The Exam I Took

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If an angel in a hearts cage speaks about you, how will you feel this rebirth? :)

Submitted: June 06, 2019

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Submitted: June 06, 2019



Some secrets part a combination of all these estranged beliefs. One day an angel implored this quest before an impostor.

Sam: What is going on?

Audience: sorry to interrupt but it is kinda too lame and boring to an extent o dbeing debased a narration

Sam: i understand... let me skip the story... let us look besides the old narrations and do something good... ok?

Sam: imagine you are near a waterfall and saw many stories falling from the heaven above... will you join the waterfall from the beginning? or will you try to read through every story before selecting someone so special?... do we have this time now? or are we waiting for some more scripts... ??? what is your opinion?

Senator: For some our journey on Earth is not a coincidence; Today a challenged business grid waves a never forgettable offence… If some bookkeeper says so.

Friends: Hey where have you been… We just thought you never been so old to run out of time.

Sam: I am planting some trees in my garden. When they grow up on this coming season, I will have a great harvest.

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