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Just some reflections on life

My Granna always said, "Life is what you make of it."

Submitted: June 06, 2019

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Submitted: June 06, 2019





I sit here and look at the full moon

And I think how life had traveled

That silver path

Wondering where the paths in life diverged

And if I took the right one

Love I have felt

Loneliness has been here too

There have been times when the darkness

Has covered my entire world

Tingeing everything gray

Many times thought that it would be better

To not be here at all

But then I remembered what my Granna always said,

"There is nothing that tomorrow can't handle

Just give it time

Place it over to the side

And go back to it at a later date

And it won't seem so bad"


Life has taken many turns

Turned here and there

But always keeping to one track

Smiles, frown, and many tears

I have known, but life goes on

And I look forward to each new turn

Wondering just what is around the next bend

Watching ever faithful, for each new pothole

But still being tripped every time

Arising from each new fall

Has become a joy to me

I have learned that each new trial

Builds a stronger me


Living life has become an adventure for me

ever toiling

Hoping that someday if someone looks back

Upon the path of my life

They can say I touched someone

That my love was a beautiful thing

And my heart a soft and gentle thing

Helping others, a motto to live by

By bringing others some happiness into their life

It has brought happiness into mine


Life is what you make of it - a quote from my Granna

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