group of vampires who are different than any he’s ever dealt with. They don’t attack him. They don’t run from him. And they live with humans. But are they unexpected allies, or just another obstacle to getting home?

Between Darkness and Light

Book / Fantasy

This is the the prologue for the third book in my vampire series, Between Darkness and Light. The blurb is as follows:

Plagued by people only she could see and hear, Julia betrayed her ka-tet, those she called family to Valentino, King of the Vampires. They think she is of unsound mind and shun her.

As she tries to repair her relationships, she fears the apparitions’ return. Following her leader’s sudden disappearance, Julia is forced to seek help from fellow ka-tet member, Matthew. Their once-close bond has become unveiled hostility.

Matthew’s been living apart from the others since Julia’s betrayal. He has crafted a new life for himself within the powerful Medici family of Florence. Julia’s arrival is neither expected nor welcome. As enemies close in, Julia and Matthew realize that something much more sinister is at play. Destiny itself is being tampered with, and they must discover who or what is the cause before it destroys them.

Lost Soul New Edition

Book / Fantasy

This is the first chapter of the 2nd edition of the Lost Soul, the first book of the War of Destiny series. I plan to have the first 2- 3 chapters of the redone book posted in the next couple weeks.The book should be available by Thanksgiving. Julia is the daughter of a wealthy family living in 16th-century London. She falls in love with Adam, a servant’s son, and is heartbroken when her family forces her into an arranged marriage. Her husband is neither kind nor merciful, and Julia struggles to keep safe those she cares about. When tragedy strikes, a stranger arrives and offers her a deal that could forever alter her destiny. Agreement would give her what she had been denied and grant her fondest wishes: the freedom to do as she pleased and a reunion with her one true love. There’s only one catch. Accepting would also mean joining the Vampire Resistance to fight the King.