The Rainbow of Life: Personification

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Submitted: June 03, 2019

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Submitted: June 03, 2019



The Rainbow of Life

Love is all red, flowing smooth

Red is blood, but the Love in your veins flows through

everyone's veins


Peace is orange, oh so sweet

The juice in the fruit you eat makes peace

with your taste buds


Happiness is yellow, it also in the wiggle of Jell-O

Its movements make me happy, my eyes and ears

full of joy


Envy is green, or is it the calmness in leaves?

We'd only envy nothing, for the leaves

calm us down


Calm is blue, but sadness too

To be sad and cry tears of joy, for each other,

the calmness of friendship


Imagination is purple, being free to run

It's a stallion in the field of fairies, running as fast

as it wants


"Now what is life?"

Is the question we ask every day

But today it has been answered

Life is all the colors of the rainbow.

© Copyright 2019 K.C. Chung. All rights reserved.

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