True Love isn't exist in this Era

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Love in 21st century? Going selfish

Submitted: June 06, 2019

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Submitted: June 06, 2019




This Story isn't based on Other People's experience, rather It's my experience. A day When I was in the Exam Hall in the Second Paper of English, a Girl was sat beside of me.She was devine and cute also.Actually When I was Sixteen, I crushed with a lass. But that Girl who met me in the Exam Hall, She was a real chic. I was Insane to see her.I thought Whole the Day about Her, but later on I thought that A Girl who was meet to me in 2016. I was thinking that She is my True Love.Now It seems false.I don't know that Why I attracted to her (The Girl who met me in The Exam Hall), If J.J.Thomson was my True Love. That means True Love is nothing, that is the Attraction of Body or Beauty. Most of the people are attracting to Another Women, more than one. According to this, I don't think True Love is in this Era.That is only the Attraction of Body.The True Love is only the Love of God and Parents. But in Some Cases the Parents Love may be decrease, but God's love will be the same. So I left all the Thoughts, now I'm thanking that The Connection of me with God is Sacred and True.The world is Wicked, I'm also Included. From Today all the People are my Friends, I think the Relation of Friendship is the Second most Sacred Connection in this World, so If you Like to anybody, then be Friends, It's a Strong Relation but Love isn't. If there are some people who never stares on other girls, They will be the real human.

Title ? True Love isn't exist in this Era/World

On ? March 22, 2019

by ? The Smokefallers

© Copyright 2019 Smokefallers. All rights reserved.

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