We Need One Global Government

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Let's make our world a world for all humans.

Submitted: June 06, 2019

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Submitted: June 06, 2019



We Need One Global Government


The greatest problem today is that we know about the major problems but are doing little or nothing to address them. We know that the world is not moving in the right direction but we are not aligned as a global community to acknowledge and resolve the issues, or at least talk about them.



This beautiful Planet Earth is our home. We are over 7.5 billion humans inhabiting the shared globe and are collectively known as the human civilization. We started our journey as individuals and kept on growing since then in terms of number, diversity and geographical spread.


During our expansion phase which is still ongoing, many species of Nature became extinct and many more are on the verge of extinction. We may or may not be directly held responsible for that mayhem but as a matter of fact we did cause a greater part of that gross distortion and subsequent extermination of the lost species.


There are 195 countries in the world with major population concentration in the Asian and African regions where 75 percent of the global population resides. About 71 percent of the world surface area is under water with about 97.5 saltwater and only 2.5 percent fresh water reserves, leaving only 29 percent landmass ranging from areas of least population to highest population densities with widespread incongruence and lopsided distribution. Within each area the composition may appear as normal but from a global perspective the situation is pretty dismal.


If we look at the current global revenue generation capacity and the total global population, the outlook is not that gloomy as per capita GDP is over $ 17K.


That rosy picture however makes little sense when we see that 80 percent of the world population makes less than $ 10 a day. Nearly half earns less than $ 2.5 a day with about 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty, making less than $ 1.25 a day?


As direct consequences of such low income levels and extremely unfair distribution of wealth, more than 800 million people do not have enough food to eat, thus making ‘Hunger’ as the number one global killer.


If the world’s richest people donate about 25 percent of their wealth then the extreme poverty problem can be overcome but is that the appropriate and sustainable solution? Not really!


So the question is; what is the ideal solution to make this world of ours a better place for all of us including the animals, plant kingdoms and the environment?


The answer is not that all rich people and countries should donate their wealth as that approach will be equivalent to waste with some visible change in the short term but no real impact in the long run.


The most suitable and sustainable solution is creation of one 'Global Government' with all the existing Countries reclassified as Provinces or States. There will be no need to maintain large armies and huge military expenditures as there will be no need to wage wars any longer, resulting in quick savings of approximately $ 30 trillion.


We are aware that some countries have enough nuclear arsenal with fully operational weapon delivery systems to destroy the entire planet. Those weapons of mass destruction have already been used twice and there is always a possibility no matter how remote that they might be used again. We know about the mayhem and catastrophic human tragedy it had caused then but we cannot fathom the quantum of damage it may bring in the future. The only possible solution that comes to mind in order to get rid of that horrific menace once and for all is establishing one global government. 


If the plan is executed as conceived, all weapons of mass destruction will be dismantled with no further development and production. There will be no need to keep huge piles of weapons, just some basic arms made and stored to facilitate the maintenance of law and order in the society which in that case will be the whole world.


There would be a universal support program in place suggesting no extreme poverty anywhere in the world. It would be easy for one government to effectively manage the global resources and fairly distribute the income among the Provinces or States. The astronomical advancement in technology, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and focused and concerted efforts will help reduce costs to a bare minimum and will tremendously increase availability of resources. It would also ensure a well-knit global community digitally connected to each other.


That aspect of massive cost reduction in view of the technological advancement has been covered in a separate article, please click here or paste it into your browser to read it,



The topic is though not novel but it may appear as a farfetched idea at this point to many though I fail to understand as to why it can’t be worked out and implemented. The world is gradually moving towards integration of markets and the experience has so far been positive then why not take a giant leap to mull the great plan of one Global Government...


If we can manage to form a large and representative team of carefully selected subject matter experts, philanthropists, academicians, scientists, showbiz personalities and members from the general public with worldwide participation of people, regular updates with progress tracked and shared with all then seeking international consensus will be the easier part.


The names of the Countries or Cities will not change, they will simply be rearranged and regrouped known as the ‘United World’, abbreviated as UW. Or whatever name is agreed by the World.


The great concept also endorses a wonderful lesson which the corporate world is beginning to realize and adopt, 'Get back to basics', simplify processes for efficient service delivery.


It appears to be an insurmountable task at this point but if the perspective is adjusted to see the big picture then the thought process will pave way for a smooth transition. 


Welcome to the United World!



© Copyright 2019 Razi Akber. All rights reserved.

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