Exposing Fairy Tales

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Fairy tales? We can't seem to live without them. Why not?

Submitted: June 05, 2019

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Submitted: June 05, 2019



Exposing Fairy Tales


Fairy tales. Who doesn’t like them? How many of us while enraptured by a movie we’re watching, wished fervently that we were the hero or the heroine starring in that fairy tale? To be the dark and mysterious prince that captures the attention and heart of a beautiful princess? To be the determined and strong-willed – not to mention alluring – princess who saves her people and marries a noble young man? To be the outcast turned hero? To be the damsel in distress who would eventually be rescued by a handsome young man and finally fall in love with one another? 


Many a times, I envy these characters in fairy tales. I envy the fact that these characters are experiencing situations that I could only dream of experiencing. I want to be able to have an exotic pet. I want to be able to be a beautiful and courageous princess. I want to be able to go on mind blowing adventures. I want to be able to experience love like they do. I want to have a happy ending. I want to have a story so beautiful people would cry hearing about it.


You can’t choose the life you were born into, they say. But you can choose how your story goes. You are the author of your life. 


Yes, you can choose to a certain extent how your life plays out, but how much are you in control of? You could study hard to ensure that you get fantastic results and guarantee a place in a renowned university, and subsequently a good job in the future to live a mediocre lifestyle. You could choose to marry the person you love instead of a wealthy person whom you don’t, and avoid a loveless marriage.


These are the things that you can control in your life, parts of the story that you can be the author of. But the part you cannot control is much bigger than the part you can control altogether. 


If you’re a thief, what are the chances you save the life of a disguised princess in the market and end up falling in love with her and she with you? None. If you’re a thief, your life can only go two ways. One, you repent and turn from your thieving ways of life, where you’ll live an average life as a law abiding citizen. Two, you continue your days as a thief and maybe get caught at it, and spend the rest of your days as a prisoner. 


If you are a girl being treated like a slave by your own parents in your own house, what are the chances a fairy will appear to you and rescue you, transforming your rags into a ball gown and paving the way for you to meet the prince? None. For one, fairies don’t exist. We all know that. And two, I don’t think it would be too difficult for you to imagine the outcome if girls treated as slaves all around the world end up marrying a prince. Laughable, no?


Let us not forget the ridiculous standards of love that fairy tales have set. A flying carpet to take the princess on a trip to see the world in the middle of the night? A princess marrying a commoner because of love? Wishful thinking, I know. Because flying carpets don’t exist. Because love like this exists only in fairy tales. Because no matter how much we want it to be real, it isn’t real.


Not everyone gets to have a happily ever after in their love story. Not everyone has a love story to begin with. Not everyone can afford to love like that. No one lives a love story of fairy tales.


Not to mention, I’m sure everyone has noticed that the leading female characters are stunning and gorgeous while the leading male characters are charming knockouts. And most fairy tales portray the beginning of their love stories as love at first sight. Because both the prince and princess are beautiful, attractive people, they fall in love and live happily ever after.


Physical attraction. Isn’t that something that is portrayed in fairy tales? Has anyone seen an ugly princess or an ugly prince? Snow White, the fairest maiden of all, had stolen Prince Charming’s heart when she was unconscious. Prince Eric had stolen Ariel’s heart when he was unconscious. But okay, Beauty and the Beast is an exception. Let us view it as an isolated case.


While some fairy tales do prove to us that being beautiful inside is more important than being beautiful outside, all princesses are beautiful both outside and inside. We have not been presented with a princess who has a beautiful heart yet looks like a witch. Would there be a love story then?


Fairy tales. Most find them charming, but I would think that they are, to a certain extent, misleading and deceiving. Sure, for that two hours or so your life is magical and amazing, but when it ends? When the characters have already achieved their happily ever after while you have to throw yourself back into reality. What are you left with?


Your mind could wander through worlds of fantasy and fairy tale, yet your body is confined in the here and now of reality.

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