The Broadcast

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A loose continuation of another story I wrote, The Late Arrival.

Submitted: June 04, 2019

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Submitted: June 04, 2019



Gavin Fredericks, the governer of Haven, stood stoicly infront of the broadcasting monitors, which displayed in the squares, plazas and workplaces all over Nutera. He took a deep breath, and signaled the technicians to start the broadcast and gave the news to the people. The news that one more city had renounced itself. Gone independent from the rest of Nutera and removed it's support of the Capital and the Confederation of Cities.

Gavin, now less fearful and more defeated took stock. 3 Cities had done this now, in the year since the ships stopped coming and Earth went dark. After the initial panic and hysteria had worn off, many ambitious men and women came forth, with their own ideas of Government, Gavin did what he could to stem the tide, especially against the more moronic Ideas, such as a totalitarian monarchy, or a socialist dictatorship.

This time Kirve, a city of 97,000 founded just 7 years ago. A city which thanks to the support of the Confederation had rapidly grown with migrants and children alike. Upon consideration Gavin realised that Migration seemed like an odd concept for such a young community, such a young planet. But on Nutera it was how many people made their living. Every 3 years when a new settler ship arrived, or rather used to arrive he corrected thought, they were alloted a large piece of new land to develop and cultivate.

The building and growing of a city, was indeed greatly aided by the technologies brought aboard the ships. Technologies which would now be relics, and Gavin feared may lead to bloodshed. Despite these technologies the land and machinary and infustracture required much man power to set up, and opperate, especially in the first months.

Usually the city had enough to support a much bigger population than 50,000 and many young men and women who were born on Nutera, longed for the feeling of growing a community and a city from the ground up. Inspired by the stories their parents and grandparents told them Gavin figured. While this was a good thing for the rapid expansion and growth of new cities.

It did inevitably cause problems when those newly founded cities, built with the sweat and passion of new residents and native borns were told to give alleigence to earth through the Capital. They all did but not out of any true feeling of loyalty, but simply because Earth was the foundation of life and a powerful entity to not obey. So all the residents of Nutera, willing or no, did submit themselves to it's Governece or Facade of governece Gavin thought bitterly. But now, all that had changed. Gavin finished the broadcast and sighed heavily, he feared for the future, and needed a drink.


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