After The Broadcast

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Taking place shortly after the story entitled, The Broadcast.
Can be read stand alone.

Submitted: June 05, 2019

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Submitted: June 05, 2019



Glen poured his friend a generous glass of true scotch, brewed in the scottish highlands on earth, a rare commodity now that the ships no longer came. He had known Gavin for many many years, they may as well have been brothers. When Gavin had come to his apartment after the Broadcast, Glen knew he needed a drink, they weren't heavy drinkers by any means. But all men need a vice and from time to time, this was theirs. Gavin and laid out his troubled mind to Glen, that Earth it seemed was no longer a factor in their lives. Glen was much more carefree than his friend, always being a little less worried a little less broody. He noticed that the bottle was nearly finished and Glen was sure they'd need some detox serum tomorrow.

Looking to his friend, slusmped slightly, with his eyes, struggling to stay open, and a slight frown on his face, his suspicions were confirmed. He remembers their days as young students on earth, before they had ready access to it, they had both indured the dreaded hangover before. Thankfully that was a thing of the past. As the head engineer at one of Haven's chemical processing plants he was in charge of the production of many staples of medicine, including the revolutionary Detox Serum.

'Gavin!' he yelled, Gavin jumped in his seat, Glen chuckled slightly 'why so glum friend?' he said at a greatly reduced volume, handing him the freshly poured drink. Gavin idly took the drink that had been poured for him, and downed it. 'Because' he coughed slightly, with his face twisted from the burn of the liqour. he tried again, 'because, society is collapsing around us, and we can't do anything to stop it.' Glen chuckled, 'you're awfully dramatic my old friend'. Realising that Glen needed him to listen and not joke, his tone took a more serious note, and he started again 'Yes, it seems as if earth will no longer be a factor in our lives, that does not mean that the 2 million citizens of nutera do not need or seek governence.' Gavin interupted, the liqour making him louder than usual 'No, the malcontents have bullied their way into public office, and I did nothing to stop it, moreover 3 cities have left the confederation after just the first year of no contact, and I did nothing about it.' Glen's brow furrowed, concerned by the sadness and angst in his friends voice.

Gavin continued 'I've led us into a failed state, and anarchy will soon decend'. Placing the glass on the side table and standing up, he waddled over to Glen's couch, 'don't mind me, I hope you have some of that serum of yours here. I'll be needing it tomorrow' he said, matter of factly, before collapsing into the cushions. Glen, intoxicated, but less troubled than his friend, stood up more stabely and walked over to his room. Returning with a blanket he carefully placed it over his sleeping friend. Sat in the chair adjacent placed his feet on the coffee table, and dozed off.


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