Falling Asleep

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Submitted: June 04, 2019

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Submitted: June 04, 2019



Are you affraid of the darkness?

Are you affraid to dive into madness?

The stars shine in the infinity

Where ther's no such a thing as vanity


Welcome to the land of fantasies

There's no limit in it deep seas

Everything you see, you made it

Waterfalls of glitter, mountains of silver

Roses of gold and valleys of purple


Once upon a time the Moon

Wanted to be a mother

She couldn't, so she said

"Everyone who have a dream

will be her son or her daugther"


You are her child

She is loving and caring

They are your siblings

She is the light of your path

The moonis your mother now


Dreams are your reality

The Night is not worthy of your fear

The Darkness can be beautiful

You don't know what to expect from it


Drown yourself in the sea of stars

The Night is like an empty book

Your dreams like stories and letters

That write a new adventure in the land of darnkess

Everytime you sleep

At the end

It is just Night Time...

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