The Beast In The Mountains

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
an exert of a fantasy poem.

Submitted: June 03, 2019

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Submitted: June 03, 2019



They say there is
A beast in the mountains
With teeth big as towers
And claws like a scythe

The beast it tore from
the side of the mountain
Unbounded it bounded
Unsounded by cries

The beast it was cursed
By a circle of warlocks
Their magic a sleeplock
Doomed never to rise

The magic will hold
But as long as its master
Their answer unfastened
As each caster dies

The beast it will wake
From its mountainside slumber
It’s stirring recurring
In the fall of the spell

It’s breathing resumes
It’s heartbeat commences
Its eyes open, stolen
From the furnace of hell

It’s fur is like needles
It’s mane is a nighttime
It’s blood was dredged up
From the black ancient well

It’s skin is like iron
It’s bones are of granite
It’s armours were forged
In sin’s citadel

It’s vision is mortal
It’s presence a venom
The breath that it breathes
Filled with infernal flames

But then there comes one
A hero from Westermere
A heavenly destiny
The blackened beast’s bane

Wielding a sword wrought
With celestial sunlight
To fend off the fire
With ethereal rain

The two of them dance
The fiercest of waltzes
But in the end good will triumph
The beast will be slain

© Copyright 2020 Patrick. All rights reserved.

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