A Summer Night

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Life is crazy and it can be a challenge to take the time to "stop and smell the roses" so to speak. I tend to clutter my life with noise and images and rarely stop to soak in the untainted beauty of nature. So, I went outside one night to relax and observe through fresh lenses while utilizing every sense. As always, any feedback or constructive criticism is appreciated!

Submitted: June 06, 2019

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Submitted: June 06, 2019



I sink back into the firm cushion of the porch chair, resting my arm on its cool metal frame. Closing my eyes, I listen. To the left comes the persistent “chip-chip-chip-chip” of an insect, like the rhythmic stammering of a scratched CD. Farther away comes the steady cadence of “cheep-cheep-. . .!” Another insect with the tempo of the kitchen clock. An ensemble more join their voices with the two. The maracas, the cymbals, the snare drum – an insect percussion rehearsal.

Opening my eyes, I soak in the sunset. A perfect harmony of color unfurled above the tree line. I envision the art lesson being conducted in heaven. “Tonight, class, we'll take a bit of this delicate blush and spread it smoothly, like so,” directs the Master Artist with a broad flourish of his brush. “Let's play around with the colors tonight and add a dab of the gold-amber of honey, and a touch of honeysuckle yellow. And let's finish this piece with a bold swipe of this brilliant ocean blue to make it a stunning eye-catcher!” Five minutes later the sunset fades, as if wiped away with an invisible eraser, leaving a cobalt canvas in its place ready for the next masterpiece.

The cool night air caresses my skin as the faithful mosquitoes swarm over to bestow their nightly kisses. Up above flit the bats in their evening waltz. Graceful and fleeting they twirl and dive this way and that. A flock of geese glide overhead in flawless formation. Focused and driven, they utter no noise. In a moment they've vanished. Below, like miniature stars, the fireflies glimmer as they complete their nightly orbits. Winking their good-nights, they, too, disappear.

With the darkening of the sky, comes a crescendo from the insect percussion group. The swish of highway traffic in the distance and the familiar hum of the air conditioning unit merely fill the background. The nightly music festival is in full swing.

One by one, the stars will soon appear. Glittering jewels against their velvety midnight background, reflecting the twinkle in their Creator's eyes as He listens to this latest orchestral arrangement.

The porch's cement slab cools my feet as I stand. Stepping forward, I gaze up into the heavens. One solitary star winks at me from its spot in the sky. “Good-night,” I whisper, and go inside.

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