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Can a male and female be only friends or they can be lovers but for that read this short article which is my friend life.

Submitted: June 03, 2019

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Submitted: June 03, 2019



Love for one cannot be forced or forcing to love one will not be possible. Love is an emotion which should be felt equally by both parties. Once the love starts the feeling cannot be stopped. It is a love story of my senior who was forced to love someone but her feelings were already given to another one. It started when she was studying in her 12th grade. On a winter season while the winter break will be started the next day she was going to the home. She was rushing home while she heard footsteps she turned back and saw a boy who was likely to follow her she was not sure about it. So she wanted to test if he was following her or not. She just hides behind one of the walls and peeps to see the reaction. He was searching for her and because he lost her she was in a rush to search her. Now she understood that he was searching her while he runs to see behind the wall she took his hand given him a nice beating. After some beating, she angrily asked him why did you follow?

He was a little bit scarily replied that he just moved to her locality he forgot his route and he remembered that she was also the same locality where he lives so he followed her. After a long talk, she decided to befriend him and they were too close from that day they were used to be as own brother and sister. They did not think anything else as they were growing together. One day their parents decided to marry them but both of them were like brother and sister. In their life, they did not think about sharing a bed together. But unfortunately, it was ended like that. They both already have feelings towards some people but did not have the courage to say. One day it was surprising that they both come across their crushes but it turned out that her crush was marrying her friend's crush. Then they decided to spoil their wedding. They tried many methods to stop the marriage but none of that plan worked. But at last, when they opened their heart towards them all of them understood that  "it is not necessary that a girl or boy who is best friends needs to be partners but also we can conclude that a friendship towards opposite sex need not lead them to be lovers." 

So in my viewpoint, every person who has best friends in opposite sex are not always lovers. But a boy or girl can be best friends for their lifetime.


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