Life is Strange or Something?

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Submitted: June 06, 2019

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Submitted: June 06, 2019



Sometimes I thinks about my life that Why I'm livin'? Day by day time is even passin'. What is the pursue or purpose of our life? Actually We're incompleted & complicated. Whenever I saw a movie or series. alike, About Time, Doraemon, The Silent Age (Game), Someday (Game) etc. My mind felts that It will be blow. I am crazy for Time Travellin', Time Slip or whatever which is paranormal. If someone Say to me, "You can travel in Time but If you'll travel in Time you will be dead in some months or in a year". I will say, Yes! I will Travel because i think that would better than this normal life. That would not Completed or borin'. I want some different Paranormal activities. especially, Time Travel by wormhole or by anythin'. It doesn't matters. The life is killin' me, feeling neutral. I mean nothin'. We are very far from the Time Travel. The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. He gave us a formula but well can't experiment that. Cos we don't have enough fuel. He also said, We can only travel in future, then our friends will be old and time gone. We can't go back. but It's Albert Einstein's theory. There may be somethin', a Storage of past and we can go there? Maybe anything. It's a great question for all of us. I love it. I serached some information about Time Machine but unfortunately not any logical Information is available on the Internet. It means Science and we. Don't know enough about Time Travellin'. It's mind shakin' but most interestin' question of the world.

Title ? Life is Strange or Something?

On ? May 6, 2019

by ? The Smokefallers

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