Macabre Rift

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

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Macbre Rift Story

Episode 1 – Let the Games Begin


Brandon, I see four people about fifty meters ahead,” the woman spoke into her head set mic with a thin voice.

I see’em Laura,” Brandon spoke into his head set mic with a rough voice. “Danny, Joe you hear that?”

Yep,” Danny answered with a husky voice as he readjusted his position while sitting.

Let’s get this dub,” Joe raved with a rough voice as he took a sip of his now watered down sprite from McDonald’s.

The terrain they were on a Forest terrain with the opposing team just heading into a clearing. Laura and her teammates were closing in as they hid while moving from tree to tree.

Ok, I’ll try to knock one with my sniper,” Laura then took aim with her Barret 50 Cal. and got a 220 damage headshot. “Got one, let’s push it!”

Red Death strikes again,” Danny chuckled at Laura.

Good shot!” Brandon praised Laura as he opened fire on the remaining enemies with his AK47. “One is at forty HP.”

I knocked another one,” Joe stopped firing is MP5 then rushed his character towards one player who was shooting at him from behind a tree.

Knocked another one,” Brandon informed as he tried to find the last player. “I don’t know where the last guy went.”

I see him,” Laura saw the player now hiding inside a cabin as she lined up her sniper to his face. “GG!” Laura took the shot instantly killing the player as “VICTORY” appeared across the screen in big gold letters.

Let’s goooo!” Danny was ecstatic as he balled his right fist. “Girl you’re deadly with that sniper, geez.”

Right,” Joe agreed as he smiled. “But of course you had to get the last kill.”

Well they don’t call me Red Death for nothing,” Laura then stretched her arms above her head. “So let’s check the standings and see if any of us made it.”

They all then went to the main menu of the game to the title screen. “World War Royale” Was the title screen as Laura scrolled with her wireless mouse over to the “Made The Cut” menu on the bottom right.

Ok,” Laura took a deep breathe then clicked on the words. “Yes! I made it, I’m the 180th player! How bout you guys!?

No,” Danny groaned. “Damnit!”

I wish,” Joe scratched his head.

Nah, I’m 181,” Brandon was disappointed.  “You beat me by one.”

“Oh,” Laura glanced over at her cat-cover digital clock that read 11:27 PM.

The party chat was quiet for about eleven seconds as Laura stood up and looked out the half-way open window. The sky was clear and black as the stars illuminated brightly.

G-Good for you,” Joe clapped for Laura.

Yeah, he’s right,” Brandon agreed as he twirled his black headset wire around his index finger

At least one of us made it,” Danny smiled again.

Well only the best should make it right?” Laura sat back down and crossed her arms. “I guess we should’ve played earlier.”

Earlier than 11 AM!?” Joe exclaimed. “Girl we’ve been playing for twelve hours!”

“And what the hell do you mean by the best should make it?” Brandon challenged as he frowned.

Laura, are you up there?” A thin woman’s voice called up the stairs as she crept up.

Oh no! My stepmom’s home early,” Laura began took off her headset and tried to click to the shutdown menu on her laptop. “I’ll talk to yall lat-.”

Laura’s mom was in the doorway then walked in to see Laura logging off the computer.

“H-hi mom,” Laura looked guilty as she closed her laptop and stood up. “You’re home early.”

How was work Laura?” Laura’s mom frowned a she leaned against the door frame and crossed her arms.

Laura’s mother looked like a forty something year old Native American woman with caramel brown hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing black nurse scrubs with white Nike tennis shoes. She also had a black jacket on as it was cold outside in the Fall.

Work was cool,” Laura tried to hide her nervousness as she lied. “I got off early too.”

You changed quick too,” She looked at Laura who was a 5’5 young Native American woman with caramel brown hair and hazel eyes. Laura was wearing a dark blue tank top with red and black checkered pajama pants.


Yep, was just playin some games,”

Ok,” Laura’s mom sighed. “Please tell me you didn’t skip work to play that game.”

I would never do that,” Laura walked over and sat on her bed then. “Again.” She mumbled.

So you’re going to lie to me to my face?” Her voice was angry as she walked into the room towards Laura.

But, I’m no-, Laura held herself on her arms as she laid back on her bed and looked away. “Yeah, I played the game all day.”

I know,” Laura’s mom was standing over her.

You knew?” Laura look up at her.

I went by your job to surprise you for your birthday and your boss told me you called in sick,”

Oh,” Laura looked down at her own bare feet on the floor.

Yeah,” Laura’s mom began. “Most twenty-one year olds are out partying but, you’re in here skipping work to play a stupid video game. What is wrong with you?”

They’re not stupid,” Laura lashed back. “I’m not like everyone else and nothing is wrong with me. I’m just tryna be a strea-.”

I know a streamer or really a failure! There’s no future in that, don’t you see?”

One day, you’ll see. I’m gonna be famous and make lots more money than that rundown Pizza Hut.”

Yeah, whatever,” Laura’s mom chuckled then got serious. “Don’t ever call off work again for this game or I’m kicking you out!”

Fine!” Laura looked her mom in the eyes. “Anywhere is better than here!”

One day that game is gonna ruin your life or get you killed!”

With that Laura’s mom shook her head turned and walked out of the room slamming the door behind her. Only the sound of cars passing was heard as Laura then laid back on her bed and put her feet up. Laura then fell asleep after thinking for what seemed like hours. The next morning she was woken up by the sound of an email notification from her phone. She turned over and rolled out of bed then walked to her desk with her laptop.

Two percent wow,” Laura realized she didn’t plug her phone into the charger after noticing that it was 10:42 AM. She then plugged her phone into the charger as she inspected it.

“Enigma Gaming?” She thought to herself reading the title of the email after opening her Hotmail app on her phone. “Ugh, I can’t open the email?

Laura booted up her laptop and pecked away to search on Google Hotmail. She then clicked on her Hotmail email and opened the Macabre Gaming email.

Congratulations on your placement within our ranks on World War Royale,” Laura read to herself. “We are pleased to have you competing in our new innovative project, which is also a game in itself. I’m sure you saw the trailer depicting a teaser of what the gameplay will be like. An immersive VR Survival Horror Battle Royale game calledMacabre Rift.”

Laura sat down and continued to read. “The rules of the game will be listed at the gaming site on Tuesday September 12, 2026 at 1:00 PM. To find a gaming site near you, enter the activation code from the attachment into the site using the link below. This will in addition, be accompanied by a liability waiver.”  Laura did so and typed in her information in the blank spaces where it asked for it.

Liability waiver?” I guess in case of flashing screen for people with epilepsy. I’m good though. Whoa! The closest site is here, in Pittsburgh, PA?” Laura was delighted then she frowned. “Tuesday that’s in five days!?”

Five days Later…

Hello, yeah,” Laura spoke in a raspy voice as she faked a sneeze. “I’m no-achew, gonna be able to come in today, I don’t feel too good.”

After hanging up her phone, Laura checked to see if her mom was home. There was no sign of her as the house was silent.

Don’t ever call off work again for this game or I’m kicking you out!” Laura had a flashback of her mom but shrugged it off. “She’ll never understand, I’ll show her. I’m gonna beat all these guys, get the $20,000 prize money and become a famous steamer just watch. Red Death is coming noobs!”

With that Laura looked at the clock it read 12:20 as she was relieved that she had more than enough time to get there. Laura stepped downstairs and outside to her 2019 used Toyota Corolla parked on the street. She got in and raced through traffic arriving just in time to the site using her GPS. The outside of the building was a typical high rise office building which surprised her. Laura walked inside to see a Caucasian woman in her thirties at the reception desk.

Um, hi,” Laura had walked to the woman. “Do you know where I can find room B5?”

B5-oh you’re hear for the experimen- I mean the new game,” the woman smiled called on the phone for someone who came out escorted Laura tot an elevator.

My name is John,” the man introduced himself as he pressed the button on the elevator to B5. He had a thick southern accent as if from Georgia. He was a fifty something year old African American man with cloudy gray dreadlocks. “I must say you are rather purty?” John smiled highlighting a gold front left tooth as he looked her up and down.

Oh, thanks,” Laura was a little creeped out. “My name is Laura by the way.”

What a nice name, for a nice young lady,” John smiled again. “He sure knows how to pick’em.”

Laura wasn’t sure what he meant by that but they had finally made it to their floor. Laura and John exited the elevator then proceeded to down a long dark hallway to the room at the end.

Real sketchy,” Laura thought to herself. “I was so excited that I didn’t think anything through. He could do anything to me and no one would ever know. “Maybe I should just go back.”

Here’s ya stop,” John pointed to the door. “I’ll be seeing ya, oh watch yourself in there it’d be such a shame.”

Oh, Ok,” Laura shrugged it off and turned to the door then looked back. “Thanks for showing me the way. Bye now.”

Laura opened the door and stepped inside as the door closed behind her. The room had cream white walls and had different types of computer equipment all around. In the middle of the room was a large cream white beam with six open pods attached to it like a flower. The pods were silver and looked like something from a Sci-Fi movie. There were five people standing near the pods watching Laura as she walked in. They were staring at her as if to gauge her abilities based on her looks. Near the computer equipment were men and women in lab coats working on the equipment.

Um, hi. My name is L-.” Laura tried to introduce herself to the Chinese man who was among the five.

Well, now that we have everyone here,” Laura was interrupted when a Caucasian man in his thirties walked towards them. He was wearing business casual a green and white striped shirt with smoky gray kakis’. “As you may know, my name is David Morgan. I’m founder and head of Enigma Gaming. First I want to congratulate you all for your performances and helping out with the new frontier of now calledScientific Gaming”.

With that everyone except the six people near the pods started clapping.

Hmm, this guy reminds me of my old History teacher but, I’m actually interested.” Laura chuckled as she whispered to the Chinese man who glanced at her then back to the David. The Chinese man balled up his fist as Laura noticed this.

Now, when the game starts it will be streamed live on YouTube and all over the internet. You all are going to be famous and maybe $20,000 richer when this is over. “Alright, enough with the boring speech let’s get to the fun part. The rules. You six are one team out of thirty others who will be participating in this experi-game. The rules are simple neutralize all enemies and complete all objectives however, friendly fire will be turned on when up to eighty players have been eliminated. Well, let’s get this show on the road. You may now enter the pods you see before you.

Wait!” Laura spoke up. “What about the zombies?”

You’ll see,” David grinned evilly. “For now pick a class as she descend into theMacabre Rift.”

The six entered the pods which had violet cushions inside and glass covers.

A class? Oh well here’s goes,” Laura’s heart was pounding as she then closed her eyes. Her lid then closed with a spew as if steam came out of it.

Now inside the pod its glass was covered by a black shell that turned the pod to darkness. A then screen popped up with class names and the appearance of the class attire along with it. Laura scrolled up and down using her finger flipping through the selections.

Ooh, cool!” Laura was thrilled as she clapped her hands. “Let’s see is there a sniper cla-.”

Hey, can you hear me?’ a voice spoke to Laura. “Yeah, but how?”

There are microphones here,” the voice explained. “My name is Derek, I’m the Chinese guy you kept trying to talk to. I’m sorry for my rudeness.”

Oh, what’s up!?” Laura smiled as she thought he was attractive. “That’s ok, you were just tryna listen to the instructions. My name is Laura.”

Hey we can hear you too,” a husky make voice spoke. “My name is Bryan.”

Yeah me too,” a slivery voice spoke. “My name is Elizabeth but, you can call me Liz.”

H-hello,” a quiet voice spoke. “My name is Alice.”

Let’s get a plan going,” A gruff voice spoke. “My name is Miguel.

We should pick classes that support each other,” Derek suggested.

I’ll be the Scout Sniper,” Laura then selected that class. “I can’t wait! I’m gonna show yall why they call me the Red Death.”

Ok, I’ll pick 99 Zulu,” Derek then scrolled to the class then thought to himself. “This will help with my surveillance.”

I’ll pick Juggernaut,” Bryan pressed his finger to the selection. “It’s Clobberin Time! Isn’t that what you American’s say?”

Yeah, but that was years ago, heh heh,” Laura snickered.

Combat Engineer is mine,” Elizabeth selected it. “I can’t wait to blow shit up!”

You guys will need a Medic,” Alice pointed out. “I’ll be that.”

Guess that leaves me wiiiith,” Miguel then clicked on a class. “Gunfighter, I love being in the action.”

Laura and her team had picked their classes then began strategizing after a map of the world popped up on the screen. The title of the world was TS-14 and in bold white letters above the map.

Hmm, I wonder why it’s called TS-14,” Laura thought to herself.

I am your assistance A.I. Claudia and welcome to Macabre Rift,” A nasal robotic voice began to speak to Laura & Co. “You are now a member of the Tactical Assault Force or TAF. Your mission is to spread theCureacross the world neutralizing theNecroids.” To do this you must infiltrate various laboratories scattered around TS-14 and retrieve four floppy disks. Once they are retrieved, you must bring them to the central computer and insert them. This will initiate the cleansing sequence countdown in which all organic life forms will be neutralized.

Wicked cool,” Laura thought to herself. “I’m glad I missed work for this. But what are the Necroids?”

The Necroids are experiments that are being held in laboratories scattered around TS-14,” Claudia continued as the tier list and Necroid types were listed on screen. “There are four tiers to the Necroids with number one being the most destructive.”

Tier 4:

Lurker – Enemy that uses stealth as an advantage to attack targets with a scythe. They can camouflage in any environment.

Blight – Enemy that has sharp claws to incapacitate victims and can climb walls.

Ghoul – Slow moving enemies that are stronger when they attack in hordes.

Screecher – Enemy that attacks with a loud scream that disorients the victim and attracts other enemies.

Skelegoyle – Enemy with wings that fly and swoop down on victims.

Exploder – Enemy that suicides itself by exploding when close to victims.

Tier 3:

Nocturnid – Enemy that attacks while in the dark with night vision

Bladeclops – Large enemy that attacks with its arms that are sharp blades.

Rampager – Large enemy that attacks with fists that are modified with large maces.

Dusk Archer – Enemy that attacks from afar with a crossbow dealing great damage over time.

Gas Ghoul – Enemy that attacks by spreading gas from its holes that deal damage over time and heal other Necroids.

Tier 2:

Armored Yeti – Large armored enemy that attacks with large fists.

Necromancer – Enemy in cloak that summons fiends with portals and can summon other Necroids if given enough time.

Abomiwolf – A large grotesque werewolf that moves quickly and attacks using retractable claws attached to its forearms. Devastating when spinning in circles.

Nimrod – A hunter that is adept at setting various traps. Can attacks from afar using crossbow and close range with an axe.

Tier 1:

X-1 – A robot that attacks with machine guns and rockets.

Abaddon – Large armored enemy that attacks with an arm that can change into various ranged weapons and a shield for the other arm.

Orgtaur – Large enemy that attacks by charging into victims with its spiked arms.

There are numerous vehicles around the map to help with transportation. Now, I will load your team into the pregame lobby.”

With that Laura & Co. were in the pregame lobby with the other 174 players. This is where teams got a good look at each other and their new outfits. All of the teams also went over the controls and got used to the feel of the VR world. This is where they learned the HUD and how to look at the map which showed their location along their teammates.

Hmm, look at you,” Laura studied Derek who had on a traditional black tight ninja outfit which displayed his muscular physique. He had indigo eyes and his charcoal black hair was covered by the tight ninja hood. He was 5’10 with silver eyes and was about 210lbs.

You don’t look to bad yourself,” Derek inspected Laura who was wearing a light blue tank top covering her average chest with dark blue camo military cargo pants and a black baseball hat. She also had one black combat boots that came covered her ankles. Her hair was in a ponytail that came out through the back of the baseball hat. Her hair stopped at the middle of her back and a blue camo jacket wrapped around her waist.

H-hey how do I look,” Alice asked as she stepped towards them. She was 5’2 132lbs Caucasian female with sincere violet eyes. Her outfit was an olive green military jacket and pants with a dark green t-shirt under. She had black tennis shoes with the bottom being white. Her hair was ginger red and in pigtails that came down to her average chest.

So when do I get to crush people?” Bryan who was 6’1 230lbs, walked up with his teal blue camo military uniform. The sleeves were cut out exposing his massive biceps with his feet covered by dark blue combat boots. His hair was dirty blonde and in a Mohawk.

There sure are a lot of people to splode, heh,” Elizabeth chuckled as she walked up wearing a cloud gray metallic torso that covered her arms as well. Her pants were tan and white camo with black combat boots. She also had on dark brown knee pads and her hair was also dirty blonde. She was a 5’8 149lbs Caucasian woman with indigo eyes and a slender build.

Let’s stick to the planned landing location,” Miguel walked up wearing a black long sleeve shirt with black cargo pants and black combat boots. He was a 5’7 193lbs Hispanic man with chocolate brown hair and Smokey black eyes. He also had on long black trench coat similar to someone from “The Matrix.”

“Launching process now commencing,” Claudia announced which silenced everyone. 5-4-3

Here goes,” Laura’s heart was pounding.

2-1, launching all TAF units,” Claudia finished then was a flash of light and all players were on board a C-130 plane in high altitude that was descending.

Team by team players were jumping out of the C-130 as the others watched when they parachuted down.

Alright, this is our stop. Let’s go!” Derek then ran to the back open door and jumped out with the rest of his team following.

I’m scared,” Alice was still on the plane as she looked down at the ground which was far away.

It’s gonna be ok,” Laura reassured her. “Here, let’s go together.” With that the two exited the plane and dove down hand in hand.

Laura & Co. decided to land in the right corner of the world in a place called Vanrek Town along with other players. The head into a three story house and began searching for weapons.

Oh, I forgot we get starting weapons based on our classes,” Laura remembered as she grabbed the sniper rifle from her back and inspected it. “A Barrett 50 Cal.?”

You’re right but, we need more weapons,” Miguel pointed out. “Especially me.”

Suddenly, just as they finished looting the building, gunfire from an automatic weapon was heard outside.

“Let’s move out to third party that fight,” Derek began to take leadership of the team as everyone agreed to his plan.

Laura & Co. ran outside and opened fire at the preoccupied teams near the diner.

One shot, one kill,” Laura smiled as she took aim with her sniper and was about to get a head shot at a woman who peeked her head out from behind a pick-up truck. “Shouldn’t’ve peeked.” She took the shot instantly killing the woman as her body went limp dropping her weapons.

Nice shot,” Elizabeth praised Laura.

I know, I know, heh heh,” Laura smiled. “It’s my gift.”

 “Attention! Attention! 140 players are left, now initiating DEFCON 5 protocol,” Claudia announced on across the map. “Now releasing Tier 5 Necroids. Again, Now releasing Tier 5 Necroids!”

Suddenly, the Necroids descended upon the players in Vanrek Town among other places.

Hey look a helicopter,” Alice pointed out as she then ran for it before being attacked by two Ghouls. “Aaaah. Get off me!”

Derek swooped into action shooting two shots from his Desert Eagles killing the Ghouls instantly.

Wow,” Laura was impressed.

Haa, take that,” Bryan began slashing Ghouls and Blights.

Brother, we’ve got to go,” Elizabeth and Bryan made eye contact as the two made their way to the Black Hawk helicopter.

Brother?” Laura thought to herself as her whole team made it to the helicopter and took off Miguel driving due to his class skills.

We got to get to higher ground,” Miguel suggested. “Probably a tall building.”

That was a close one ha, ha ha,” Bryan laughed as everyone did the same.

What’s that?” Alice pointed down at a player on a rooftop holding an RPG which he then fired toward them. “No way!”

Oh no!” Laura screamed as the rocket hit their helicopter and it began to lose control. “Aaaaah.” Laura was thrown from the helicopter.

Ugh, w-what happened?’ Laura now on top of a rooftop slowly regains hours later. “Ah, my leg.” Laura grips her left thigh leg. “Wow, it’s too realistic, I can actually feel pain.

 “Attention! Attention! 80 players are left, now initiating DEFCON 3 protocol,” Claudia announced. “Now releasing Tier 3 Necroids. Again now releasing Tier 3 Necroids.

Oh dear,” Laura’s blood ran cold as she realized her situation. She then heard eerie shrieks below on the street. “What was that?”

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